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  1. Just to clarify that QuakeMap reads only GPX files (well, .CSV and .ZIP to be complete). If any other file is needed for import, use menu "File->Open/Save via GPSBabel" - this will call GPSBabelWrapper (installed separately) which seamlessly interfaces with QuakeMap - file contents shows up in QuakeMap right away. Same with exporting files in other than GPX formats.

  2. RoboGeo produces really cool stamp in the picture. Does anybody know if there is any quality loss while stamping? JPEG transformations (read-modify-save) inevitably cause some (almost undetectable) distortion.


    Anyway, QuakeMap shows pictures on the map (as clickable thumbnails). Picture files are not altered, just geo-referenced on the fly (although time-stamps are on my short list).


    Here is a snapshot: http://www.quakemap.com/photo.html

  3. As for grouping waypoints into clusters, QuakeMap will do it for you. When you position the map at a certain point, and then bring up Waypoints Manager, the waypoints in the list will be sorted by distance from that center of the map ("Camera") position. Select and save the top 100 in the list, and you've got your "cluster". Move camera along the route and repeat.

  4. I guess I am a little late for the party here :-)

    Anyway, IceKnight was exacly right about matching the timestamps to coordinates. Your digital camera puts timestamps in EXIF portion of JPEG format, and your GPS track has the coordinates. QuakeMap will match the two - just put GPX file in the same folder as photos and drop it (or the folder) on QuakeMap window.

  5. A new fully functional Windows Frontend to GPSBabel is posted here.


    It requires .NET Framework (which you are likely to have on your XP computer anyway). Provides complete access to all functions (file format options, filters etc.) of GPSBabel without typing on the command prompt. Installer includes the latest version of GPSBabel, but you can point the Wrapper to your own copy. The Wrapper will use QuakeMap as a mapping engine, if it is installed, but is fully functional without it.


    The best of all, GPSBabelWrapper is FREE, no trial periods, no strings attached.


    Thousand thanks to everybody who provided help, testing and advice; special thanks to GPSBabel author Robert Lipe and all contributors to GPSBabel project for their program.



  6. Build 20041128 is out. There is a distance meter (hold Ctrl and drag the mouse) and some improvements to earthquakes handling (can convert/export earthquakes as waypoints, here is an idea of quake caching :-).


    Also USB-connected devices (Garmin 60C) are now supported via GPSBabelWrapper - also supports many file formats and filters.


    GPSBabelWrapper is standalone program, .NET Framework is required but it can be used without QuakeMap.


    Your suggestions and critique are always welcomed. - slg@quakemap.com

  7. Thank you for your kind words.

    QuakeMap prepares data sets for MapAdvisor http://www.mapadvisor.com - it's web page explains how to take aerial and topo maps to PDA.


    As for tutorial - press F1 (or use Help menu) to bring up QuakeMap manual. For general GPS and Geocaching reading nothing compares with "GPS for Dummies" in your nearest bookstore (ISBN 0-7645-6933-3) and of course http://gpsinformation.net.


    Questions and suggestions are very welcomed (please see quakemap.com support page) - and on the same support page you can find a sneak preview of next QuakeMap release ("Beta").


    Happy trails!

  8. QuakeMap beta of the next release is out (please see Support section of www.quakemap.com).


    New features:


    - DeLorme BlueLogger support (text files); .CSV files support (Excel/Streets&Trips)

    - Preload-Along-Route - tiles downloaded for offline operation (mouse right-click on route)

    - Alt/... shortcuts and Ctrl/w work now for all menu-driven functions

    - Magellan communication speed improved 10x ("handshake off" option by default).


    Please send your suggestions to slg@quakemap.com


    Thank you.

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