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  1. Turns out I can see the cache on the website, but not through the app. Bit of a shame the app is so restricted, I dont mind buying the app, but a subscription, for the amount of geocaching I do...no dont think so.
  2. I have not geocached for years, so I am pretty out of the loop. I placed a cache years ago, and its been enjoyed by lots of people. I immigrated to another country a couple of years ago, so have not been maintaining the cache, going back to my home country where the cache is, and want to go maintain it, I installed the iOS geocaching app only to find out I now have to have a subscription and I cannot even view my own cache in the app?
  3. Hi Daemon You can get in contact with W@lly, his shop stocks most geocaching stuff, he is based in Centurion/Midrand. I also keep some TB's for him that I sell at most events in Gauteng. I'm in Lyttelton, Centurion. Worm Thanks I had a look at his site before but was not sure it's still operational. Aah quite close I am in Highveld, any chance that I might be able to come buy some from you one afternoon?
  4. I use my 3gs to log field notes etc. from the groudspeak app. Works like a charm!
  5. I must be doing something stupid but where on the edge 705 do you enter coordinates manually?
  6. Hi everyone, I am planning a new cache that I want to setup, and would love to start the cache with a travel bug in it. Any place that I can buy a travel bug in a shop (gauteng) or can one only get them online? What's some good/safe sites to get them from?
  7. Hi, I normally use my iphone with the geocaching app, but want to try use my Edge 705 that I use for cycling this weekend. Problem is...and perhaps I am being a bit of a idiot here, but I cannot seem to find where on the 705 one can enter GPS coordinates. Anyone have any idea where it is?
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