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  1. The true object of the game of geocaching is to avoid killing any trees. It's not about the numbers. Printing front and back, and/or using print-friendly pages, are incomplete solutions.

    You do know they grow trees for paper.. kind of like corn. If you stop using paper, see how many trees are left in Wisconsin. They'll cut them all down and plant something else. I have the same problem with those that think they are saving a tree if they buy an artificial one.

    Kind of follows the argument against eating beef because it hurts the poor little cowsies. Cows are food and would not make good pets or be a big draw at the zoo. If you didn't eat them, they would become rare indeed.


  2. In east central Florida I think Chazman007 has the most. Many of them are from multiple states. Blueman comes to mind also. Seatrout has done some great caches but in my opinion the all time winner in unique, fun and well thought out caches would be Capaldo. Just my opinion.

  3. I recently had a virtual cache questioned to the point of pretty much rejection. I got over it, made it a micro in the first stage of a multi. Everyone still gets to experience the virt as I intended and all is well with the world again. I agree that virts can be a lazy way of doing things.

  4. After I sent Jeremy's letter to Road Runner and Road Runners answer to Jeremy, I've started to get watch list notifications again. Thanks to whom ever :rolleyes::):):rolleyes::rolleyes:

  5. I am asking you to do your part and contact road runner and get this fixed. Thanks

    If you check out some of the MANY threads on the current problem with RR, you'll see that Jeremy and his crew having been trying to contact them, apparently with about as much luck as RR's users are having. Most places do have more then one choice for internet access, even broadband. if I were getting the runaround that RR's customers seem to be, they would get one last email from me telling them to fix it asap or cancel my account.

    I thought this thread was the catchall thread for RR problems, if it isn't, which one is..and if there isn't just one, why not. Done with my questions.

    Thanks MOPAR

  6. Please contact Road runner. Maybe if enough customers of them respond they will stop blocking our IP address.

    I'm not sure who to complain to at road runner about this. I read a thread giving more specific IP info but I can't find it now. I would think this is a pretty big problem for GC.C Are you guys working it from your end?

    Use any of the number of contact addresses on the road runner web site.


    Dear Customer care,


    I am currently a member of Geocaching.com. As part of my membership I receive a number of emails from them throughout the day.


    Unfortunately recently I was not receiving my emails so I contacted Geocaching.com. From their records their mail server signal.Groundspeak.com (IP is being rejected from sending email to my email address. Apparently they are being included in a larger block of IP addresses that Road Runner is rejecting.


    As a customer of your service, I respectfully request that you re-enable the IP address above so I can continue to receive emails from this service.


    Thank you,


    (customer name)

    This is what I got from RR when I sent the quoted letter.


    Subject Re: Blocked emails



    This response is specifically tailored to answer as many questions as

    possible about your e-mail to Road Runner which may be bouncing. If this

    e-mail does not specifically answer your question, please feel free to

    contact Road Runner Security at <spamblock@security.rr.com>.


    Road Runner, in response to the ongoing amount of incoming complaints

    from our customers and our affiliates, has recently implemented

    additional measures to stem the tide of incoming Unsolicited Commercial

    or Bulk E-mail. Road Runner has been using a limited form of localized

    blocking lists since our inception and this is simply an extension of

    that policy, designed to alleviate the ever-growing issue of incoming

    abusive spam attacks on our mail infrastructure.


    With these solutions, if someone sends an e-mail message and the

    sender's IP address or SMTP (mail) server is on one of these lists, then

    the incoming e-mail is blocked. The introduction of this tool may result

    in the inadvertent blocking of some e-mail that is not traditional spam.


    As mentioned, Road Runner maintains a local block list. Generally, the

    error message received when mail is bounced by this local block list

    will be specific enough so that an ISP can contact Road Runner Security

    to get the block removed. This list is used mainly as an immediate

    reactive measure to stop an incoming spam attack. We will work with the

    ISP involved to address each situation. Error messages will look like



    ERROR:"550 Mail Refused - DOMAIN/IP - See



    If your message has generated a bounce that includes the above, please

    forward that bounce message, including all headers and the text of the

    error message, to <spamblock@security.rr.com>. That address is not

    filtered, and is best able to assist you.


