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  1. I received a beautiful Spring Fling coin from Shop99er on Saturday. What a wonderful and unexpected surprise! I had no idea there was a Spring Fling coin, let alone that I would be receiving one. I don't know why I am always amazed by the kindness and generosity of our geocoin community. Our geocoin community is simply the best!
  2. I received a very special and unexpected surprise in the mail from shop99er on Saturday. What a beautiful coin! Thank you ever so much for your kindness and generosity. I saw the pictures that were posted from the Spring Fling and it looks like a wonderful event-I just wish I could have been there. I am always humbled by the unexpected gifts by our geocoin community.
  3. I had contacted them many times and never gotten a response. I have seen where others have been refunded their money but unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. In desperation, I contacted the BBB (see below) but, of course, they were of no use! Complaint ID#: 39005223 Business Name: Alan & Elli's Toys You recently requested our help concerning a problem with the company named above. The company has not responded to the Bureau to date. If you have heard from the company please contact the BBB at . We encourage you to use our ONLINE COMPLAINT system to keep up with the progress of this complaint. To go directly to your complaint click on the following website link: http://www.boise.bbb.org/complaint/view/39005223/c/4qu8t1. Sincerely, Kathy Dodson Business and Consumer Services At this point in time, I regard the people who ran this company as crooks! I have no idea (and it seems that no one else does either) where they are and why they "lied about production problems and skipped town with our money". I had received coins from them with no problems in the past. It wasn't until the 2008 dragonfly that I ran into problems.
  4. That is sad. I had one like that but the coin was actually loose in the mailbox and just laying there all by itself.... I sent out my personal coins in a plain white envelope and this happened to several people. Fortunately for me, the coin was still there and no coins were lost. I had no idea this would happen. Needless to say, I learned my lesson!
  5. You would be hard pressed to find a more accurate consumer grade unit than the 60CSX. Do you calibrate it? What you describe sounds like a compass that isn't calibrated. The unit needs to be calibrated every time you change batteries and sometimes if it has been sitting a while, otherwise your compass and arrow will get very fluky. briansnat--What do you mean do I calibrate it? I don't and I never have. I didn't know any of that. How do you calibrate it? Is it in the manual?
  6. How about A Rainy Night in Georgia by Ray Charles?
  7. You just described all the things I like most about the 60CSx. I since all caches are by unique GC numbers I much prefer that over names. As for the zooming in I dont use that part of the map I use the compass and has not failed me yet. I hate to sound so stupid about these things (but I am )but how do you use the compass to find the cache instead of zooming in?
  8. Now this subject interested me! I own a Garmin CSX60 and I hate it. Oh sure it looks good and it's great to be able to download caches from the computer, but I have not found a single cache with it! Every time I zoom in all the way, the little arrow just keeps floating off course. I have an OLD Magellan SporTrak that belonged to my husband and it works great. Of course it is somewhat antiquated and doesn't have a color screen, but it is always dead on for the coordinates. Every cache I have found has been with the Magellan. Just recently, I have been thinking about getting rid of the useless CSX and getting a Colorado. Does anyone have any comments that could help me? Am I doing something wrong with the CSX? Oh one more thing. . .when you are downloading the coordinates from the computer to the CSX, it just gives you that cache #, not the name, so when you are hunting for caches, how do you know which cache is which. Is there a way to get the name and not the number?
  9. Degai

    Geocoin club

    dawg32, I have been a member of the geocoin club for about 2 years (maybe longer) and I love their coins. They usually have such unique and unusual coins. It is always so much fun to get their package in the mail, just to see what they have sent. They are not always on time, but they always deliver and it is always worth the wait to me.
  10. Oh Cool, DJ.J.ROCK! I'm sure I can figure out how to download it, once it's done. I can't wait! This is so awesome!
  11. Wow! I don't get to the forums very often, but I'm glad I checked in today! I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, so I am certainly glad a professional has decided to do it. I can't wait to hear the mix and I would be glad to pay for the CD and postage! Just let me know when you get it finished. Awesomely generous of you! My 2 favorite songs would be: Name of song: Bittersweet Symphony Artist: The Verve Genre: Alternative Rock Name of song: AM Radio Artist: Everclear Genre: Rock
  12. Hmmm... Mesamint.com... M ark E lli S arah A lan Things that make you go hmmmm.... Very astute observance, mousekakat!
  13. AtlantaGal, did you go to their website recently and ask for a refund? I am curious, because I asked for a refund and as of today, I haven't heard from them. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to get a refund? And just for the record-I don't think anyone who wonders where their money went without any explanation is putting out "negative" vibes. It is totally unethical to take someone's money and not refund it when the merchandise isn't received. As far as I'm concerned, after this much time has passed, there are no excuses, just unethical business practices, unprofessional conduct, and dishonest tactics to prolong a bad situation.
  14. Degai


