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  1. Firstly a huge thank you again to Chaotica_UK for picking me as winner last month.... This is the hard bit as I really liked a lot of the photo's from this month....a few comments before I announce the winner... Martlakes - clever photo, took a while to work out what was happening, lots of colour and great reflection... The Flying Boots - Such vibrant colours, and an unusual tree, really liked this one.... miapearl - liked the father and son aspect to this photo....a family moment...nice stones... Haggis Hunter - spacial awareness great photo, puts you right in the spot and makes you wish you were there... Haggis Hunter - statues....clever reflection and made me smile.... ivanidea - unusual to see this type of photo in UK, made me think of being abroad... hobgoblinkiteflier - flowers are so vibrant with the colours, nice effect with the rain... aliandtone - 2 great family photos...the second one captured the fun of geocaching....liked it Adam W89 - 5 really good photos, crisp and clear....ones to be proud of... Guanajuato - to me this photo captures the innocence of youth...loved it Izzy and the Lizard King - hand lol made me laugh...A+ for originality! Izzy and the Lizard King - Poppy field is a great photo... Chaotica_UK - makes you feel as you can reach right in and grab one.... So this is the bit that is so hard as its all so subjective....however my mind is made up... 3rd prize -Haggis Hunter for the valley view....great great photo 2nd prize The Flying Boots kept looking and looking at this photo, my type of picture and the winner this month is Guanajuato! Congratulations....and I hope you find it as hard as me to judge next months competition! Many thanks to all who entered, I can honestly say I liked all of them....and keep on entering who knows you may win next month!
  2. Just a reminder that the closing date for this month will be Wednesday 30th June at midnight...still a couple of days to get your picture in.....
  3. Many thanks to Chaotica for their kind words, really pleased as was the 1st time I have entered! ....sorry for the delay but my internet has been down.... June is now up and running.....looking forward to seeing the photos...
  4. Many apologies to a delay in getting this started, my internet has been down for 2.5 weeks, just logged on finally and found I had won....many thanks for picking me as winner!!! I'm judging this time, so please get your photos posted on this thread before the 1st of July. I'll also just cut 'n' paste the rules (the latest version from the original January 2010 thread): 1) The only hard and fast rule is that the photo must be cache related and to do with a specific cache, caching series or caching trip. There should be a hyperlink(s) to the cache(s) in the post. The cache(s) must be from the UK or Ireland. 2) Two photos per cacher per month (give or take). 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 5) Photos should be recent if possible. (No debates as to what recent means! This rule is flexible.) 6) The competition runs from the 1st of the month, until a date specified in the OP by the previous months winner. This should give sufficient time for the winner (or other person if necessary) to start the new thread. As this is 'just for fun', I'm not going to be strict about rules 2 or 5, although rule 1 will have to be adhered to. However, if there are several good photos to choose between, I might be tempted to pick one that was actually taken in April 2010 and even more tempted if it's associated with your own caching log! And is the photo is REALLY old, it might only get recognition for Historical Interest. Obviously, this is going to be highly subjective, so don't get disheartened if you thought your photo was better than the eventual winner. Please keep on trying - especially as the judge will change monthly. If you haven't already uploaded a photo, a good tip might be to upload to one of your log entries (it can just be 'post a note'). Then, display the photo and copy the URL to provide a link to the post. If it's not actually relevant to the cache you've used, delete the note and the photo - the URL will still work. No theme this month, just looking forward to seeing what you have..... Cheers Shiltonpig
  5. Our 1st ever entry...be gentle GCMDTQ Lady Jane Greys Cache (Bradgate Park) Leicestershire
  6. Many thanks for your replies....does anyone know anything about LQ Bristol at all please?
  7. Just a suggestion...could an existing cache in the 3 regions be converted if the cache owners were happy with that?
  8. Can I ask whether these two are still out please? Also notice that Bristol is out also? Would be sad to lose one of the best challenges England has to offer ..... Cheers
  9. yay to us....2 years and 8 months, but we got there...100 caches! Go team Shiltonpig!
  10. Whether you have found 10 caches or 37,000 caches.....what was your memory of your 1st cache? Did you find it the 1st time of looking? Was it easy? Was the joy of finding it the best you have had to date? July 18th 2007 about 7.30pm on a hot Wednesday evening, we discovered a small cache by an old tree, it took us well over an hour to find the cache and we had walked all over this small parkland in North West Stoke.....half of us didn't expect to find it, and using a hand held gps for the first time was a very unique experience. Took probably a couple of hours including preparation to prepare and locate it....but despite all the mishaps, we found something in it that would go on to become our favourite sport..... My First Cache
  11. One of the things I love about our island also known as Britain...is all our accents. Where I live within a 10/15 mile radius you can have around 5 or 6 different accents dependent on what town you are in. Granted if you look on my profile we would be considered just starting out by some....but having lived in 2 areas, I have noticed that the caches in each area are quite different. Its almost like they have their own "Geoaccent". For those of you that have found caches around the country, do you feel each area has a different feel to them or am I just simply talking out my behind?
