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  1. She may not have the Most finds but Utah-Jean at age 64 hit 700 finds this week thats not just the easy ones, She climbs mountains with the best of us. Great Job Jean, Keep on cachin we'll See ya on the Trail
  2. Pretty soom no one will be able to find a Cache in Iraq because their will be EMPTY ammo cans everywhere. we'll See ya on the Trail
  3. Today we logged a cache that was made from one of those Kool-Aid containers Their about 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, Plastic, they would be semi-water proof amd cheep. Scout Master we'll See ya on the Trail
  4. Check out Trading cards made by the Cach-u-nuts at http://www.cachunuts.com/ we'll See ya on the Trail
  5. I heard about a cacher who built and hid caches inside bird houses so they could be found in winter or summer. No one ever looks inside bird houses we'll See ya on the Trail
  6. I pick March 30 As of this date its only 135 to go so i figure two nice weekends we'll See ya on the Trail
  7. OH yes I forgot to say It IS the one from Walmart we'll See ya on the Trail
  8. I Got the Sport Cell phone organizer for christmas. It comes in Black or Tan. It has a Velcroe strap then I secure it with a crabiener It holds my Cell phone, My Magellan Meridian and a few of my signature cards. Scout Master we'll See ya on the Trail
  9. I personally live 9.41 miles from This cache and logged it on December 12 2002. As I remember It did have "Geocache" written on the Container in Black Magic Marker. The Container was a small Child size Fishing Tackle Box Bright Orange in color. The last person to log the Cache is my neighbor who I think works in a Bank or credit Union. I am not surprised He was wearing a Trench Coat It was raining that day and He was probably grabbing a quick cache on his lunch break. What I think is most interesting this cache had something like 75 logged visits before someone decided it looked suspicious. As for as how well it was hidden The Name of the cache is "In plane site" but you had to look under the edge of the bridge to see it. It could not be seen from the road. Scout Master we'll See ya on the Trail
  10. And here is the article from the Standard Examiner. Techno game brings out Hill bomb squad Wed, Feb 26, 2003 By JOEY HAWS Standard-Examiner staff ROY -- One man"s techno game was another man"s suspicious package Tuesday when reports of an overcoat-clad man placing a red tackle box under a bridge brought traffic to a grinding halt and brought out the bomb squad. Around 2:45 p.m. near the Hill Air Force Base gate in Roy, someone saw a man dressed in a long, black trench coat walk toward a bridge that spanned a nearby canal, pick up a red container and then place it back under the bridge, Sgt. Mike Elliott, Roy police, said. "The close proximity to the base made it even more suspicious, so we really had to proceed with caution until we knew what it was," Elliott said. The container turned out to be a red plastic fish tackle box containing a variety of "junk toys and trinkets" placed there apparently by a group of high-tech adventure seekers, known as "geocachers." The would-be super sleuths use a global positioning system and clues left on a Web site to track down the package, or cache, full of various items. "The basic idea (of geocaching) is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the Internet," according to the Web site, www.geocaching.com. "GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache." That was what the man dressed in the trench coat was doing, Elliott said. In fact, the cache has been visited by approximately 80 people since it was hidden Oct. 12, 2002, by someone with the login name "Wildcat Treasuregirl," according to the Web site. But with base traffic getting ready to reach its peak during a 3 p.m. shift change, and the possibility the container was something of a sinister nature, police had to take the situation seriously. While traffic in the area was shut down for an hour or more, a bomb squad from the base was called to the scene to investigate the package. Word of the cache discovery quickly reached the geocachers as a warning message was posted on the Web site telling people to stay away. "We just received an e-mail from someone at HAFB that the police and bomb squad was here investigating a mysterious box," the posted message said. "We suggest you stay away from this cache for the time being. This might not be a good location for a cache with the current world situation." Another geocacher wrote: "They didn"t take kindly to a geocache placed under a bridge outside the entrance to a military facility. Too bad, it was a great cache!" Elliott said once the squad located the container, they determined it was full of harmless materials after X-raying it rather than blowing it up, which was once a standard procedure of suspicious packages. "Because of the biological and chemical threats these days, the bomb squad"s protocol has changed quite a bit," Elliott said. "Unless they can confirm it is an explosive, they will do everything they can not to blow it up." Elliott said he understands how playing the geocache game can be a fun adventure for people who chose to participate, but he questions the reasoning behind placing it so close to a military base. "Probably not the best place in the world to be putting something like that," he said. According to the Geocaching Web site, there are 43,633 active caches in 162 countries. In the last seven days, there have been 28,581 new logs written by 5,808 account holders. we'll See ya on the Trail
  11. I just successfully sent a moving cache from Salt Lake city Utah to 100 miles north of Spokane Washington. (about 900 miles) Unbeknownst to all those who moved it, it had over one hundred dollars worth of collectables in the cache that I was sending to a friend in Washington. The Collectables were wrapped in a plane box with instructions not to be opened except by the final recipient. My friend in Washington was so impressed he has now Converted to Geocachism The cache now rests at the home of my childhood Boy Scout camp. Near Colville Washington. we'll See ya on the Trail
  12. I have two caches close to my home that were getting a little run down so I non only re-stocked them but I replaced the plastic containers with new Ammo cans Scout Master
  13. In Utah We Have the Utah Association of Geocachers. This a great bunch of cachers. We are playing a fun caching game Called the Cache-u-nuts Game. We score points for finding Numbered Game pieces hidden in caches. A player must Find and remove a game piece from A cache, then log its removal, Place it into a different cache then log its placement on the Cache-u-nuts Game web site. In order to be competitive this requires Watching the website to find when a piece has been placed then RUNNING after the game piece often in the middle of the night to find the game piece. Feel free to visit the website and see who is the biggest Nut in Utah http://www.cachunuts.com/newlook/leaders.asp
  14. Here is Late Nate and crew's cache log for you all to enjoy February 13 by late nate and crew (15 found) We found it a few times. We are the people that found the DIAMOND RING and MAN. Sorry that we haven't logged our visit earlier, but we have been busy telling everyone else we know. For everyone else who didn't read the log in the cache, I will tell the story. My now fiance has been looking for a perfect cache that would be easy to get to and have a good place for a video and picture spies. This cache was perfect. There is a parking lot across the street. He found the cache the night before, so he could take the video spies there the next day. The spies hid the diamond in the cache and waited to guard the cache. He called me at work and asked me to go caching even though it was raining. We easily found the area and I made him go look for it because I didn't want to get muddy. He found it easily. (He spent 20 minutes the night before). Anyway, I opened and spotted the ring. What excitement!!!! I of course said YES!! What a great way to get engaged for geocachers. Is there any where we can post this so all geocachers can be jealous. We are going to get married on May 16th. Thanks for this very special cache. The future Mr & Mrs Late Nate and Crew
  15. 814 Northern Utah I have heard it is the Highest PER CAPATA in the nation Scout Master
  16. I bought a mortar can too and Like you havent decided what to put in it I thgought maybe I might paint it the colot of old tree wood and place it in a woodpile
  17. I have seen two of these in my area, They Measures approx. 4 1/4in. tall by 3 1/4in wide by 2in long. wt. approx. 0.14lbs Plastic box extra heavy duty, made for a decon kit for G.I. Box has removable water tight lid, O.D. , with nylon belt loop and hook to attach to field gear or vehicle.
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