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  1. I have a 60Cx and just bought streetmaps on CD. I have the original equipment 512Mb micro SD card, how much map can I put on that card, and can I put caches on that card in addition to the map or am I limited to the 500 caches that you can install on the unit? If both can be put on to the card, any tips on how to do that would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'm going to get slammed here but I can tell you that I cached for about 1 1/2 years with a Garmin Etrex ($99.00) unit. It worked perfectly and I found a lot of caches with it. I have since upgraded to a 60 Cx which is a huge upgrade but there are things I miss about my old yeller. I am not suggesting buying this unit but just about any GPS'r will work. My big suggestion is to get a color unit.
  3. Sorry to barge in on the topic but it relates to a question or two that I have. I have a 60Cx and just bought streetmaps on CD. I have the original equipment 512Mb micro SD card, how much map can I put on that card, and can I put caches on that card in addition to the map or am I limited to the 500 caches that you can install on the unit? Thanks
  4. I will be in Las Vegas in exactly 5 days and I currently have a Garmin Etrex for sale, it includes a car power cord and serial cable for downloading waypoints. I'm asking $50.00
  5. I have the standard yellow Etrex for sale, it will include the following items: neoprene protective case, serial cable connector for data transfer, and a car power unit. PLEASE NOTE, this is a very used unit, it still works perfectly but there are some scratches and dings on it and the location where the data transfer cable and the car power unit plug in at the top is slightly chipped. Both devices still connect to the unit but I don't want anyone to be surprised by information left off. I am asking $50.00 if anyone is interested.
  6. Quig, Do you use the custom POI feature or do you merely download them as geocaches and go from there? Is there a feature similar to my old etrex where I can say show me the nearest geocaches in the form of a list?
  7. Just upgraded from the old yeller Etrex to the GPSMAP 60Cx. I have a few questions if I might. 1. In the description field of the GPS'r I believe that I can hold 88 characters, on GSAK I put the following in to the Waypoint Description Format field exactly as shown here %c_name%c_type%con%des%dif1%ter1. I am getting VERY limited information back in the description field, am I doing something wrong. 2. Yesterday, the day I got the unit, I quickly dowloaded Trip and Waypoint Manager the created a route by dragging along I-94 to Chicago. Is there a way to import info from mapblast, google earth, or some other such program. Also I started following the route and minor state roads were visible on the screen, on the way home and since then I have been unable to make the smaller state roads show up, am I doing something wrong here as well. 3. Is there any way to get more map detail without buying City Navigator? 4. The manual says that I can store 1000 waypoints, can I store more than that on the SD card or is that specifically for map detail. If I can store the info on the card is there a quick description of how this is done. 5. I know your saying read the manual, I did and some of these things aren't real clear. 6. If anyone has any other tricks up there sleeve about this unit I would appreciate any and all info you can give. Thank you
  8. Crackerjacks, I see that you have one cache to your name. My guess is that you just don't know what to look for yet. When I first started caching I missed a lot of them and it was no fault of the GPS unit. They say that when you get to about 20 feet from the cache you should put your GPS'r away and start looking. I find this to be very good advice. I agree with other posts that your GPS is probably right on the money, just don'r rely on it so much.
