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  1. Ugh, you are correct, should have done some better research, but I swear nothing was appearing at one point. Hope I'm not getting older. :anicute: I was using HR0815 and HR0816 in Yosemite as an example and saw nothing on my map. Little did I know that there are 3 marks at that location and HR0815 and HR0816 are hidden under HR0817. I hereby withdraw my complaint against google software API. But the issue still exists with my maps not displaying everything nearby, so I'll have to rectify that sometime.

  2. Yeah, I never got back to looking at that duplicate entry issue (where two or more points at the same coordinates display nothing at all). I'd say it is rare, but examples tend to pop up everywhere. My thoughts on the subject are that it is a failing in the google maps API software. I look at it as not being a "fail-safe' solution. If you were on the space shuttle, and two instances of the same "event" occurred at the same time/location, and the software didn't display either event, that would be unacceptable. I am hoping there is a fix in the next release of their API.


    My sunday nights recently became free from activity, and with the NFL season winding down, I won't be sitting around watching football for several hours a day. So I am not promising anything, but maybe, just maybe I might look at it again. Would love to get some updated shape files from USGS too, I thank everyone who has resisted sending me an email about when I am going to update the database. I was kind of hoping it would magically show up on their website as a christmas present. :laughing:

  3. More fun...


    :unsure: October 5 by RustyChalkCountsToo (338 found)

    Came across the container today while looking for another cache. I think the cache got ruined due to rust not muggles. Bottom of container was rusted away.


    :D August 12 by YesChalkCounts (247 found)

    Found today while cleaning up one I had nearby. Only thing left was a rusty poker chip and one piece of chipped water damaged chalk. Removed it since it was more junk than chip or chalk. Searched for this one several times before and never quite nailed it down. Guess I finally found it. Better late than never.


    July 10 by Groundspeak (0 found)

    It appears this cache is no longer around, and unfortunately neither is the owner. Therefore I am archiving this cache listing.


    :P July 2 by CalkCountsRight (860 found)

    Unfortunately, this cache is in trouble. I'm logging as found, but all I found were some big pieces of side walk chalk, a match box car, a geocacher's poker chip, and some other odds 'n ends splayed around the site.


    :) May 28, 2007 by HonestCacher (878 found)

    Missed it the first time and I tried to find it last year. Must have been due to the poison ivy. I got into it last year and had to clean off in the faucet across the way. Less poison ivy this year at this time so we finally found part 1. Part 2 was easier. Thanks for the hide.

  4. Here's a fun one I saw near home.


    July 5 by [Team JustPassingThrough] (247 found)

    Wasted a lot of time looking for this one, finally gave up and as I suspected... ARCHIVED.... Well, I knew right where it should have been anyway... Marking as found just for the fact that I'm not coming back to [ThisCity] for some time and the time invested looking....


    This cache was last found on November 23rd 2007, 7 months before this log. AND 9 other people logged notes, maintenance requests, or DNF's before JustPassingThrough claimed a find two weeks after Groundspeak archived the cache.

  5. One of our two cats, Tiger, likes to make her presence be known when I am trying to use the computer to scout for benchmark rich locations, download .loc files, and get datasheets. She'll hop up on the desk, walk in front of my face a few times, then plop herself down on the keyboard and mouse. Sometimes she actually hops up onto my shoulders and tries to lay on me.



  6. I have another trip report for you of a really fun hike I took up Mount Morris in Tupper Lake, NY. My trip was meant as an enjoyable hike to see the views, fire tower, and benchmark disks on top. Having little information about the mountain, and just my GPS and Topographic Map with me, I set off to climb to the summit. The ski center is privately owned, and there are grumblings of revitalization and perhaps condos going up in the future. As such, the area is marked No Trespassing, and there is a big gate at the bottom of the hill. I parked at the gate at the bottom, and hustled around and out of view so I could start my climb.


    I thought the quickest way up would be right up the ski slopes, but I had concerns they would be over grown with weeds and bushes and tall grass. I was correct. They were very overgrown, and very steep. The grass was about up to my chest (I am 6' 2") and it was all wet from rain the night before. They have been having an awfully wet summer in the Adirondacks, and many lakes and streams are high. I pushed onwards and upwards and began my bushwhack from behind the old ski center. I was quickly soaked, as water was running down the old ski slopes, and there was chest high grass and weeds. I opted to duck into the woods, as there was more trees to grab onto (the slope is quite steep), and the water wasn't flowing down as much. I figured that the water would follow the path of least resistance down the ski slopes, rather than in the woods. About half way up I ducked back out into the grass and worked my way up to the first chair lift exit point. There I found an ATV trail to the summit. MUCH easier climbing ensued.




    When I reached the top, there is quite a bit of sheds and equipment on top. Lots of it with its own air conditioning units and everything. The Fire Tower is still there, although it has been commandeered by the satellite and cell phone companies. Unfortunately this like means this mountain will never be opened for public use, as there are at least 4 air conditioned sheds on top.


