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  1. I helped load competition waypoints at MOGA. We saw a few Delormes, very few Magellans and from what I recall, no Lowrance models. The predominate models we loaded were the Garmin Etrex series, 60 series and Oregon series. We only had one or two smart phone users and Nuvi users. I don't recall seeing any really oddball devices this year. Having the big three covered may be as good as you can hope for. Thanks Pax42!! I think I still need the drivers. I may just have some people brings units over ahead of time and grab what drivers I can at that time.
  2. Ok Guru's, I am looking for a way to come up with a bunch of drivers to load the different GPSR's that someone may bring into an event. I realize I will not be able to do all of them but if I could be confident with the most common it would help. I have Delorme and I feel Garmin's covered and for the most part the Mag's. I was hoping that someone that has done this before may have a bunch of drivers I could get or maybe have a good way to get the results I am looking for. Thanks for any thoughts, ideas or help. TFF
  3. Problem solved. See link http://gsak.net/board/index.php?act=ST&amp...st=0#entry87177
  4. We are putting on an event. We will have approximately 110 temp caches. I will send them to T7. The problem is that they are close together. To make the printed map more clear and easy to read I want to change the cache symbol or icon for each temp to a dot or asterisk. I don’t know if I can do it in GSAK or if it has to happen in T7. I would assume GSAK because it does everything but cook my breakfast. I have posted this at DeLorme and also GSAK. If I come up with a solution from the others I will post back. Any help would be great. Randy
  5. Hope the cache run was all you wanted it to be. Up to build # 23
  6. Up to build #22 http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=...amp;#entry86670
  7. Build 19 http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=...amp;#entry85913
  8. This was what I posted in the GSAK forums. I have tried it and so far it kicks butt on everything else!!! I have nothing to add but I have to say. Clyde and rest of you working on this thank you, thank you, thank you. You folks are so awesome and helpful!!!! I really appreciate the work and time you put in!!!! Thanks again!!!! Randy YYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE Again Thanks to everyone for your work on this!!!!! Clyde still rocks -
  9. M C, Give it a try. It should not mess up the PN. It will either load or it wont. If not do it the way you have been. I played more today and no problems! Also the people here help very much as do the ones over at GSAK. The way it was explained is correct Ask a good question that they can answer and they do it with style! Have fun with it. Randy
  10. I have used this since yesterday with no problems. Thanks to the GSAK GURU's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. If this topic has been started sorry. I could not find it. See the link below. I have tried it and have not had any problems . Good luck and try at your own risk. http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=12877&st=0 Life is GOOOOODDDDD!!!! Thanks Clyde!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The mission has been accomplished. Thanks for the help!!!!!
  13. Thanks very much!!! I will give it a shot.
  14. I am looking for someone in the Box Hill’s area of Victoria to grab a travel bug that I have released and have given to a mate that is headed back home to the Box Hill’s area from Ottumwa Iowa (US). This was released to celebrate the wedding of our daughter and a mate from your area. I would need you to communicate with him once he arrives back home to set up the logistics of the hand off or drop off of the bug. I just need someone to get it started in your area. Put it into a cache and send it on its way. Any help would be great. Thanks The Finch Farmers Ottumwa Iowa 52501 Thanks for the help!!!!!!
  15. From the Which BB topic. FYI QUOTE(fstbusa @ Apr 3 2009, 06:02 AM) * I started using a program that is offered by donation called Blackstar with my BB storm. It works excellent and I've found 12 caches so far using it. tongue.gif I have just started to use a BB8330 curve W/Blackstar as the navigator & BCaching for the caches and info. Seems to work fine. I had my Delorme PN-20 at GZ and the BB said it was 13'. Which ones right I don't know. It seems good enough as a back up. cool.gif JMHO
  16. I have just started to use a BB8330 curve W/Blackstar as the navigator & BCaching for the caches and info. Seems to work fine. I had my Delorme PN-20 at GZ and the BB said it was 13'. Which ones right I don't know. It seems good enough as a back up. JMHO
  17. I used 2 pieces of stainless steel filler rod (welding rod). It comes in many different sizes. I get them at work. The pieces are too small to use so the welders throw them out. Use the smaller sizes. I cut one at 4” and 1 at 3.5”. Match up one end and the other will not match up. I used electrical tape and started to wrap it in the center out to the ends. On the matched ends leave enough room to slide a bison tube log in it. On the other end leave the ½” exposed to extract logs. You can make this any size you want. I have made these and have given them out to our local cachers. When I get feed back I will modify them and continue to hand them out. Good luck on yours
  19. Boy, You sure know how to stop a topic
  20. I am just joking Really it is just a joke I am just pulling your leg
  21. My favorite remains the Jelly of the Month membership. Right now, I'm enjoying San Giuliano clementine marmalade from Sicily. It's awesome. Ummm... I mean it would be awesome if this membership existed. Just got mine - Andresy Apple Pear Walnut - It is awesome. I hope this is what I get next month - TN Gourmet Snappy Hot Pepper Jelly We will have to just wait and see I guess.
  22. I think the issue might be FTF hogs not being able to get the FTFs That's it. It's them hogs getting FTF before I do. Stay home you hogs! I want to stay in bed and get it when it is convenient for me to get it. I do not like having to rush out the door to get the FTF. Back off! Stay home. Stay at work. 84.13% HOG and proud of it Yes I am sitting here waiting for the new ones to pop up. I also go no place without my phone!
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