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  1. A farmer decides he wants to keep track of the performance of his roosters. He gets this bright idea to put bells around their necks, each one a different tone. Now all he has to do is sit on the porch and listen for the bells and right down the data. He notices that one particular rooster hasn't been heard from for awhile. He goes outside and sees the rooster, with the bell in his beak, sneak up on a hen and jumps on and does his duty. He watches for awhile and the rooster does this over and over again. He takes the rooster to the state fair to demonstrate it's amazing abilities. The judges were so impressed that they awarded it the "No Bell Piece Prize" as well as the "Pullet Surprise".


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  2. The true indication that I am addicted to this activity is that after all that, I plan on going back soon. It did cause me to take pause to learn that a 12 year old boy was killed by a gator in Florida this week. Three boys were swimming next to a Marina when they saw a gator. Two of the boys got out but the 3rd one wouldn't come out. This is a quote from the paper.


    "Since 1948, there have been 325 documented alligator attacks on humans in Florida, including 12 fatal attacks, according to the Conservation Commission. This was the first ever recorded in Lake County.


    It happened as dangerous encounters with alligators are escalating with the end of mating season and the beginning of summer's torrential rain showers. Although alligators rarely attack humans, authorities said they are dealing with more complaints because so many of the reptiles are turning up around rain-bloated retention ponds, ditches and canals.


    On Sunday, an 800-pound alligator killed a 120-pound dog along the Little Wekiva River in Altamonte Springs.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  3. I totally agree. If you want to sort on Lat Lon, you need to first go to the zip code page then enter in coords eqach time. I would like to sort on coords from house. A default would be nice. Great work ...thanks.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  4. It looks nice but....

    1. I selected do not show caches I've done and it places an x but still displays them. It also displays the caches I've hidden. Like I said , looks nice.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  5. Benchmarks are pretty much your own personal game. You can log them any way you want. I always take a picture of the benchmark and another picture of the environment or an interesting object or view nearby. If you can see a water tower from your house and it is an interesting picture then claim it.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  6. Two come to mind. Both by the same cache designer. The first requires you to find and use a 2x12 hidden nearby as a bridge to a water intake in the middle of a creek. The cache is in a PVC pipe and looks like it is part of the natural works. It even comes with a homemade wodden wrench to open the cache.

    The second is called out on a limb and requires you to climb an oak tree and site through a pvc pipe sort of like a telescope to see the location of of a rope which you follow to the final cache. It is then that you find out if you didn't find the clue on a bridge on the way in, you will not be able to access the cache. I just finished another one of his called Tribute. He uses info about local caches to construct a puzzle that needs to be solved to find the final cache. This guy is good. All of his caches are well thought out and inovative.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  7. While in principle I agree, with great care I do think a food storage container can be made scent free. I've had good luck so far with some. granted, it's not fast. I start by hand washing, then it goes in the dishwasher and stays. And stays. I may leave it in there for 5-10 cycles. Then, after its done, I fill it with diluted bleach and let it sit. Maybe a week. Once more thru the dishwasher. Then I let it sit closed up in the sun (when we used to have sun here in NJ) for a few days, and give it a wiff. If I dont smell anything, it gets closed back up and added to my collection of "caches to hide someday". If there still isnt any smell a few months later when I'm ready to use it, I think I'm good to go.


    + _Tae-Kwon-Leap is not a path to a door, but a road leading forever towards the horizon. _



    Just buy a freakin' ammo can. Heh


    I know that ammo cans can stay dry being sbmerged for 1 minute 10 seconds. I ran out of breath after that and had to come up.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  8. My Creekside Nook cache is , along with 6 others now, located in a fairly large, easily accessable city park. This makes it a prime candidate for the newly initiated to try it first. Everytime the cache is found I stop by to check it and 95% of the time it is left in an easily viewed state. I don't let it bother me because I always check it. It has received over 60 visits in a little over half a year. It would have disappeared months ago if I didn't baby it so much. It would be nice if people would rehide it as well as they found it, but if they don't and you don't check on it, especially after someone logs it as a first or second find, then you shouldn't complain.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  9. I just got this email from someone who went to retrieve my Turtle Boy TB.




    In the cache there was a printed business card with the title GeoCache Pest

    Control and it stated that the TB was exterminated. They had written the TB

    tracking # on the card. I don't remember the date written on the card.

    This isn't the only TB that has gone missing in the same fashion. There was

    a TB in "Old Retired Cache by Musecachers" GCB58A and it is also gone. It

    looks like it is a problem in the Gainesville area. Sorry about your loss.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  10. quote:
    Originally posted by DustyJacket:

    I have places 2 caches, both with Jackson County Parks approval.

    It feels great to actually have permission, and not be skulking around......


    Just My Opinion - other things work for other folks.



    Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif


    Skulking is what it's all about. If I couldn't skulk, I'd probably do something other than Geocaching. I have 2 caches in a city parks and 2 on what I guess you could call public streets. We worry less about rules down here than 'yall up north. BM accepted. My reason for not asking permission is this. If I asked and they said no then I couldn't place my cache there. If I didn't ask and they found out, they would confiscate it but at least it would be there for awhile. As for ruining it for all geocachers, not my problem. I'm not much of a group kinda guy.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  11. I'm thinking I wont't buy any more travel bugs. People seem to be clueless as to what they are and do not always act with the travel bugs interest at heart. Check this one. It's in a race to Cocoa beach with my Turtle Boy.


    "It's a shame that aren't more cacher in Richmond. It this cache was a hundred miles north, south, or west it would be visited more often than once every three months or so.


    Brought a first time cacher out to look for this one. Hiked in from Courthouse about three miles round trip, but most of it was on a level fire road.


    Left the Rasta Man Travel Bug, but alas, I forgot to log him into my possesion, so I can't log him into the cache. Someone please rescue him.


    I was lucky that Turtle Boy survived this:


    "Got this cache before but stopped by to drop off TB TurtleBoy who is racing to Cocoa Beach. Help him on his way. There are currently no other bugs (Got Em and The Three Bears) in this cache. Cache is sitting in the open. Covered it up just a bit better. Pickings are slim." Everything worked out tho, but it had me a little worried.


    I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.

  12. I'm holding my breath on this one.




    Turtle Boy is in a race with Rasta Man which was placed in a cache in Virginia by a person who made the point of saying that the cache was out of the way and only visited every 3 months or so. Go figure. I think when all my bugs are finaly gone I won't buy more.


    I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.

  13. A very few boiled peanuts go a long long way. Believe me the regular kind are much better. I learned how to make an open faced sandwich called a Gangway. It's ingrediants are:

    1/2 English Muffin


    Crunchy Peanut butter

    1 thick slice beefsteak tomato

    1 slice cheddar cheese.

    Lemme know if you want to know how to make it.


    I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.

  14. I have tried to post a new topic 4 times in the general section. They just say this page is not available and the window closes. What's up with thatt? Iguess if it's really a problem you can't see this either. Am I missing something?


    I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.

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