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  1. How many Ohio cachers do we have on here?


    Cuyahoga County!!


    Oh wow you´re only a few days old. (Maybe you´ve been caching longer) either way welcome!

  2. I am hosting three C.I.T.O events in the coming weeks.


    Event # 1. Plum Creek Park CITO GC23T0E on 04/25/2010. This event is scheduled to be part of the 8th annual national C.I.T.O events.


    Event # 2. Fred Fuller Park CITO GC23Y09 on 05/02/2010


    Event # 3 Al Lease Park CITO GC23YTX on 05/29/2010


    At the Al Lease Park C.I.T.O, there will be a cook out after the trash pickup. I will be supplying burgers and dogs, buns, pop/water plates, etc… So please bring a dish to go with.


    Thanks to the geocaching community, I will be giving away some great geocaching stuff at each event. Including a Delorme PN-40 at the Al Lease Park C.I.T.O


    This is a great chance to come out and lend a hand, put faces with names. If you are new to geocaching, this is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow geocachers and get some caching tips.


    I hope to see you there,




    Live in the area but unfortunately I´ll be out of the country until July

  3. Hey everyone. This thread is to share your stories of when that cache has been frustratingly just out of reach.


    This year I´m an exchange student in Paraguay. A few weeks ago I bought my very first GPS (I used to have to use my dads) so I decided to check out caches here in Paraguay. Turns out there are 7 caches in Paraguay, only 1 of which has been found in the last 2 years, and they´re all on the other side of Paraguay. So I did a Google Geocache Map search around my area and turns out there is a cache 16.7 miles from where i sit now... in Argentina. Unfortunately due to the rules I´m not allowed to go into Argentina...Oh well, don´t cry for me.


    What are your out of reach stories?

  4. I started Geocaching with my Dad. Recently we have been inactive due to 1. GPS failure 2. I´m currently an exchange student in South America.


    Geocaching is an addicting sport. I´ve met some cool people and seen some awesome places because of it.


    Geocaching is an interesting sport because for the most part you don´t get to meet the other players (except at meet ups). I think it´s a real joy to have a small container hidden in a park near my house with so many childhood memories, and share that with others who share the joy by finding my cache.

  5. Possible Listing Guideline issues with the OP's cache design include the "no data downloads" guideline, the "no codeword caches" guideline, and/or the prohibition of Additional Logging Requirements, or "ALR's."


    "no data downloads"


    Fine, make a program to copy a file from the main directory of the thumb drive... data upload. It would only copy files named "Geocaching.txt" or something of the like.




    Include a paper log book for those who like doing it the old fashioned way. Make it a bonus smiley if you upload into the digital logbook.


    I´m still trying to figure out, short of putting a whole computer in there, what type of computer memory you could use. I had an idea a while back to pick up a cheap old palm pilot to put into a cache as a digital log book.

  6. anyone have pictures or thoughts of hanging a lock n lock, a carabiner somehow attatched is the general idea


    My dad is the owner of a small lock-n-lock cache that he made a wire cage for the cache and used the end of the wire as a bent hook and then wrapped the outside in camo duct/k tape. Thing works great. Don´t think I have any pics of it.

  7. Come on. Plain and simple, folks. It is against the guidelines.


    "Caches that Solicit


    Solicitations are off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a gateway to hell."


    Amen to that... and if someone is so superficial that they can be bribed into posting a cache then I don't think they should be a reviewer.

  8. Sounds like a money making proposition, maybe you offer to cut the reviewer for a share. Or maybe a spare soul ?

    He would only offer us a small portion, choosing instead to keep the majority of the money from selling the souls for himself. My rule of thumb is a cache is only commercial when you're keeping more than 60% of the profit from it. If it's less (ie you're sharing it with your reviewer), then it's easier for me to publish it and feel okay about it. Vinny didn't get that, so here we find ourselves in the forums with no real answer in sight. Seems like Vinny has lost the holiday spirit. :lol:


    In my opinion you shouldn't be able to make any money from caching... thats not what this sport is about.

  9. Hi,

    I was just wondering what you all would do about getting your log deleted?

    Here is the situation: I found two of this owners caches in a row, and when I got back home to log them on Groundspeak I found out they were archived. I logged them because they were there and I found them and signed the log book later the owner deleted my logs. These caches where archived a couple months ago but still in place! I tried contacting the owner they will not reply. What would you do ?


    Take the cache as ultimate proof that you found it :)

  10. Hey all,

    Seems that whenever I want to hide a cache the only place that I find to hid a decent size cache is the metroparks. Unfortunately the metroparks have strict rules and require you to fill out an application, get that approved have the site checked... then submit it online and have the reviewer check it there. Not having much time to cache and hide as it is I don't want to deal with the hassle. Any suggestions of other places I could hide a decent size cache?

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