    I had my data sheets with information on marks PH1653, PH1654, and PH1655. Unfortunately the program I wrote to parse the data sheets to a smaller form, managed to delete a lot of the information I needed about these marks. I'll have to figure out why. But I was able to find the fire tower, summit mark, reference marks 1 and 2, a steel bolt (awesome find), but I missed the Azimuth Mark. You know what that means? Expect a return trip by Monkeykat next year :laughing: .



    Summit Fire Tower - Morris Disk in Foreground


    The views on top were spectacular. I could see all the way to White Face Mountain. It was an exceptionally clear day, and I get chills thinking of how beautiful it was. The hike up took about 1 hour.



    PH1655 - The Bolt



    Monkeykat Triumphantly On Top


    On my way back down I ran into a rather attractive young woman dressed in shorts and sandals hiking with her dog. Now I was shocked. I didn't expect to see anyone, let alone someone dressed in shorts considering what I had just hiked through. I was dressed in jeans and boots, which were pretty wet and dirty. Had scrapes from the bushwhack all over my arms and legs too. She told me she hikes the trail quite often, and that the easier way down is to take the ATV trail to the bottom, as it eventually turns into pretty much a gravel road. Arrrghh, now I know. It was much easier on the way down, only 20 minutes.



    The EASY Way Down!


    Once at the bottom I explored the old ski lodge a little. This seemed a little more like trespassing, so I took a quick look around and headed out. Its a shame, but it looks like vandals have somewhat hit the area. It could be far worse, but its a great climb, and if you think you can talk your way out of some fines, I think you would enjoy your trip.




    I have many more photos in my Gallery: Mount Morris Gallery


    This was one of the greatest hikes I've done in recent years. It was just so beautiful.

  7. I've been a little quiet on this board recently, still lurking, but I guess there hasn't been a lot going on other than the normal help me find this mark on geocaching questions. I'm pretty sure we all love benchmark trip reports, and I have a couple to make, so I hope you enjoy them.


    My Wife's Grandfather lives in Millinocket Maine, right next to the Big Moose in and Trading Post. He's getting older in age, and its only a matter of time before he won't be able to live up there alone anymore. Over July 4th week my wife and I along with my brother in law and his wife went for a visit. It was a rather quickly planned trip, only a couple week's notice, and I had a bright idea, that this may be my last time to be up in Maine and climb the mountain... Katahdin.



    Katahdin Panoramic - taken from Pamola Peak, 8:43am


    I consulted with my parents, my mom had made the summit while my dad had to turn back, and with another friend who called it the best high peak on the eastern coast, and decided to give it a shot. Listed as an extensive hike, where the vaerage hiker should expect to spend 8-10 hours, I was a little apprehensive. I decided to follow Helon-Taylor trail up the Knife edge to the summit and down the saddle to wolf pond trail. That is supposed to be one of the most exciting trails, the knife edge. So named because of its narrow (5 foot) trail with steep 1,000+ feet drop offs on either side.



    Knife Edge Trail - taken about 3 hours into the hike


    I of course took with me my GPS and data sheets for all the summit marks, QG1447, QG1448, QG1449, QG1450, and QG1451. Left the camp for the baxter State park gate at 4:30am, after sleeping only for 1am to 3am the night before. I was first in line (there is limitted parking at each trail head and when it fills, that trail is closed for the day). Got in the park a little after 5am. On July 2nd, sunrise is actually around 4:46am in Maine, so it was quite light out that morning. Saw a moose, and drove to the trail head. Started up around 5:40am. Some of the trails just opened a week earlier, because of more than expected snow. There was still some on top when I made it, July 2nd.



    QG1447 South Summit Peak Cairn - with Baxter Peak (Katahdin) in the background


    It was a fantastic hike, and I made awesome time on the trail. I stopped for many pictures and still managed to summit around 9:30am. Sometimes I barely make it into work by 9:30am, and here I was on top of the high point of Maine, 5,267 FT. It was a warm beautiful day. I spent 1 hour on top, eating my lunch, enjoying the view, and scrambling around for the summit benchmarks. I was able to find RM no1 and no2, as well as a couple summit cairns. It is doubtful the actual summit cairn is original.



    QG1450 Summit Cairn (possibly)



    QG1449 KATAHDIN RM No 1



    QG1451 KATAHDIN RM No2, and view to the lakes of Maine


    After enjoying the summit, I made my way down via Saddle and Chimney trail. Met a few camp counselors around 12pm (1.5 hours after leaving the summit), they were escorting 40 girl scouts up the peak. With at least 3 hours of heavy hiking remaining, I hope they turned back, I doubt they would all make it. I returned to the parking lot after a really long 3 hour descent. Total time of the hike: 4 hrs up, 1 hr on top, 3 hours down. I actually made it back to camp by 2:30pm for a relaxing afternoon of swimming in Lake Millinocket. It was a great trip.


    I have a lot of great pictures in my gallery, if you would like to see more, larger quality pictures.


