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  1. Enjoyed the one with the cows! thankfully its never happened to me...
  2. Hola Went to Barcelona at the weekend and encountered a few problems with my GPS....I have a basic model the Garmin Geko 301. When I switched it on abroad it took a long time to set up...I presume this is normal, could someone kindly confirm? Then it was fine and we recorded our first spanish cache. Next day we were walking up the main street in Barcelona and we couldn't acquire any satelittes to gain a reading. It was completely cloudy, some tree cover though not too bad and the building were very tall overcasting the street. Later on in the day it was sunnier and out more in the open and worked fine. Could anyone answer my questions please: How much would a cloudy sky affect my GPS? Would tall building affect my readings? Am I doing anything wrong? As I have a basic model would a more advanced model be more effective? Any other advice much appreciated Apart from that had a great time caching abroad!
  3. Hola Off to Barcelona in a couple of weeks anyone recommend a few good caches around the area or better still next to some sight seeing? Cheers
  4. Hi Looking to find a shop or manufacturer that sells personalised stickers that we can use to put in logbooks or alternatively a personalised stamp that they use in letterboxing. Have looked in some shops but can't find anything Any help or advice much appreciated.......
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