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  1. I have never been able to find the challenge on the website. I thought it was available in the app only. Windows 10, chrome browser.
  2. I've actually seen one of the trackables in a cache near me but I can't navigate around the map or zoom in and out. Anyone else having issues?
  3. Can't remember where I saw this but thought it was neat. Of course these coords only apply to me: There's no place like N 37° 22.927 W 120° 43.849
  4. Not sure if this is classified as a "social network", but it does have places to post pictures and videos and lots of other features: http://www.worldcacher.com// Membership is free for a year since it is a new site.
  5. Guess I am confused about the whole DVD/SD card issue and how it involves Garmin's lock/unlock procedures. I got a free upgrade to City Nav NA 2010 with the StreetPilot that I registered. When I attempted to load from Mapsource to my Colorado I found out (two hours later) that I needed a specific unlock code (for full price) in order to use the maps on the Colorado. If I were to buy the 24K West maps on an SD card, would I be able to upload these to view with Mapsource? If I used Mapsource to load City Nav onto an SD card will the maps only be unlocked on that specific Colorado unit or could that SD card be used in other units? My original thought was to use the City Nav on the SD card so that I could have a routable road map since I'm not too worried about needing turn by turn routing when hiking. I figure that the detailed Topo maps from GPS Depot would be easier to download and manage on a trip by trip basis. Can anyone see where I am confused and help me out?
  6. I have been debating which maps to add to my 400T. The base map has topo/road/trails comparable to the Magellan MapSend Topo 3D that I had with my explorist. Talked to a cacher at an event recently and was told that the 24K West maps were about a block off and therefore ineffective for routing in the Central Valley of California (Merced/Modesto). Has anyone else experienced this with other areas? The 400T basemap is also up to a block off in this area as well. The "block off" problem corrects itself when I switch off the basemap and use the free Yosemite 24K topo that is free from GPSFileDepot. The Yosemite 24K topo has had some very minor trails in the few areas that I have looked. Looks like I may be better off just adding the City Navigator SD card and downloading the various free topos that I need from GPS File Depot.
  7. Noticed something weird after downloading the 3.00: Before upgrading, when seeking for nearest geocache or waypoint both the directional arrow and the Cardinal letter would appear to indicate direction. When stopped (standing still) only the cardinal letter remained. Now, the arrow only shows up while moving and either the cardinal letter, degrees, or mils appear when not moving. Any ideas, my wife really liked it the way it was before.
  8. Added ability to load maps from any img file in the Garmin directory Does this mean that the unit will recognize more than two maps at a time?
  9. Looks like Lee_rimar got it right. I just got off the phone with Garmin and they confirmed that each map purchase is specific to the device. I was able to get a free upgrade to City Navigator 2010 but the device (Street Pilot) has to be attached in order to do the download. Tech support stated that it would upgrade the City Navigator on the hard drive (MapSource) at the same time that it upgraded the unit. I'm glad I didn't specifically ask how to get an unassociated .img file to install on Street Pilot. It was disappointing to find out that you have to pay full price for the unlock code to add to another device.
  10. Just ran across this problem yesterday and figured I would have to call tech support for the answer. Not ready to call yet because I first have to download the upgrade from version 8 to 10. How did you get an .img file without the associated codes? I tried sending the City Navigator that came with the Street Pilot 2720 to my Colorado and found out it needed to be unlocked after turning on my unit after the download. Wish I would have known that before spending 2 hours downloading the file.
  11. I have had my Colorado 400t for not even a week but it has definately met my expectations. It is the first Garmin that I have owned, so there is just a bit of a learning curve over my Explorist 400. The menu settings are a bit more complicated, but I think this will get better with time. The children love the Wherigo features. Paid $350 for the 400t with a 3 year warrenty. The only advantage with the 300 would be that if you bought the maps separately you could then load them onto MapSource. (The tips to do this have not worked so far). You should be able to buy a big enough SD card for all the maps. Paperless feature is way beyond what I was used to with the Explorist. Backlight feature is a bit of a pain. It needs to be on to at least some degree all of the time in order to see the screen, but it is adjustable so it only needs to be on to the degree to fit the setting. I tried the Triton 400 briefly, and I am glad that I switched to the Colorado. After reading other reviews, I might have been a bit harsh on Triton and Vantage Point in my former forum post. It looks like I got a bad download of Vantage Point and that started me off on the wrong note. Another advantage to Colorado is that the MapSource CD is included in the box and you only need to download updates. Hope this helps.
