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  1. 25 years involved with the Boy Scouts of America much of that time I was a Scoutmaster. I am currently Assistant Scoutmaster of troop 409 Kaysville Utah
  2. Someone needed to edit the fingers Why not me edited for content do not repost this pic
  3. Dont blame Utah. With 8 inches of fresh snow Nobody's caching here
  4. Cache County UTAH also Cache Valley See you on the Trail Scout Master
  5. Check out the UTAG (Utah Assocation of Geocachers) magazine My Webpage
  6. My Mother-in-law gave me a pocket watch for christmas last year So since I already had two pocket watches I left the one from her in a cache.
  7. When I first started caching I seem to often meet other cachers along the trail
  8. 16 foot aluminum. It was mangled when a ton of snow slid off the roof of a large barn. It was given to me in pretty sad shape. I had a friend fix it for me. Total cost 0$
  9. 5 stolen 1 vandalized 1 distroyed by forest fire 19 still active
  10. We have a guyhere in Utah with a Metal detector who likes to look for caches burried in the snow. It works pretty good unless the snoe is too deep
  11. OK just for the fun of it Lets suppose this was on E-bay How much would you bid for this lot.
  12. Thanks for the positive coments I always asummed "Swag" was anything found or traded. I paid $3.75 for the whole lot I will save some for new caches this spring and use the rest for trade.
  13. I just loaded up on swag from a local thrift store. I would like to hear what other cachers think of this kind of stuff in caches. New these kind of toys would probably average a buck or so I obviously paid much less than that per item, but most of them are in good condition. So the question is Fair trades of Not.
  14. Thanks El Diablo That's quite a complament comming from you
  15. Black Pine or more commonly known as Lodge pole pine grows throughout the northwest. The growth on top is disease called western gull-rust common in this species of pine. Anyway it made a nice hiking stick for smacking wayward boy scouts.
  16. Personally I think any one who has more Posts on the Fourms than Caches Logged should Complain less and Cache more
  17. Seasons Greetings And a Happy cache Year
  18. I am sure we all believe the GPS is here to stay and will absolutely become an integral part of any outdoor program. How many of us once having used one would even consider going into the woods without one. This is sure to be the case with most of our fellow Scouters. The integration of the GPS into scouting is inevitable. It will happen. As I re-read the orienteering merit badge requirements I see a lot of problems adding the GPS to the existing merit badge. It essentially makes the most of the existing requirements obsolete at the very least boring. I see the problem as trying to convince an 11 to 17 year old kid how great technology is at the same time trying to teach him not to use it because the batteries might go dead. In the next 10 years 8 out of 10 boy scouts will have a GPS. By then it will be standard on most wrist watches. Will there be a GPS merit badge? I hope so. My .02 cents worth
  19. Congratulations to a great geocaching couple
  20. "I believe in the Future of farming with faith" YUP The Scout Master was a farmer too.
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