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    OK, This one's not in Merced but it will be added to Ted's top ten list I'd guess. Tipping Point


    Yeah Baby! That's what I'm talkin' about! :laughing:


    I will be the first to agree that Merced, Delhi, or for that matter Stockton has nothing to compete with Burning Bush or the Tipping point, but I discovered a virtual cache in Yosemite that ranks in this category:Sierra Point. I took a coworker back on the Saturday before Memorial Day and we only saw one person on the Sierra point trail. He told us not to tell anybody about it.


    Sounds great, but a long way from Stockton. :ph34r:


    If the photo on your profile page is actually Ted & Rosa, I would venture to say that you have been outside Stockton city limits before. :o Don't think you would have as many finds either if you were stuck in Stockton.

  3. Is no one worried about poor tag? Looks like CVC cachers should be responsible for launching a search and rescue. Or are you all tied up trying to guide the whales back to the bay? Surely someone can spare a boat to search for tag. :laughing:


    I was busy in Los Banos this evening, plus I wouldn't know what to do with a boat. So there is my excuse. :anicute:

  4. Don't know if this is what the OP was refering to, but this is what came to mind when I saw the title.


    Was recently looking for some virtual caches in Yosemite National Park, when I came across information on a little known/long forgotten hiking destination called "Sierra Point." We did the awesome hike, and I came home to find out more information about this previously unknown hike. Entering "Sierra Point Yosemite" in Google, refered me to Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_Point,...ite,_California


    Following the external link titled "Images of the point and trail" takes you directly to a log entry for the virtual cache. I thought this was really neat.


    Check out the link and do the hike if able!

  5. Fun often flees from geocachers based on fleeting comments left in cache logs or emails to owners. It would be such a shame to let someone else ruin your game. So instead of taking even the slightest offense at some of the above from Delhi Delight (GCZ50V). I will throw down the playful gauntlet to MAC and CVC cachers.


    Now I don’t mean to sound boastful, but some things are just indisputable facts. Delhi Delight is the most delightful, most fun, most challenging, and most innovative geocache in Delhi. (By the way, Microsoft Streets and Trips places Mc Connell State Park in Ballico.)


    So I challenge any MAC or CVC cacher to displace Delhi Delight as Delhi’s #1 superlative cache.

  6. If I were a newbie I'd not know the history well enough to care though.


    I think this is generally true, but as a relatively "new" cacher still myself, I know that I personally would be interested that someone had taken the time to do something like this and would have an appreciation for it.

    Also if I do 'replace' the orginal caches, the name and the cache page will state that it is a 'flashback cache'. For example if the old name was "A Bridge to Nowhere', the new name would be "Flashback to.... 'A Bridge to Nowhere'". Also in cache description I would include the name of the orginal cache's owner, and maybe the GC#. That way even new cachers would know that it's a bit of caching history.



    I'm still milling it all over in my head. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it, and if so how.


    Just a suggestion: If you are unarchiving lots of caches, it would be nice to put the "Flashback" portion at the end of the cache name. When I run into a series of caches, it is difficult for me to decipher the names of the cache because the beginning portion is all the same. (Maybe I need a better GPSr).


    I like the idea. When we first started caching there were lots of caches in a nearby town, but by the time we were ready to find them they were archived.

  7. Unfortunately this one is no longer in service...



    I found one of these last week... By far the smallest container I've ever seen (couldn't really imagine anything smaller though either)...


    Pretty cool though!


    These nano caches are popular in my area. I suppose they are available on Ebay with the right search words. Somewhere in this thread, I saw term "waterproof pill containers," but these are definately smaller. Will someone please identify the container by a searchable name? You could also add a link for purchase.


  8. Yet another find on the puzzle today. Another... LADY!! What does that make the score? 4 to 0?? :) You guys want to help out a little bit here?! :) A find would be welcome. We're getting schooled big time! :yikes: I'm so disappointed... I going to hide. :)




    Looks like someone is still keeping score so I will add my two cents. My wife got the coords first, but I did see them later.


    Anyway when we got to the cache site, I actually made the find. There were three boys in our vehicle and two girls (but one was sleeping). So..... I guess we get to make it Girls: 5 to Guys 3. :)

  9. I too have found many of TT's TB's and experienced the personal e-mail for each one. I have seen one too many cachers swearing off the game due to petty quibbling in the forums. The fact is that this game has such a diverse community that conflicts are bound to arise. I have chosen to only get involved with and listen to the opinions of those cachers I enjoy having around (I mean this is a hobby, not a job). I think some people just have too much time on their hands and no one to talk to so they bring their anger and frustration to the forums and take it out on other cachers. In my opinion TT's rules on his TB's are more than justified; I mean TB's are private property placed in the public trust. Having lost a few nice coins and bugs in the wild I can sympathize with trying to keep them "alive" by placing restrictions on them (again they are private property and you can do what you want with your own property last time I checked). Also call me crazy but if you feel that someone is charging too much for a product why would you buy it? And if you didn't buy it what would be accomplished by complaining about it on the forums? Either way I think the best solution is to simply ignore the naysayers (and the forums) and continue to enjoy the game (It is a game people, there is no reason to take it so seriously). I sure hope TT decides against retiring and that people chill out with all the negative comments.


