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  1. Wow! This is a beautiful design and I would love to add this coin to my collection. It is totally awesome! Besides, I have a weakness for pirate things.
  2. Degai

    Stitch in Time

    Hi Vanelle-what a striking coin! I am going to look for you at Geocoinfest because I would love to trade something for one of your coins (perhaps one of my personal coins-"Hoppin Thru Time"-which deals with time and savoring the moment). All of your coins are beautiful and I am a person fascinated by time, so the meaning on the back is near and dear to me. Your Mother's artwork is beautiful and I love putting a meaning to the art.
  3. I love amber, too! I actually have a piece with an insect inside! Please put me down for a couple! What a wonderful design.
  4. Hello MissJenn, If you find any Geocoins with a Filipino theme, I would be interested. Please email me and let me know. My father is from Cebu City and I lived in Manila and Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines until I came to the states when I was in the 8th grade. However, that was a very long time ago! BTW, am I missing something here?. . .does everyone here know you?
  5. The coins are on the way. . .let me know when they arrive. Have Fun.
  6. I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!! I also love your coin! I like rabbit coins! Thanks for the compliment, TheCacheSeeker! I like rabbit coins, too. I am still looking for the year of the rabbit geocoin with the square center. . .anyone out there got it?
  7. Hi Naomi! I'm so happy to hear from you in the forums! I've missed you. I'm so glad you have a new job-it looks like this economy has left no (or at least not many that I know of) countries untouched. We have been through a lot of layoffs, but were fortunate enough to find another job fairly quickly-before too much damage was done! At any rate, email your address and I will be happy to send out some Geocoins to you. When do you need them?
  8. Hello again. It appears that the Year of the Rabbit coin (the one with the square hole in the center is quite elusive), but I am still looking for it. If you are not interested in my personal coin-Hoppin' Thru Time (see post #17286 for pictures), I have other things to trade. I am also looking for the "Lucky You" Geocoin from the Geocoin Store Members Club. It has rabbits on it and a 4 leaf clover and it is a path tag carrier. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks! Oh, I just noticed, I posted above this one, thanking sheltiedogshowlover, and it has the pictures of my Geocoin
  9. I also LOVE this coin. great job! I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PrashadFamily! Thank you sheltiedogshowlover. That is very kind of you!
  10. These coins are outstanding, but then so are ALL of the coins you have produced! I cannot think of any coin you have designed that I have not wanted (I do have a lot of them, but not all). I love the intricacy of your designs. I have always wondered how the creative process runs through the heads of artists. . . like how are you always creative,how can you come up with design after design, where do those ideas come from, are you ever stumped for ideas? Thanks for posting your sketches and thought processes. I really enjoyed reading your post.
  11. I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!! Ditto! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coin!! THANK YOU, LAURA!!!!
  12. I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PrashadFamily!
  13. Hello out there! Here are a couple of images of my personal coin. I have only given them away or traded them. I am interested in getting any of the year of the rabbit coins in exchange for one of my coins, if anyone is interested. They are antique gold/green or antique silver/blue, all are trackable. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks.
  14. You are welcome Princess Trouble. I'm glad you finally got your box. I was worried that you had not received it, because I had not seen your post. I always take pictures of all the missions I send out, just in case it doesn't made it (I just know that one day, someone won't receive their mission and I don't want anyone to think I was a "deadbeat mission sender-outer" ) I know how busy things can get around exam time! I hope all went well for you. ~Degai~
  15. Well, I haven't heard from the person I had for this Easter Mission, yet. I sent the package out on 13 April and I thought it would be there in plenty of time before Easter arrived, but alas, it doesn't appear so. To the person yet to receive the Easter Mission package I sent out-my apologies that you did not get it in time for Easter. :( I hope it arrives soon, but in the mean time-HAPPY EASTER!
  16. Oh, and if I haven't thanked you enough already. . .THANK YOU Firefly03, for hosting this wonderful Easter Mission! And thanks so much for "helping" me out!
  17. I had meant to post these earlier, but a trip got in the way. These are all of the wonderful goodies I got from Tonyalynn! Well, almost all of the goodies. I must confess there were A LOT more snickers than pictured here. Unfortunately, I left them on my desk and my son and his friend helped themselves to a field day of snickers! Oh yes, I am also guilty of devouring quite a few of those yummy candies, too! Again, thanks so much for all of the wonderful Geocoins, gifts, and candy (I can now dig into those reeses pieces; I didn't want to mess up the wrapper before I had the chance to take the picture). You did a wonderful job picking out such unique things to send, not to mention the Geocoins-which I love and did not have.
  18. Sign-up: 25 February 2011 Name received: 21 March 2011 Package sent: 13 April 2011 Package received: 12 April 2011 Sorry, I didn't post yesterday, but it is a very busy week for me! I did get my package yesterday. . .and what a wonderful package it is! Full of wonderful and very unique goodies! Has anyone ever seen a calculator that looks and smells like chocolate, but it isn't really chocolate? I know I have never seen anything like it, but I have one. Really cool! I got a beautiful art glass necklace which has a yellow chrysanthemum-like flower encased in a clear glass, a yellow duck and a yellow flower cookie cutter-how adorable, reeses pieces, shaped like a carrot and tons of mini snickers. And the Geocoins I got-I love both of them and I have neither of them! Good Job! I had not even seen the "Riddle of the Sphinx" Geocoin, before! I love the hinged butterfly-it is gorgeous! Tonyalynn, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful Easter Mission! I will try to get pictures posted by Saturday. Drie, thank you so much for doing this mission and thanks for helping me out! Oh, I almost forgot, I went to the post office today in the pouring rain to send out my package. It's been raining here for 3 days (perhaps I should start building an ark), so I couldn't wait any longer. I hope it makes it to the recipient in good order!
  19. I wished you had too, but I am sure you had a good excuse. . .lots of Easter eggs to prepare and deliver!
  20. Thanks, mamoreb, for your kindness; but I do believe my address is already in the address book; I just need to know how to get in there to update and find addresses. Could you help me with that? It's been a long time since I used it.
  21. It has been so long since I have been here, that I no longer know how to! Could someone email me and let me know how? I need to update some information. Thanks!
  22. Me, too! What a sense of humor! :lol:
  23. Here's what I got in the mail on Wednesday. This Petrogylph is really beautiful and looks like leather, but Tsun says it is made from clay. I was so impressed by the quality of Tsun's Petroglyph "Geocoin". From the box, to the card, to the "coin" it is a total class act! And it is all made in Montana, in the good ol' U.S. of A.!
  24. One more thing I forgot to mention; I certainly like the fact that everything was made in Montana, "Good ol' USA!
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