    And I appreciated the thread even though I figured it would be closed down!! I agree though, we shouldn't start a topic for this, post your thoughts in the proper, pre-existing threads...mailbox, missions, trades thread etc...and just post your thoughts and any special items you received there and, if you really want to express gratitude, a private message to the sender!! Don't take it personally and THANKS for the effort, my friend!! I don't take it personally-I am just not that savvy about computers and posting~! Thanks for the info, Roddy! BTW-I always express my gratitude by sending a private message.
  15. Degai


    I don't mind that this thread was closed, but I did want to let you know that my intentions were not for "one upmanship". It was simply to show how wonderfully creative and generous some people are. Creativity does not always involve a lot of money or the sending of a lot of things and generosity doesn't always mean stuff-it could be the generosity of spirit. Furthermore, this wasn't about missions in particular, but mainly trades. I have received many trades that included drawings and stickers on envelopes and little things that were homemade by the trader for the sole enjoyment of the recipient.
  16. I got a wonderful personal coin from DaFunkyFrogs. It was such a wonderful surprise to see all of the "handiwork" that went into not only making an awesome coin, but in putting the whole package together!
  17. I had the privilege to BriarPatch while I was at GeocoinFest08. He is very entertaining and generous. He handed out this really cool paper "geocoin bills". I have no idea how he made them, but they are very detailed and very awesome!
  18. Have you ever received a package in the mail from a trade or a mission that you thought was awesome? The obvious is that you have received a coin you wanted and of course you love it. But, I am talking about those “coiners” that go beyond the call of duty. You know who I am talking about-those packages that you are just amazed by their contents or those that make you laugh when you open them. I haven’t noticed any posts concerning this topic in particular, so I wanted to start this post for those of you who feel inclined to share with others the creativity, cleverness, inventiveness, and generosity of those who always go way beyond the 110%. Please feel free to post anything here that you receive now or anything you have received from the past. Since I just received a package from DaFunkyFrogs yesterday, I will give you an example: First, their return address is themed with their name-there’s a frog on a branch; on the back of the envelope is a note that says, “Shake me 2 empty” (with a smiley face). . .huummm, what’s this? You open the package, and out jumps many tiny little green frogs! I just had to laugh at this. Then, they include a beautifully handcrafted clip with an adorable little ceramic frog on a pink and green macramé. Sooo adorable! And of course, the Pièce de résistance -their beautiful and well detailed coin where glitter and translucences abound!
  19. ME, TOO! Actually, I had filed a claim and the BBB said they had until Dec. 19,2008 to respond to my claim. Of course, I have not heard from them. . .no surprise there.
  20. What a great job on these beautiful coins. How long does it take to make these with the lost wax technique? I have seen that on TV before. How many do you make at one time? Also, where is saguenay?
  21. Rod, what an awsome coin design! My suggestion would be to trade with me! My personal coin should be at my house in a few days (fingers crossed). I am terrible with cointests, so that wouldn't help me! Good Luck!
  22. Thank you Jackalgirl. Your help is very much appreciated!
  23. When I first started collecting Geocoins, my definition would have been summed up by AtlantaGal's comments. Then the more I saw, I think my definition expanded to include Eartha's comments. However, now that I have met some Geocoin Fanatics both in person and through these forums, I feel like Geocoins are described by all of the above and most assuredly by TSuns's definition. Geocoins are definitely all of these things. In fact, I especially like TSun's astute observations and I whole-heartedly agree, especially when it comes to personal Geocoins. Personal coins, whether they reflect anything about Geocaching or Geocoins shouldn't really matter. Their coin(s) reflect who they are or what their interests entail and by placing that on a coin and presenting it to the Geocoin Community should be enough to qualify it as "Geocoin Related"
  24. Well, Sparticus06, I finally got around to checking all of my keystone minis. Unfortunately, I didn't get any 06s-including my own. Sorry.
  25. The problem is, it's not getting better. Absolutely not a peep of an udpate, and I KNOW they have a clue. People that are near and dear to them read this thread every day . . . So how would we rank them? 1. Wyoming 2006 2. Titanic/ Lady Luck remint 3. Dragonfly 2008 ????? The wyoming was pretty bad, but I actually move that to 2nd on the list since I did eventually get my coin order. The last several orders from geocoin design would be #3 since I was only effected by the cats and those did arrive faster than these Dragonflys. My payment for the Dragonfly is outstanding since MAY 27th. That's really pathetic. I think it's time for Groundspeak to make a call to these people. DITTO THAT! Atlanta Gal
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