  9. Here is an interesting situation. I was on vacation in Australia and decided to assist my nephew in placing his first ever cache (he lives in Australia) We went and got the coordinates at about 7:00 P.M. we then went to his home, put the cache together then at about 11:00 P.M. we posted the new cache to be approved and went to bed. At about 6:30 or 7:00 A.M. the next morning we went out to place the cache and found someone already looking for the cache. The reviewer had already looked it over and posted the new cache. The neat thing was that we got to meet an Australian cacher, I handed him the cache, he gave us a geocoin and we went on our way. I had no problem whatsoever with him posting this cache as a find because I shouldn't have published it until it was in place. Hayndog
  10. Thanks for all of the response. I just ordered the 60cx from Amazon. I hadn't even thought about them until I got the posts here. I had looked at Tiger direct , ebay, Thenerds.com, Bass Pro, and pretty much everywhere else mentioned but when you do the math then factor in the no hassle, customer service issue I decided Amazon was the way to go. I paid about $10.00 more than the very cheapest price which was Thenerds.com but I found that they had several bad ratings on a customer service web site. Thanks again, Hayndog
  11. I'm about to buy a GPSMAP 60cx and I am overwhelmed by the options on where to purchase. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Can you please include the reason you would recommend the retailer. Sorry I know this topic has to have been covered but I can't seem to find it. Thanks
  12. That's a good idea, that's why I come here Thanks, Hayndog
  13. Hello all, I am trying to complete a specific cache called "An Alphabet Soup Challenge for Michigan" The cache requires that I get a cache in the state of Michigan that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I have several of them but need to get caches that start with the letters G, Q, U, V, X, and Z. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to search for caches in the keyword search area by putting the specific letter then follow that with a wildcard like the * so it would include all caches in my area starting with that letter. Thanks, Hayndog
  14. Can anyone tell me how to locate the oldest caches in a given geographic location ie. Southwest Michigan. Thanks
  15. I appreciate the information and I am messing around with it right now but I am a novice at best. I have no idea why anyone expects average joes to know how to write in html.
  16. Sorry if this is the wrong forum and I'm sure you'll tell me if it is but can anyone tell me how to or if you can link to a website from my personal geocoin web page. For example I have a geocoin name Mac Attack and the idea of the coin is to spread knowledge about the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. I would like to link to a web site about the bridge but don't know how. Thanks
  17. I have a story completely unrelated to geocaching but to this day it is still one of the scariest days of my life. My brother and I went with a buddy to go hunting in an area called Frog Arkansas (no I'm not kidding) We had our friends International truck similar to a Ford Bronco and went to this very remote area as the rain was coming down. On the way in you have to drive through a creek several times to get to the hunting spot, as we continued in and the rain kept falling the river got higher and higher. No one ever believes this but at one of the worst spots we actually had water rushing over the hood of the truck and the truck started being swept down the creek that had by now turned in to a full fledged river. I still have no idea how the truck stayed running or how we were able to get the truck to gain traction and get back out of the river. I'm sure that we should have ended up on the front page of a newspaper the headline should have read THREE LOCAL TEENS KILLED IN STRANGE HUNTING MISHAP. We never went hunting that day and I've never been back to Frog since that day.
  18. Has anyone else noticed how painfully slow the Geocaching server has been for the last few days? Is this because of repairs or do we need to raise the monthly dues so that we can get some more bandwidth? I have had several instances where I haven't been able to connect to the server at all.
  19. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but everyone will let me know if it's not. On my accounts/pocket query management page I have several old requests for pocket queries that I dont use anymore. I see that there is a check box next to each of them. Is there a way to delete these old unwanted query requests. Thanks
  20. I remember it like it was yesterday, of course it was only about 10 months and 240 caches ago. My brother was up from Arkansas on vacation and saw my GPS and told me about Geocaching and asked if we could give it a try. I kinda blew it off and we never made an attempt but about a week after he left I started really researching it and found that there were three of them not far away. My first find was Screaming Red Tails which is still to this day one of the better camoed container I have ever seen and I have no idea how I found it. The rest of the story as they say "Is History". Hayndog
  21. Here is the bottom line everyone. I have decided I should have read on. I will be back to the area some time before the summer is here and will log this correctly. I will find 100 caches before the summer is here and this one will be a distant memory. I have enjoyed having a post that was actually looked at by more than ten people and it was fun talking with and hearing the opinions of all of you. It is after midnight in Michigan and I'm going caching tomorrow so I gotta go get some sleep. Good night everyone!!!! HAYNDOG
  22. I disagree. KBI I agree with your disagreement but it felt good to have someone on my side for a minute.
  23. Starbrand, Where were you earlier when I could have used some back-up.
  24. KBI What do you think of the edited log.
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