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  1. Forgot what I wrote but I will go check right now and probably will, cooler heads prevail. See everyone this is exactly why I SHOULD have posted in here because it gave me some different perspective.
  2. KBI you rock and I think you get it and you are correct that it is difficult to express yourself in text only.
  3. Doc, I will say this, how do we have any idea if everyone else followed the directions if he removes your post if you didn't follow the directions. Again folks have you ever been mad because you bit your lip or stubbed your toe, have you ever been mad because you paid eight dollars for a movie that stunk. I don't need to chill out, it's not like I'm sitting here needing to take Prozac because I'm probably going to get my name taken off the log. The question was have you ever been to a cache that made you mad, other than saying that his comments seemed condescending I've not indicated I'm going off the deep end here. Should I have used the word dissappointed instead would that be kinder and friendlier?
  4. KBI I absolutely assume that you are correct and that is what is going to happen here. Probably what upset me about the cache was that as I was logging it and having no idea that it was possibly a puzzle cache I just drove an hour , retrieved one cache and it's going to be taken away because we did not read (or pay attention) to the last line. I am as upset with myself as I am with anyone else. I still think that he was condescending in the cache page but that's my opinion and my opinion and a dollar nine will get you a cup of coffee at Mickey D's. Everyone lighten up in these forums will ya.
  5. The length of the cache page was not and is not something that upsets me and to tell you the truth as I sit her relaxed in my chair computing away I realize it's really not a big deal but the cache is an hour from home and my daughter and I were grabbing it while on a very specific mission so I probably won't be back to it soon. I'm not sure if you cache with kids or not but to make a long story short my daughter probably read the entire page at the exact same time I'm telling her where we need to park and then telling her to get her coat on while also grabbing my coat, the GPS'r and heading out the door, maybe she stopped reading because she got bored whatever the case I was posting my feelings about the cache. It doesn't make the cahe owner a bad guy, it doesn't make me a bad guy the name of this thread was cache that make you mad, this one did, that's it.
  6. KEYSTONE knows much more than I listen to what he/she says.
  7. Don't want to change the topice but when I found that phone on E-bay for $85.00 I couldn't bid quick enough. I have had the phone about 6 months and can't believe that no one else has made a phone this cool. It absolutely rocks. I wish it had bluetooth and speakerphone but other than that It is the best phone I've ever seen PERIOD.
  8. email contact@geocaching.com I believe, it's been about a year since I changed my name.
  9. if you are a premium member Groundspeak will alow to change your account info over to the new name but you will have to manually take all of your previous cache finds and input them under the new name. I did it when I only had 13 finds I see you have 53 but it's better than if you had 153. Hayndog
  10. I have a cache I went to today along with my daughter and I have to tell you that as I was logging it I just got ticked off. The cache is called Are you a good little cacher? GC10KCV I am a paperless cacher and my daughter reads the PDA which is a Samsung SPH I500 phone (Very small PDA phone) for those of you not familiar, she reads a very long description rambling on about how to be a good cacher that you have to read the cache page otherwise you may not be aware of hazards or private property problems etc... in the area. I agree with all of that but I'm also an adult and figured I didn't need to be told by another adult that I'm either a good little cacher or a bad little cacher. At the end of this very long message it tells you to look at the back of the log book which will give you instructions on what to do to not be a bad cacher. Well of course my daughter didn't get to the end of the description and we had more than enough information to safely and legally obtain the cache so we did just that. Maybe I'm taking this all wrong and it's meant as a joke but it appears to be very Condescending. What do you think?
  11. This is a good price but as stated it is not out of the realm of possibility. I have been researching very extensively for the past few weeks and $345-380 is pretty standard on most low cost gadget sites. The Garmin web-site as you can tell is way over priced.
  12. Thank you to everyone for the great advice, it sounds like the 60 Cx or CSX is the way to go and I think I'll do just that. I have a friend who just purchased an Explorist 210 and compared to my Etrex the geocache manager seemed pretty useful so I guess it's all a perspective thing. I've been caching for about 9 months +/- with a $99.00 Etrex and when you see a unit like an Explorist 210 it's like comparing a Chevette to a Corvette. I was at my first cache event recently and noticed a lot of 60 CSX unit's and realized there was probably a reason for that. Hayndog
  13. Thats exactly the kind of information I needed to hear, thank you very much.
  14. The question I was asking is this. Magellan Explorist series GPS units come with a program called Geocache Manager. The Program isn't great but gives enough info that you could go paperless and Palm Pilotless if you wanted to. I want to know if the Garmin GPSMap 60 Csx has a similar program installed with the package, is it easy to use and easy to load information in to? While I'm asking questions again, what makes the 60 Csx and or the 60 Cs "the best unit on the market"? The Explorist series is much cheaper and appears to be much more ergonomically friendly, they are smaller, and a ton of people appear to have them. I don't like the idea of the big antenae sticking up out of the 60 Csx. Hayndog
  15. I'm trying to decide which unit to upgrade to and have narrowed the choices down to the Explorist 500 or the GPSmap 60 Csx. The feature I really like about the Explorist is the caching software that comes with the unit and I can't find any literature anywhere indicating the 60 Csx has similar software. Can anyone tell me if this is correct and if so why would I spend the extra $100.00 or so to buy the 60 Csx. The only concern I have with the Explorist is that there seems to be a large number of people reporting problems with the units and subsequent problems with tech support. Thanks, Hayndog
  16. Don't forget that environmetal factors can also make a huge differance. Cloud cover, tree canopy, rain, snow all affect the readings as do solar flares according to some. 16 feet is very acceptable and maybe the other guys unit is off.
  17. I'm not new to Geocaching but I've been using a Garmin Etrex, the $99.00 model since I started. I have recently started looking at the Magellan Explorist 500 and wondered if everyone thinks that all of the features are so handy that it's worth spending the money on. I also see that it at least sounds complicated to load waypoints from GSAK on to the unit and wondered if anyone has tried any of the other programs for uploading. Thanks Hayndog
  18. hayndog