  12. Here are some of our favorites. You will have to check out the gallery to view the pictures: Poet's Peak, San Francisco Early Bird Get the Cache, San Francisco Parrot's Perch, San Francisco Deep Blue Cache, Santa Rosa, N.M.
  13. Unless something has changed, the second smiley (on the same cache page) doesn't count towards your total. (Running off to test this...) You can log multiple finds on 1 cache and it increases your numbers. This happens all the time on the few traveling caches that are still available. This is why some of the stat generators specify x# of finds on x# of unique caches. This then reflects those types of caches.
  14. I don't see how buying a new GPSr would aid the OP in his dilemma. Unless the owner placed a stash of Oregons and Colorados with the cache preloaded next to the container
  15. Found a Triton 400 at Walmart for $75 dollars and figured I would grab it while it was available. The 500 was on sale for $100, but I decided the electronic compass wasn't worth that. I fell in love with my explorist 400 all over again after struggling with the Triton 400 software for only one night. Spent until the wee hours of the morning trying to get the software figured out and I always thought I was on the computer literate/savy side. After calling tech support in the morning and finding out that there were no solutions to my problems, I returned the unit for a full refund. The biggest hindrance was the limitations to loading geocaches. You can only load to the unit from the Magellan Software. GSAK is essentially useless for the Triton because you would have to somehow load all the caches you wanted to look for into a massive database and constantly replace the one file on the Triton. With my Explorist 400, I could load a separate file for each pocket query that I ran and could switch between these files as I entered a different caching area. Even with the limit of only 200 in a file, this worked really well. Now that my explorist buttons are wearing out though, I am forced to look for another product. I always considered myself a loyal Magellan user, but I have been forced to jump ship by such a poorly designed product. Waiting for a Garmin Colorado as of yesterday.
  16. Thanks. Will try to connect a few hours down the road. Have the first part of the trip with area queries (Hard to do in CA unless you are Alamogul.)
  17. Is there any reason why route queries are not running. New queries created yesterday have not run. Area and bookmark queries come right away. I had 2 brand new route queries in the system for today and neither have ran after 7 hours.
  18. My pocket queries are running fine but my route queries are still not working. Just before midnight I unchecked the route queries that I had set up and did large area queries to try to compensate. The area queries came in right away. I had 2 brand new route queries set for today that haven't come in after 7 hours. How do you contact Geocaching.com?
  19. Just unchecked one of the route queries that wasn't running and did a pocket query of an area, and the query ran within a few minutes.
  20. Submitted 1 "bookmark query", 1 pocket query, and 3 queries along routes around 7:30PM. Received the bookmark and pocket queries right away, but I am still waiting for the 3 queries along routes. Tried deleting and recreating with no success yet. All of the above queries were brand new. The 3 that haven't run show "never" at the right hand side.
  21. Looks like everyone else is ignoring you... MS Streets & Trips puts The Real Deal 42.8 miles (52 minutes) from Manteca.
  22. I was really glad that the emails from my personal coin stopped about 2 months ago. but....... Last night when I logged my coin into my finds, I noticed that my mailbox was filling up with both retrieval and drop notices of my own coin. Does anybody know what changed? Please put it back the way it was. Also noticed that when I stopped getting owner notes on my coin, the other notifications stopped. Once I went in and set up the notifications again they have been working fine.
  23. Oops! Double post. Always wondered how those could occur. Did 2 for the road find GC104?
  24. It can't be in the area of the challenge because Alpines oldest active cache is 2001 or 2002. After a bit of research 1. Searching for "old" local cachers, 2. Looking at their earliest finds, 3. Using their finds to find more "old" cachers etc. ad naseum: I found GCDE, GCD2, GC104, GC108. One of these pages had a bookmark for CA counties oldest active caches. This may not be helpful because most of my local counties only went back to 2001. I think the ones above are mostly bay area caches. The county link is here for what it is worth: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...58-11884ebabd89 Did 2 for the road find GC104?
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