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    GeoJellies 4

    Any news about when the GeoJellies 4 will be arriving?
  2. I'm a nervous wreck! I GOT ONE!!!! I couldn't believe it. I have been on vacation and all of the held mail was delivered on Monday and you know when you've been gone for over a week the mail is overwhelming, so I threw the rubber banded bundle on my desk until now. As I sorted through all the junk mail and bills, I saw that shiny silver envelope and I said to myself, "There is no way I'm getting this coin!" BUT THERE IT WAS! WOW! I am not worthy! As I have mentioned before, I'm usually never lucky, but I have certainly been blessed with more than my share of luck lately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take part in the alien research. Please add #31 to the list! I was just here on Sunday, reading all of your wonderful responses. Believe me, I have so enjoyed these posts. Unfortunately, I couldn't be as clever as all of your responses. I was just too nervous and excited to think of anything!
  3. I have been out of town, without a computer, for over a week and I must say a lot has been going on with unknown sitings of the cointact kind! What a joy it is to read about all of the "alien incidences". This coin seems to have imparted a lot of brain energy to those who have received this awesome coin. You are all so very clever and imaginative-both giver and receivers! Congratulations to all of you!
  4. Sorry to hear about the sad news, but everything will work out for you in the end. Good luck on selling your Geocoins. I always hate to hear that someone is getting rid of everything when they are in the throes of a chaotic situation, please consider keeping some for a remembrance. When it's all over you may be glad you did-especially since you seem to have been a prolific collector. My best of luck to you in your endeavors and email me if things are getting you down.
  5. Ooops! Something beyond my control posted again. . .
  6. OMG, another awesome mystery coin from a VERY CLEVER and generous coiner! That coin is adorable, but when paired with that website-it is truly a knockout-way out into space! I have commented in these forums so many times before about how incredibly clever so many of you are and here we have a perfect example! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it when someone has that ability to think outside the box with a project and then is able to bring it to fruition. It will be fun checking back at the website to "study the subjects". Thank you and congratulations SOSv2 for sharing your wonderful mystery gift for all of us to enjoy! Just remember, they are out there!
  7. Every time I see a picture of this coin, I cannot believe just how stunning this coin is! WOW!
  8. Congats to MustangJoni, Toojin and The Moop Along for receiving those wonderful mystery turtle Geocoins. . .They couldn't have gone to a nicer group of people! Again. . .another kind and generous mystery coiner! Congrats to you for your wonderful design and generosity. And Kat. . .thanks for saving many of us the time and effort in finding out what the translation was on the back of the coin. BTW, do you ever sleep?
  9. Thanks GeocoinGuy, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Bills are what I usually find, but sometimes, you just get lucky and that's what happened to me yesterday!
  10. YIPPEE! Add me to the list of lucky recipients to receive the New World Order Geocoin! I have been on vacation and just returned late last night . . . and didn’t check my mail until today. I got the mail and saw the padded envelope. The only coins I had ordered were the new GeoJellies 4. I thought, “Wow, that was fast!”, and then I took a look at the envelope and noticed it was postmarked, “Royal Mail”. I turned the envelope over and saw the customs declaration and noted my address as the sender . . . WHAT? Could this be a mystery coin? I opened the package and yes, to my wondering eyes, there appeared the New World Order Geocoin. I couldn’t believe my eyes! By sheer luck (and a lot of praying and mind control . . . LOL) I was able to garner this incredible coin-and I do mean incredible. I couldn’t wait to get to the forums and read about what was going on with this coin. As others have posted, it truly is a BEAUTIFUL and BIG coin with exquisite detailing. I received the silver edition coin and I love it. Generally speaking, I am not one of those lucky people who win things, but today, I was one of the chosen members of this forum to receive this coin. WOW! What a wonderful day, indeed! THANK YOU MYSTERY COINS for sharing this amazing coin with me and others! Your generosity is overwhelming and I am honored to be included in this group of lucky recipients. It will be added to my collection of most prized Geocoins. Just to let you know, the excitement and rapid heartbeats never wear off when you are lucky enough to receive a mystery Geocoin. I am always amazed by those of you who are kind enough to share these gifts as they bring such joy and excitement to those who receive these Geocoins. In the Geocoin world, it doesn’t get much better than this. Congratulations to all of the other lucky winners and good luck to those of you who will be fortunate enough to own one in the future. (I'll try to get a picture of this tomorrow.)
  11. I know I have seen this topic before and as the FSM has mentioned, it runs the gambit on how people feel about this topic. I have personally released quite a few coins and every single coin I have released in the US has disappeared. There have been a few abroad that have disappeared, but at least they traveled a bit before doing so. I still have several coins abroad that are still traveling. If someone has a card with a nice quality picture of the coin placed in a cache, it would be fine, provided they mentioned that it is a proxy. That way, if there are cachers out there who are only interested in finding the real thing, they can avoid being disappointed. I am sure many wouldn't like it, but as the owner of the geocoin mentioned they didn't want to see their coin disappear; I totally agree. It will probably go missing after some time, especially if it is a rare, interesting, or beautiful coin. For the most part, I leave my coins in caches as swag, that way I don't get disappointed when they are taken. And sometimes cachers actually thank you. . .
  12. Degai