    Couldn't have said it any better! We do not pay any attention to the forums as they are like childrens playgrounds. Sooner or later the kids start fighting and throwing sand in each others eye. So tonight when I found out Tommy & Helen were quiting my heart sank. I wish they would come back. They are truly loved by us!


    Add my name to the list of cachers that were touched by the TT team. Read their homepage with regret :unsure: . Don't browse the coin or TB forums, but they sound more vicious than the ones I frequent. Sounds like TT was just being a responsible TB owner by keeping track of his personal TB items.


    I would like to join the crowd inviting them to come back.

  10. Mine is headed to Oyem, Gabon. :( Where the heck is that? Africa? :(


    Leave it to you Snoogans to get a destination like that.


    Mine is bound for Ronda, Spain. Placed it yesterday, but I sure can't find any others in my area...yet.


    By the way, I did not received an email after placing my bug even though I placed it on my watchlist. Anyone else had this problem?

  11. I have the perfect solution for all those following this thread who would like to take CVC tag to exotic places outside of the Central Valley. In fact, GC.com has this novel concept of Travel Bugs (AKA TB's). Maybe some of you have heard of them.


    I just placed my Unite for Diabetes TB into High Drug Cost! (GCZP0K). This TB is bound for the Ronda, Spain. So if you have that itch to take something out of the Central Valley, pick up this TB and head for Spain.


    Also placed the Unite for Diabetes TB for Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Atwater, and Los Banos on my watchlist.


    Happy Caching

  12. Talk to your local reviewer.

    A cache can be adopted without the owners consent, but I don't know the details of the procedure.


    I made the mistake of logging a needs maintenance on a cache that had disappeared in the month since I had found it. I placed a plastic ziplock bag with temp log and minor swag and noted this in my needs maintenance log. The reviewer read the log, found out that the owner had not logged on for greater than one year, and thus archived the cache.


    I was told that I could place a cache in the same spot and use the same name but I couldn't just adopt it. I then tracked down the owner through other means and he gave me permission to adopt the cache. When I passed this info to the reviewer, I was still told it couldn't be adopted.


    So now if I place a permanent container in the same spot, it will show up as a new cache and all the old logs will be lost to the archived cache.

  13. Thanks for the discussion and info, especially from Clan Riffster.


    What stimulated the original thought was the receipt of an watchlist email from a cache that was archived due to a non-responsive owner. I had left a note saying that I had placed a temporary cache, but the reviewer archived it. Now I know how the person may have found out that the cache was actually still there.

  14. When did archived caches stop showing up when you do a search of an area? Did this just change or am I going crazy? <_< Seems like the only way to find them now is to look up a users profile and get to them that way.


    They did kind of clutter up the search screen, but I do kind of miss them. What is your input?

  15. We went to retrieve a travel bug today that made its way from Arizona to Oakdale in about a year ad a half. (It's goal was to reach us). Anyway, DavidT&fisherwoman were kind enough to bring it close enough for us to retrieve yesterday, but once we arrived at the cache location (which we have done in the past so we knew where it was), we found a campbell soup can with the following note attached: "Captain Johnny Campbell World Famous Geo Pirate: Plunder #372, T.B. Kills 218"


    So needless to say, this coward has stolen a cache, all its contents and the traavel bugs included. :laughing: The TB wasn't worth anything so it was no big loss for us, but what a schmuck!


    Last I knew, Pirates were not cowardly and would face their foes...This person is more of a weasel than a pirate. (Although I wish he had the courage to face me face-to-face!)


    I will post a picture of his note shortly.


    Hello all,


    When I first read the above quote, I thought it was refering to High Tech Cache (GCKEW4). A very similar description was posted on this page on Aug 29. This was our first cache to find & I had just made a trip there several days before this log to discover the TB's & Geocoin. Now, I wish I would have retreived all of them.


    I have some questions regarding the CVC tag. I was delighted to find that it traveled to Merced yesterday, so I picked it up today. Does the tag get changed at each event it goes to? or does it just change when someone gets creative?


    Is there any rule about where it gets placed? I found it within about 90 to 100 feet from an existing micro (which I couldn't find); I don't plan on placing it close to an existing cache unless I get feedback really quickly.


    Can't imagine taking this tag up to Cloud's Rest or Half Dome. BTW: When I was 17, several of my friends and I started at Happy Isles and did HD then CR and back to valley (20 miles). Oh yeah, in one day.


    Hope the pirate is uncovered!!



  16. Well, I guess I am no longer a lurker (if you bothered with that thread).


    18.5 miles to 200 caches

    50 miles to 691 caches

    100 miles to 9365 caches (this includes most of San Francisco bay area and Southern part of Sacramento.


    Obviously some people find this interesting and thought provoking because we took the effort to look it up!

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