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  1. In this area, snakes are a reality, espcially around water. We use a hiking stick to poke around before we stick our hand in...
  2. If you're going Nashville to Memphis, I assume you'll be coming down I-40. You'll pass right through Jackson which has a TON of caches of all shapes and sizes. I'd recommend Cache Raider, but it's a little off I-40... GC13MFQ There's a group of us around the Jackson area and we have a forum, if you'd like to join. Just tell 'em I sent ya. :-) http://jag.eamped.com/ Jim
  3. I've heard some people say "don't hide one till you've found at least 100." I disagree with the number, but I think it wise to make sure you understand the game before you hide. That being said, once you're comfortable with caching in general, put out a simple hide... This will let you learn the process and get some feedback as to how close the finders found the coordinates, etc. Welcome aboard! Jim
  4. My wife has a blog site... Bashful's Blog
  5. The event went off without a problem - had more than 50 cachers from 5 states to attend! Look for this to become a yearly event... Thanks!
  6. Almost Here!!! The Ice Cream Social is only 1-1/2 weeks away! If you haven't already made plans, better do so now... GC12CPM
  7. Just a reminder about the two events in Dyersburg, Tennessee... Lots of door prizes have arrived and a great time is to be had by all! Jim
  8. Howdy folks! My wife and I are hosting an event on July 14th in Dyersburg, TN - GC12CPM - Ice Cream Social We have several sponsors for this event and have SEVERAL door prizes to give away, including new geocoins and a Magellen eXplorist 210 GPSr! While you're in town, stick around for the micro event later in the day... GC12CPX - Krispy Kreme Micro Hope you can make it! Let's make this a big shindig! jimmylogan0916@gmail.com
  9. I didn't see "the ring" as the bug itself... My wife attached a small measuring spoon to hers and I attached a small pair of scissors. We did this as "personal reminders" of diabetes and see nothing wrong with it. Now, attaching it to something unrelated just to make a "free" TB is something I don't agree with. Mine My wife's Jim
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