    GeoJellies 4

    I've emailed my link to you. MrsB Indeed you did, Blorenges! Many thanks to you. I'm in now. . .even though I do get confused at times.
  13. Degai

    GeoJellies 4

    Can someone send me the link to the yahoo GeoJellies4 page? Every time, I click on the GeoJellies4 page, it says it cannot be found. What am I doing wrong? GRRRR
  14. Degai

    GeoJellies 4

    I just got home and now have access to my email. I just checked and I can't find the invite to join. Could someone notify Jim and ask him to send me an invite? Anxiously awaiting the invite. . . I know the favors, I'm just trying to decide the colors.
  15. Degai

    GeoJellies 4

    Does anyone know when this will close out for final orders? I am away from home for an emergency and will not be home until Friday, April 16th. I cannot access my email either. . . so if anyone can find out and let me know, I would appreciate it. Since I can't get to my email and see if Jim sent me an invite to the group, I cannot get to the GeoJellies group to get the info. Thanks in advance.
  16. Degai

    GeoJellies 4

    YEA!!!!! Thanks, Jim for taking on another round! I'm thinking of names and colors, oh, and trying to figure out what name I used for the group!
  17. YESSSS! I can't wait for this project to begin again! For those of you who haven't had a bean made, this is such a fun project! Just looking at the names and colors everyone picks is enough to send you into a sugar rush! And how adorable are those little beans, once they are in your hands . . . yummy! You just have to love these! Jim, I know LeNore says you have been busy, but I hope things are winding down for you. . .uh, just in time to get busy again. . .with more beans.
  18. Thank you, LeNore! I will wait patiently, as I very well know how busy life can get, especially around this time of year. I am interested in the small beans, as are most others. I think if Jim is willing, we can wait on his schedule. My fingers are crossed. . . Hey LeNore, have you heard anything from Jim? Now that all of the major holidays are over, do you think he would be ready to take on another GeoJelly round? It looks like there are quite a few of us that are interested in making some more of those gorgeous little beans. Come on Jim-let's do it again!
  19. Like Dolfy, I don't post in here too much, but when the email showed up and I took a look at the picture of this coin, all I could say was, "WOW!" It would be nice to receive this mystery coin for my collection, but if not, thanks for putting out such an awesome and patriotic coin. . .it is much appreciated these days.
  20. I finally got my PIF coins! Yippee! It took a while to get them, but James was in touch, asking if I got the coins and following through (Thank you, James, it was very much appreciated). I have been ripped off several times in the last 2 years and I was getting distraught about not getting coins that were paid for. I don't mind if I don't receive my coins when they are promised, as long as someone is letting me know what the situation is. I know things happen and sometimes the best intentions must go by the wayside when life steps in and throws you a curve ball.
  21. I have been away for a few days and am just returning today. I found my PIF coins in my mailbox, so they came sometime between Jan. 15th-Jan. 18th. It took a while and I am happy they are here. Thanks so much on the follow through and for getting the coins to me. I hope to use them to PIF to others.
  22. I am sending out new coins to people who still have not gotten their coins, tomorrow can you please confirm you received your coins? Thanks James I got the above email yesterday. I haven't received any coins as of yet. This may be "Pollyanna-ish" of me, but I just can't believe we would be ripped off with Pay It Forward Coins!
  23. Degai

    In Search Of

    Don't give up hope. I tried several times on ebay to get one, but was never successful. Then, I signed up for one of the Geocoin missions and I actually received one of them from the person who had my name. I was in shock when I opened the package and saw that coin! Needless to say, I was elated!
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