    Monkeykat's Katahdin Trip Photo Gallery


    I also hit some geocaches in the area, and was pleasantly surprised to see some logs from none other than Harry Dolphin, of the benchmark forums fame!

  8. Just curious, any of you thread readers the one who colored in Wayne County in Western NY? Or is there a way for me to figure it out. Just wondering, as its been on my list as a county I wanted to try and get, I'm in nearby monroe county.

  9. Bump...


    I had some trouble last night, although it may have actually been 12:15am this morning, getting some datasheets by PID from the NGS site. I couldn't get a batch of around 62 files using the search by PID page, but I was able to look at individual datasheets, and navigate the NGS site. More tests proved I couldn't even get a couple sheets using PID input.


    I tried it this morning from work, and I couldn't even get to the NGS main page. I tried the get PID data link directly from the scaredycat benchmark viewer and couldn't pull up a single datasheet.


    Is anyone else having problems?


    I was able to do some retrieval using the mirror link above.

  10. Yes, BDT has found the issue. With The Bean Team's mark, both LU0170 and LU1692 have almost identical coordiantes, and for Wintertime HR0815 and HR0816 have the same coordinates. I just assumed (and I thought in the past) the marks would show up on the map and you would only be able to click on one of them. However it appears that the marks aren't even showing up at all.


    I bet PappaBear has a solution for this already on his application. There is probably some way to find this occurance and figure out something to do about it (a special icon that pop's up additional information maybe). Hopefully it doesn't occur too often. I'll look into it after vacation.

  11. OK, I think I got all the states updated. I am going to try and do a token search on each one to make sure the upload went OK. I still have the old data backed up so I can recover if necessary. So go ahead and check your state, I think it should all be fine and maybe even some marks have had their color turned green near you. Any problems, let me know. In a few weeks I will blow away the backup data to save space.


    I am heading up to Main for July 4th week, so if I can't find any errors or fix them by Friday night you'll be out of luck for the week.


    But I think it all went fine anyway. Enjoy.

  12. I'm going to be headed up to Millinocket, outside Baxter State Park for July 4th week. I am planning on doing Katahdin, and I hope to get some benchmarking in. Not sure if I'll have time though. I hope to turn Piscataquis beige. [:)]

  13. Good News Benchmark Viewer Users! The NGS has uploaded its latest set of archived shape files so I can now begin the task of updating my copy of the database. This means all the marks you have submitted to the NGS between Dec 21st 2007 and June 28th 2008 will now be updated when you use the viewer.


    This will serve as your notice that for the next week (hopefully less) I will be updating each state in the database. You may experience a brief downtime (hopefully only a few seconds) while the database is being transitioned. Most likely users will never see it. But in case you notice some weird occurrings, it may be from the upgrade I am performing. If the problems persist, feel free to email me through the geocache account and I will try and resolve them.


    Also, if you would like your hometown added to the list of "Cities" on each state page, let me know and I will add it in so you can just click the link to go close to home. I would like to get some sort of cookie or command line option available so you can bookmark the page when it is showing your home, but never got around to it.




    [A note to users of excel. If you are trying to export data as a CSV (comma separated file), Excel has a bug and will sometimes not export every column. This can be a major problem if you are using that CSV to do a database insert and are missing columns here and there. The solution (thanks to my wife) was to use Open Office Calc (the excel equivalent). It does not have problems dropping columns when exporting CSV files.]

  14. After taking a little longer than it should have, due to software issues, and some personal stupidity, I believe I have gotten the database updates complete. In doing the upgrade I found out that Alaska and Utah both had all the marks loaded three times into thier tables. I am not sure what effect this had on viewing points. Did it load three points at time? Will it be faster now? Unknown, maybe it will be the same.


    Bad news for New Jersey and Washington DC hunters, it looks like those are the only two files without an updated shape file for my database. They will still have the original March 2007 data.


    I noticed I am a little behind with the latest Google Maps API technology, as Papa Bear can probably attest to, but I did add in the Terrain map and set it to the default. If people would rather have the regular map set as the default, I can change it back. Just thought the terrain maps look kinda nice. I also took the little overall map out of the corner, as I need to do a little tweaking to get it back working correctly (gonna follow papa bears lead on that one). Not sure how many people really used it anyway.


    I will probably try to make the map type a pulldown at some point, since all six buttons along the top take up a lot of space. For those wondering why all of those buttons are there, take a look at the Denver Colorado area. It has the Urban maps working, which are really detailed. Between the urban, terrain, satellite, and topo, some areas have it better than others.



  15. That's pretty neat GeoTrailblazer about those little prisms. Very interesting reading.


    My first worry on reading about this NGS effort, is that I hope its coordinated with the US government. I would hate to think that the super detailed specifics of the GPS satellite orbits would be documented and available to someone with anti-satellite capability (aka China). In the event of an international incident, GPS satellites would be a very attractive target when trying to win a conflict. (China has already tested anti-satellite missiles)


    I am assuming that they know everything they need to know already anyways though. I am sure this NOAA effort won't "help the enemy".

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