    Okay then thanks for the suggestions, here is another question, can you make your own geoitem and make it trackable without adding a travel bug dog tag.
  19. hayndog


    Sorry, just saw that you linked to the geocoin forum in your post.
  20. hayndog


    Is there an easy way to find the geocoin forum. I had no idea there was such a thing but I should assume there is. Inexpensive to me would be $3.00, expensive would be $10.00 dollars which is what they seem to sell for most of the time.
  21. I first went with my e-mail handle I've been using for years but after about two weeks I decided I would prefer a name more suitable for the sport. I have been called several things in my life and Hayndog, partially from my last name, seemed appropriate and with the dog at the end seemed to match with searching things out. I will warn you that changing your name if you have several caches under your belt can be a pain in the rear if you want to move all of the old caches to the new name, but it can be done. Hayndog Sniffin out cache around the globe
  22. I didn't read through all of the 100 posts here but the comment thank goodness it wasn't a geocache is very correct. I am aware of an incident that luckily didn't get any media play. In Chicago a cacher was placing a cache on a mailbox at a federal center and was found doing so. The cacher then was required to take federal agents to each of his geocaches, remove them and then was questioned by autorities for several hours. Who in this day and age would place a geocache on a mailbox on federal property?
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    Hey everyone I am going to Australia in a few months and wanted to drop a geocoin in as many caches as I can find while I'm there but I have found that this would be a very expensive proposition. Does anyone know where I can buy really inexpensive Geocoins possibly in a group of 20 or 30? I have allready checked E-bay and Michigan Geocaching web sites and I just can't afford the number I would like to take with me. Thanks, Hayndog
  24. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to download pocket queries on to a Palm Z22 and if so how? Thanks Hayndog
  25. Thanks, I got them uploaded. Hayndog, Sniffin out cache around the globe
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