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  1. Hello all- I am trying to find out what the activation code is for a TB vehicle cling I bought. I lost it over a year ago and I just found it behind my desk! I went to Worldcaching.com and when I clicked on activation codes, it says not found. I may have bought it there, but then again-I may not have bought it there. If there are other places that sell them, could you post here and let me know? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Oh, Mamomo, you are not alone! Every coin I have released in the United States has gone missing and now all of my TBs are missing, too. I have a few still traveling around overseas, but now a few of them have gone missing! When I first started releasing Geocoins, I was naive enough to think that no one ever stole anything. (Mine were clearly marked with an insert that told what the Geocoin's mission was.) That was short lived. I do not send out any Geocoins with missions because they will never make their mission. (Once I was in a contest in which I was given a coin, along with Geocachers from 49 other states, to see which one would travel the farthest. My coin never made it out of the cache before it was stolen. And to add insult to injury, I was sent a replacement Geocoin and guess what? The exact same thing happened in a different cache! ) Now, I just give away Geocoins when I go out caching. I know many people here give people the benefit of doubt when Geocoins and TBs go missing, but for the most part, I just think people like them and keep them. The Geocaching website is too informative for someone not to be able to find out what they are and what is to be done with them.
  3. I've got almost everything together now, so I should be able to get my mission sent out soon. . .
  4. My first guess was a micro chip with information linking to area 5l, however, others have suggested something of this nature, so my next guess will be something to do with a light beam. . .
  5. LionsLair is right-it is definitely UOTrackers that did this project (How do you guys always find these threads?). It was not a group coin. She had done the design and thought something was missing. She then came up with the idea to approach the forums asking if anyone would like to have their Geonicks on the coin. She had such an overwhelming response from the first one that she did another one.
  6. I think I have the coins, I just hope this person isn't doing some trading at this point in time (because if he/she/they are, I know I'm sunk! ). . .now for the winter shopping aspect. . .I'll have to wait until this weekend, but I have a few things in mind.
  7. I saw this and was wondering if Mr. Gray had something to do with this!
  8. Degai


