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  1. Has anyone else had problems with there Meridian Platinum or other Magellan products that claim to be waterproof? On separate fishing occasion my dad's sportrak pro somehow got water into the housing. Then just last weekend I flipped my canoe and Meridian Platinum was bobbin in the water I grabbed thinking no problem. Wrong!! Water logged. Had to send it back. What good does it do if the unit floats but is not waterproof? The only thing I can come up with, is I have the unit still, so I can send it back. It would be nice if it were to be waterproof as they claim. OH well. Still love the GPS.
  2. ALright I have a magellan Plat. The software I have is for a Map 330. I can load ten times the amount of map info and maps onto my 64mb card than you I can on a map 330. My questions is this. I have marked 6 maps(29mb) that I want uploaded into the plat, but the software tells me i can only load 4 at a time. It thinks I am still using a map 330 gps. Does anyone know how I can change some code so I can load for maps?
  3. I have the magellan suction cup mount for my meridian plat. Love it...$39usd..I use it in my Jeep on rough terrain and no problems of it falling off..
  4. My sister is in town and she wants me to show her geocaching. The only problem is she had knee surgery a few weeks ago and can't walk that much. Anybody know of some drive by caches in the Atlanta area?
  5. http://www.ezpass.com/static/info/exteriortags.shtml
  6. Typically most of your high end cars are going to have this feature. Audi A8,A6 BMW 5,7...Ect It is also a problem with ezpass and other drive thur toll units. You can go to ezpass.com and they list cars that need the sensor on the bumper...
  7. My dad has a Lowrance unit for his boat. Now granted this is not a portable unit, but still uses the same software as the ifinder. For boating MapCreate is must better. It has all the bouys and channel markers. If I were to start boating I would buy a Lowrance. Very good products.
  8. I was flying airtran and was using my GPS. The FA asked me to turn it off saying the FAA did not allow them, that it would interfere with airplanes navigation instruments. I think now it is up to the individual airline.. I am flying Delta for now on..
  9. Does anyone here want to sell a canoe? I am looking for a non metal canoe. I would really like a Old Town or any other plastic type. Or does anyone know of a place where I can buy a use canoe in the ATL area?
  10. For my dad's birthday I was thinking of getting him a windshield mount for his iPAQ. He plugs in Sportak Pro into it and runs tele type in the car. The only company that I have found that makes a mount is RAM. Are there any others out there? If not, do I have to buy a mount with suction cup and a cradle. I can't tell from there website.... Any personal experience with any mount would be nice too.
  11. What does WASS Avg mean? IT starts counting. IS it counting how long it has been since the last time the unit had a full WASS signal?
  12. Big W

    Topo Maps

    I have Magellan mapsend topo. For the most part here in Atlanta it is right on.(95% of the time) Personally I would not by the Sportrak Pro. One reason the memory is not removable. I like having the Platinum with the removable memory. Plus I can buy cards up to 128 mb where as the Pro has built in memory of 24mb...My plan is to buy several cards and load maps of where I go most often. I am not sure about this but, I think the screen on my Platinum is bigger than that of a Sportrak pro. Which is nice because I can see more data on my screen.. Granted most people buy the Sportrak pro because it does pack a lot of stuff into a small unit. This why my dad brought it. Go with removable memory. Oh yeah..With the new firmware 4x I can save waypoints onto the card and not he internal memory of the Platinum. Have not try this yet, but I shall.. Good luck...
  13. I am sorry for asking a dumb question. What does the r in GPSr stand for? I know what GPS stands for. Just a bit confused on the r.
  14. I like the compass feature on my Platinum. I use that screen more than any other when geocaching..
  15. I will take one. Just this past Sun a cop approached me and asked what I was doing down there.(mog's cache) I told him. I could tell he was laughing at me. I could have just handed him my card...
  16. How do I cancel a goto in my magellan Platinum. Or end Nav...Not sure what term I should be using.
  17. Big W


    What does the r in GPSr stand for?
  18. I have magellan platinum. Here is my question.. At the coors screen when I press menu I many options to choose from. One of the options is PROJECTION. What do I use this for?
  19. what is the difference between Magellan Meridian,Gold,Platinum? Is one more accurate than the other?
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