    In addition to our local block list, Road Runner makes use of external

    resources. The lists which are currently in use are the MAPS Realtime

    Blackhole List (http://mail-abuse.org/rbl), the MAPS Relay Spam Stopper

    (http://mail-abuse.org/rss), the MAPS Dialup User List

    (http://mail-abuse.org/dul), and the MAPS Open Proxy Stopper

    (http://www3.mail-abuse.org/ops). These four lists, coupled with our

    nationally maintained block list, will filter all inbound SMTP (e-mail)

    traffic. If an incoming e-mail is denied, a system message is sent back

    to the sender, advising them that they should visit one of the web pages

    listed above, or our local web page, to receive information on why the

    message was refused.


    If you would like to know if a mail server or IP address is located on

    the MAPS lists, you can visit <http://mail-abuse.org/cgi-bin/lookup>.

    Should you find your IP on one of the MAPS lists, you must contact MAPS

    directly to be removed. Depending on the type of block, this can be

    either via telephone, or via the MAPS home page. In most cases, a system

    that is on one of the MAPS lists is easily removed, following some

    simple steps.


    Again, if you find that this e-mail has not answered your specific

    question, please feel free to contact Road Runner Security at



    Thank you for taking the time to contact Road Runner.


    - Road Runner Abuse [DH]

  7. Please contact Road runner. Maybe if enough customers of them respond they will stop blocking our IP address.

    I'm not sure who to complain to at road runner about this. I read a thread giving more specific IP info but I can't find it now. I would think this is a pretty big problem for GC.C Are you guys working it from your end?

  8. I don't seem to be getting watch list notifications anymore. Did I drop off the list or something? :P  :)  ;)

    Are you using Roadrunner as an ISP? If so, see any of the recent threads about not getting queries.

    Yes I am using Road runner. I'll check it out. Thanks. Nice to hear from you too. :P

  9. quote:
    Originally posted by suemac:

    I'm working on a puzzle cache and I'm having problems with the way the cache owner says to figure out the coords.


    The question (verbatim) for finding one of the coords is: Gotham City is E + 1 miles from Batcave?



    Would you read this as:

    distance = E + 1 or E = distance + 1


    inquiring minds want to know...


    Walking or riding?


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  10. I'm playing at a course tommorrow that has one. It's nice to know how far it is but people rely on it too much. Another nice feature is an LCD readout visable from your bag that not only tells you how far to the pin but alternates with a message telling you how far you are behind the expected 2 hours per 9 holes.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  11. It is and has been very slow yesterday and today. I assume they are working on it. If not....hey guys...it's slow. O.K. done.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  12. The name Freelens was chosen as a name for my expected photography business. Turns out the name is already being used on some french magazine so even if I got rich and famous I'd just get sued. Anyway no photo business but I still use the name in one form or another as my screen name. UMC just calls me cheaplens anyway. Speaking of which what the heck is a UMC?? Better check the other threads. Mosie is my pet name for my sweety.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  13. When clicking on caches found under a persons profile, I am presented with the following message.


    Server Error in '/' Application.



    The resource cannot be found.

    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.


    Requested Url: /seek/nearest_cache.aspx



    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:1.1.4322.573; ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.573


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  14. quote:
    Originally posted by BrianSnat:

    ounds good to me...but I think I will elave our digital cam behind and take the 35mm instead and start taking some photos of great places I've seen so far..


    I still cart my Minolta SRT 201, 200, 101, 102 and SC-II bodies on cache hunts, along with a bag full of lenses (well I never bring them all at the same time, but I'll usually have a combination of several). Photos come out great, but it's a lot of stuff to carry and I often have to wait weeks for the photos since I only take a few shots on each trip.


    I'm still thinking about getting a dig. camera just for the ease of use. No more waiting a month to finish a roll, another 2 days to develop and then scanning the pics.


    Of course, I'd still use the Minoltas for serious photography.


    _"Au pays des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois"_


    I love my SRT 101. It's just about 36 years old now and still the best standard camera I've ever owned. I recently got a Nikon 5000 digital for my b-day so I usually take it. I think a photo contest would be a good idea also, as well as a better way to just view the images. Some of my favorites are for TBs. Bimbo Barbie for example. I did an essay for Tarzan that I had fun with.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

  15. I agree with Team 360 on this one. Mostly because you couldn't screw up the airplanes communications or flight controls if you brought a GHz sig. gen and swept it back and forth at full power. The reason is bogus. I for one wouldn't want to fly on an airplane that was so vulnerable. What happens when you fly over a microwave tower, or get swept by numerous radar beams from the ground or other planes. Gimme a break. For everyones information, I hid my GPSr from the stewardess so I could see exactly what the original author of this thread wanted to see. We all survived.


    Wisdom comes with age... but sometimes age comes alone.

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