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  1. Hello, today I think I came across a bug ? The story: Today I lent my phone to a friend to play my Adventure Lab cache. Before giving her my phone I logged out, and let her sign in. (I could also see on the screen that she wasn't using my own account.) After she finished the cache, she rated it and added a comment. Then she logged out. The bug: After that, I re-logged in, and I could see as if my own account had posted a rating log and comment log on my adventure lab. And I could also see a comment log from my friend. I don't remember if there was a rating log from my friend. (So there were either 3 or 4 logs in total.) I could also see there was a delete icon in the Activity log, and I tapped it. The rating log was now gone. But the comment logs were still there (both from my account and my friend's). Then I re-installed the app, and now I can see only one log in the lab cache, the comment log of my friend. But I can't see her rating log. Questions: - Am I supposed to be able to see other users' rating logs? - Did I delete my friend's rating log? (I can still see the lab cache rating) - If I deleted my friend's rating log, can I undo it?
  2. Be able to see adventure lab hides in a user's profile page
  3. I'd like to be able to select whether geofencing is on or off while testing an adventure
  4. Hello. I also have this problem. I made 3 drafts on my phone, and posted them later from my phone. I can see them in the app map but I can't see them through the app statistics or anywhere in the website. Also a draft that I had posted somehow managed to appear in the website as a draft ?‍♀️ I think instantly posting from the app is ok ? In my screenshots you can see that the log I didn't draft (posted it right away) shows both in the app and the website
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