    Manuel-Wow! What a great job you are doing on this. I'm very impressed! I know this is an overwhelming job, but it appears that you have managed to get this catalog nicely organized. I'd help if I could, but I haven't got a clue how to do these things! BTW, I have often thought there should be a reference catalog, too. I'm glad you have taken the initiative to start one. I do have a personal coin you could add to the list. I'm sure there are many others in the forums that could provide you with information on their personal coins, if you are interested. Besides, now that you have posted here, I'm sure you will get a lot of information to add to your catalog.
  9. Ooops, I forgot to take pictures. I've been out of town-again, so I will try to get around to it by the end of this week. I also wanted to add, by trading with many of "me pirate mates", I now have a better idea of the various colors of metals, enamels, and translucents that were used, which will help in making my choices for the next round of doubloons.
  10. This sounds like so much fun. I love Advent calendars and use them every Christmas. Although I didn't have time this year to participate in this mission, I certainly hope you (or someone else) will do this again next Christmas so I (and many others) will have the opportunity to take part in this. I will look forward to seeing the comments and pictures posted for this mission.
  11. Email Sent: October 15, 2010 Name Received: November 1, 2010 (but I just got it today, Nov. 2, 2010-I've been out of town)** Mission Sent: Mission Received: **And holy cow the name I got! YIKES!!! I'm in serious trouble. . .I just hope I can do this person justice! Thanks for getting this winter mission together, lorca. When do these have to go out?
  12. Any coin I give comes with no strings attached. I know some are adamant about not selling coins that are gifted, but traded coins should be fair game-just my 2 American "sense"
  13. Here! Here! fairyhoney! I was one of those cachers!
  14. I'll play. It's been a while since I did a mission. Unlike many of you, I do not like the winter season-my body never seems to be able to warm up. I will participate in this mission because it is so much fun to get Geocoin gifts in the mail, which helps break up the monotony of the cold weather. Email Sent: October 15, 2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: I hope Lorca is doing well!
  15. That is a beautiful picture of your doubloons! What kind of camera are you using?
  16. I received my doubloons today and they are beautiful! This has got to be the most fun group project in which I have ever had the pleasure to participate. For those of you who didn't get in on this 2010 Mini-Doubloon Project, you missed out on a lot of fun and excitement, so I hope you will join us when Jackalgirl, or Cap'n Jackal, as she is know to us, continues the quest for more doubloons! Many of us, who did this project, cannot wait until the 2011 Mini-Doubloon Project commences (Please make it early in 2011) I cannot express how wonderful it was to work with Jackalgirl on this project! Her design is fantastic, she is a wonderful communicator, and she is incredibly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of getting a Geocoin made and posting artwork and pictures. She was a tireless worker on this project and kept us informed every step of the way. If there was ever a question, she knew the answer or knew where to find it. Jackalgirl even suggested we trade among ourselves. Irwando (bless his sweet pirate heart) kept track of all of the trades. Believe me that was quite a job! (I could hardly keep track of my own trades, never mind all of the others!) Then Jackalgirl separated everyone's trades and sent them out to us with our orders. Who does that? Why our fearless Captain, of course. So, many KUDOS to you, Jackalgirl, and THANK YOU, Irwando, for keeping track of the trades. Many thank yous to all of "me pirate mates" who traded with me. All of your doubloons are stunning. Finally, I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow, I got "me lucre" too late in the evening to take pictures.
  17. I'm glad to see this discussion is now reopened. I came home from Rhode Island and saw the post firefly03 had made and thought, oh my goodness, is this another mystery coin? I didn't have any mail because I had been gone for a week and the post office was holding my mail. By the time I got my mail, this discussion was shut down. Drats! I received #004 (just after you, Vanelle), but I couldn't post here, so I emailed firefly03 to find out if there was any information. She gave me the information and low and behold, I'm here and this has been reopened. Now, I can keep track of what's going on. I didn't get any information from Mr. Gray, but I sent the money in anyway. Honestly, that letter is so well written and intriguing, I had to do it. Not to mention, it is on glittery silver paper! I thought to myself, who would go to all of this trouble if it were a scam? It's just too good. As I have mentioned before, I am always amazed by the ingenuity and creativity of Geocoiners, especially those mystery coiners. Not only do they create ingenious designs, but the ideas they come up with are always so brilliant. Are they rich? I don't know, but they are certainly generous. Thank you Mr. Gray for the letter. Whatever happens next, is icing on the cake. I do so BELIEVE!!!! There are aliens and they have been here since the dawn of mankind (and more than likely longer) and yes, the government has always had a tendency to cover up anything they do not (or do) understand.
  18. How did this get here? Aliens, I suspect!
  19. Degai

    GCF 2010

    Thanks to all who posted pictures. They are wonderful. I, like most who weren't able to attend, are quite envious of your haul. But, there's next year and I hope next year won't be as busy as this year was!
  20. I agree with the other posters. . .7 months is way too long to go without notifying someone they didn't receive his/her coins. What was he/she doing for 7 months without realizing he/she had not received the coins? I know if there was a problem, I would have said something a long time ago. I have been in the position of not receiving coins in over a month, but there was communication along the way. I don't think anyone should expect coins or a refund after 7 months-that's totally unreasonable. (Maybe you can point he/she to the forums). Ultimately, you do have to go with your gut and do what you think is best . . . always a hard call; however, I would certainly include a disclaimer in the next round of sales.
  21. Wow, I am always amazed by how quick and how clever you guys are! It doesn't seem to take any time for you to find the answer-no matter what the question is! I'm impressed!
  22. BEAUTIFUL!! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! I love netsuke! I collect harmony kingdom and I was told they were based on netsuke. I had even thought of doing a Geocoin like this, but you have already done it and I want one! Like ElliPirelli, I, too, love water, koi, waterlillies (and I have all of them at my house) and would love to get some. Any chance of getting these if we can't go? Anyone out there going to GCF 2010 who can get me some if I can't get them? Please, please, please! If so, I would be happy to pay you in advance and give you one of my personal Geocoins-Hoppin' Thru Time. Email me and let me know. Thanks.
  23. I had a nice little chuckle about this coin! Great Job! Did I miss something? Are they on sale now, because I couldn't find them.
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