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  1. I got mine today. The purple one was my first choice. Beautiful work as always, Paula.
  2. I haven't been here in a while, but I thought this was an interesting topic. I agree with TeamSeekAndWeShallFind that is must be terribly disappointing to go trekking to a cache and not find a geocoin that was supposed to be there. I think all Geocachers have had that happen on many occasions. I have only had the disappointment of finding a "paper coin" once and it was a doozy. My son and I were in search of the Geocoin Fairy coin and what we found was a paper coin glued to a foam circle. And if this wasn't bad enough, this person's paper coin said, "There's No Fool Like a Dancing Fool Geocaching since November 1, 2004". Wow, I thought this person should know better! We were very disappointed by this, but we were more disappointed in the Geocacher who traded a "paper coin" for the Geocoin Fairy coin. It took at while, but we got over it. I agree with many of the other forum postings that if there is a paper facsimile of a coin, it should definitely be noted on the coin's page. That way, the Geocacher can decide if they want to go out and find it or not. On the flip side, I definitely understand why some Geocachers do this. Believe me, it is more disappointing to have your real geocoin stolen than to be disappointed by a "paper coin". When you have had a few coins stolen, you will understand the feeling. I have put out a few coins and TBs and I must say the ones I have in Europe have faired much better than the ones I have in the US. In fact, I don't think I have any viable ones in the US anymore. Since I can't seem to keep any coins traveling in the US, I decided to give them away instead. I have had so much fun doing this. I will leave a coin in a cache with a special note or card which might say something like. . ."Lucky you! You have just found one of my unactived-------and it's yours to keep." Many times the Geocacher that found it emails me to thank me for the coin. I have found this much more rewarding than sending out my coins to travel and instead finding out they have been stolen. Oh, one more thing. . .TeamSeekAndWeShallFind-you have some awesome posts for the caches you have found. I am sure the owners of the caches really enjoy your posts. I know I did.
  3. Sometimes, you may think you have an original concept but you find out later that someone else has also used that concept. I am currently working on my personal coin and I had this concept in 2006 (yeah, I'm slow) and just recently, I saw a pin on ebay with a similar idea! Oh and one more thing. . .when I was thinking of ideas for my geojelly flavors; I went on the internet, just to see if anything would come up and to my surprise, one of the flavors I came up with was an actual candy that was very poplular in the 50's and another one of my flavors was a popular topic of physics controversy! Who knew? (Well, definitely not me!) Good grief, how can anyone be truly original?
  4. Wow, Sweetlife, that was quite a lot of booty you got in the mail. I see the one I sent, so, I am glad you got it. Nice wooden display you made, too! You are quite creative.
  5. Wow, Steph, it looks like the geocoin community has stepped up to the plate to send a few smiles to the guys in Iraq! And honestly, what's a few coins compared to what they are doing for us?! Thank you Steph for putting this together and thanks to all who serve their country!
  6. Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the "book of surprises" Toojin & Bart! I had a lot of fun making it. I really enjoyed yours, too! BTW, did you see the bracelet I included in the envelope for Bart? Oh, your pictures were very nice. Thank you again for bringing a little sunshine my way and thank you Naomi for doing this mission to help cure the doldrums for many of us.
  7. I would like to send out KUDOS to Helen and Chris for giving us Americans a break on these guitar coins! This is such a generous gesture on their behalf! What a fun project this was and what a cool concept. (This is the first coin that my teen son HAD to have!) They did a lot of work translating the colors we had chosen and presenting the artwork for our guitars to us. Your generosity and hard work is very much appreciated. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  8. A hearty and warm welcome to Tlehman1, ThePetersTrio, UncleJimbo, Princepesa, E&Cplus3! It's a lot of fun collecting all of the cool coins that come out, but then there are coins that come out that you can personalize in one way or another and you can't resist that either because, well, heck, it's fun seeing your name on a coin, and then the biggie-when you bite the bullet and make your own personal coin. The fun never stops-neither does spending LOTS of money! It sure is a lot of fun-that is until the bill comes in. Good luck or should I say run away-NOW.
  9. To: The-Wolf-Pack I have no idea what this coin is called because I have never seen it until I received it today. You might want to contact Toojin & Bart-that's who sent it to me. On the other side of the coin it says: Breaking Down The Wall Event-Apr 06-CVC/RCGDS The other side is really cool, too. Unfortunately, when I took the picture, I forgot to blank out the tracking number so I couldn't post that picture.
  10. 1. Participating - Yes, Email sent in the nick of time! 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete -sent Wednesday 8-5-08 4. Mission Arrived YES!!! Today! 8-7-08 It was a cold and rainy day today and in the pouring rain, I checked the mail to find this card and coin. What a way to cheer up a fellow geocacher! Thanks Toojin & Bart and Lenny for the bright and cheery card and coin (which I do no have ). It is very much appreciated!
  11. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Mother. It is always painful no matter if it is expected or not. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.
  12. I just sent an email out for your address. I'll send some coins out tomorrow. My brother was at Camp Victory and may know some of the guys there. Good Luck at you event!
  13. Yep, a must have for me, too. These sword/coins are awesome. I just hope I'm around when they come out. (BTW-I used to live on South Mountain, which was the scene of the battle just before Antietam. It's fun being here and seeing all of this civil war stuff.)
  14. My continued prayers and thoughts are with you and your entire family. I am glad Tank is doing better now that he is at home. My prayers are with you, Tracy. My candle is lit for you.
  15. 1. Participating - Yes, Email sent in the nick of time! 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete - Workin' on it 4. Mission Arrived Thank you, Naomi, for Spreading the Sunshine. I think we could all use a little of it, right about now!
  16. Thank you Nate Grumby for sharing your story and your awesome pictures with us. Although I have been away for a while, I have enjoyed knowing about this wonderful event. We are lucky to enjoyed this "vicarious" adventure with you. Like someone else mentioned, I will never look at my Astrolab Coin with the same eyes. Looking up into the clear starry-filled winter sky recently, made me think about your Geocoin. (My father worked for RCA at the Cape, and on Ascension Island tracking the shuttle down range. He is now retired.)
  17. I've been away for awhile and missed a lot of new happenings in the forums. Before I completely read all of the postings, I saw the coin. . .WOW! It is beautiful in its simplicity and design. The fairy sprite is adorable and I love the saying on the back. Something we can all take to heart. Thank you Highland GeoFairy for your generosity and congrats to all of the lucky recipients of this mystery coin.
  18. Thanks for posting the results. As my son's science fair looms in the near future, it made me think about these postings. You must have been reading my mind because I certainly wondered what the outcome was. Thanks for letting us know. . .very interesting results, even if her hypothesis couldn't be proven.
  19. Hey Tiki, Have you thought about going to a nearby high school or university? I am certain they would be able to help you. I know I have used the internet translators and they are helpful, for the most part, but they are not always correct. Good luck on your quest!
  20. Oh, I'm definitely interested in these! I see lots of people already starting to reserve colors. . .does that mean that once someone picks a color, no one else may have it? YIKES!
  21. This looks like a fun coin. . .who will the lucky ones be? I certainly hope I'm on the list!
  22. Since this is the season for giving thanks, I had thought about this very subject, myself! There are so many people here to thank, but as I have such a feeble mind, I will post what I can remember at this point in time. Glenn721-Thanks to you, I found my way here. Thanks for taking the time to give me so much information. You were the first person I ever "met" in the geocaching world. THANK YOU! LPYankeefan-THANK YOU for all you do for our local geocaching community and for all of the encouragement and support you have given me. LadyBee4T-You have always been there to email me answers to all of my questions ~ how to make a coin list, how to post something, etc. . .mind you, I didn't always understand it (my problem, not yours), but I certainly did appreciate you taking the time to help. THANK YOU! Boilermaker-THANK YOU for remembering me! When I sent you a coin because you couldn't get one, never did I expect you to remember that gesture, let alone send me a coin when you got one. Scouting WV- THANK YOU for all of your generosity! You give meaning to the term scouting and you are a wonderful example of all the good things scouting stands for. Thank you for all of the cons. Atwell Family-You have sent me several emails and even called me to help explain about posting pictures on the forums and helping to demystify the making of geocoins. THANK YOU, for taking all of that time to help me out! PGHlooking-THANK YOU for volunteering to spearhead the GeoJelly groups. It was so much fun thinking of names and colors. MamaCache-THANK YOU for all of your work with the Birds of a Feather project and for helping me personally with all of my questions! G. O'Coin B.U.G., Esquire-THANK YOU for taking a chance on me and sending out one of your coins and cards to me. You will never know the true excitement I felt when I got that coin. I love your humor and creativeness and I am eternally thankful for your most kind and generous gesture. The Geocoin Fairy- THANK YOU for creating a wonderful and mysterious coin and for being so generous to the Geocoin community. Finding one of your coins was one of the most challenging things I have done since I started geocaching, so I am glad that you showed me that I could do it! Oakcoins, Hogwild, Coins and Pins, Geocoin Store, Landsharkz, The Caching Place, Castle Coins and Pins-THANK YOU for producing awsome coins, pins, and swag. Also thank you for the many times you have included little goodies in those bubble packs with unexpected surprises! The cachebug- THANK YOU for all of that wonderful information. I thought this was the most wonderful site ever! I was always amazed by your knowledge. I don't know where you are, but I miss you and hope you are well. To all the people in the forums-I have enjoyed coming here to learn, laugh, and be amazed! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for providing me with countless hours of entertainment and a wealth of knowledge! To all who have placed caches- Where would geocachers be without you? You are our "raison d'être"! You have provided such fun and excitment! THANK YOU! (BTW, is there any way to keep this type of thread "alive" without a cointest? It is always nice to give a shout out to those whose kindness has affected us in some way and to acknowledge those whose random acts of kindness have made someone's day!)
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