  12. So with our first minor milestone coming up (100 finds, only taken us 2.5 years to get there lol) I was wondering whether everyone out there saves a certain or special cache for whatever milestone you have next? And if so, what type of cache you save to hide? Thinking about GC1H7F9 as GC1Q6Y2 was funny (although the bat has now since gone....boo hiss!)
  13. Try this link http://icache.co.uk/charts/extreme-caches/
  14. To recap so far.... So in order to stop being a newbie, you must tick the following boxes: Take FTFs seriously Have the cachers eye when you look at sticks Have hit double figures Imparted your knowledge to someone else When you stop DNFing a cache that was found a day before When you go to Tescos and can't stop buying tupperware Have become addicted to geocaching When 3 cacher generations have come before you Hidden a cache yourself When you plan your holiday based on caches in the area Have found 1 of every kind of cache Have been to an event When you think a film cannister in a hedge lacks imagination And can write without needing a decoder 6 out of 14 for me......verdict: still a newbie
  15. All of the above on a Volunteer Unpaid basis. The hours worked are entirely dependant on what we can put in. But over 2009, I was averaging 5-6 hours per day. 7 days a week, with Christmas day off . How do you find the time? Plus isn't that too much workload for one person?
  16. we'll let you know when you're ready noob. lol.... While youre working out whether Im still a noob or not, perhaps you can figure out whether Burton is East or West Midlands!!!!
  17. Can I now ask why we don't have any UK moderators now at all please?
  18. From time to time (and particularly recently) Reviewers and Moderators come under a certain amount of scrutiny and criticism. However it certainly appears that they spend a lot of time voluntarily to do this role. So I was wondering as a "newbie" (please see my other post) to clearly understand the 2 roles, and what they have to do and how much time do they spend freely to do it. And how did they get to be in that role? I am genuinely interested....
  19. So in your opinion....after how long in terms of time? or after how many caches found? or after finding/hiding various types of caches do you stop becoming a newbie? In your opinion? We use the term quite a lot on this forum....so looking to see what the definition of a newbie is? Just for fun....not a serious debate....
  20. The avatar is actually a cloud in the distant, and in Honduras.....very different climate lol Thanks...both of you for your comments...just looks like I am going to have to wait!!
  21. Greetings from England My travelbug has been stuck in the following cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...60-afe2764f7472 or GC1F5HY Just how remote is this part of the Netherlands? What is the likelihood of the cache being found any time soon? Thanks in advance Shiltonpig
  22. similar type of question to my other topic....how many continuous hours straight in one day have you gone caching for? What is your personal best? Has anyone out there cached for more than 24 hours straight?
  23. Wondered what your personal best of how many caches you found in an hour is? And where did you find them?
  24. With this number of caches spread throughout the UK you have to wonder if any more are needed for the game to flourish. Maybe an idea would be to require the archiving of an unloved cache before a new one is published. That would ensure a healthy turnover in caches and maybe even an improvement in that elusive beast - "Quality" What's an unloved cache? One that doesn't get many finds? Some of the most highly-regarded caches fall into that category. One that has poor feedback? Sometimes people's expectations don't match what they find, because they weren't after that type of cache but didn't bother to check the listing. And anyway, if I place a cache which few people enjoy, that's up to me. Who would decide which caches have to be archived? Would there be an arbitrary limit of (say) 100? What if all 100 were in a series? (I could go on more...) In any case, as Dr. Solly points out, what's "quality"? Some days I love to find loads of easy caches. Other days a challenging multi is just the job. Then, a tricky puzzle, perhaps. Sometimes, a micro in a layby will do very nicely. Why should someone restrict my choice, when me and the cache placer both think the cache is fine? Why is (for instance) an easy micro in a layby regarded as "inferior"? If it fits the bill on the day, it's the best cache around. Groundspeak are to blame for the problem, in keeping the web site too old-fashioned and not moving with the times. There are too many caches in many areas for the web facilities we're given to work with (which still have the same basic design as when UK caches were numbered in the dozens). We should be able to find (or ignore) caches of a certain type, with the click of a button; the traditional/multi/micro/mystery categories just contain too many caches to be much use. Want a cache trail? Just click on the "cache trails" button and see them appear. Eliminate those with no bonus cache, or with more than twenty parts. Or those designed for car-based caching. Or eliminate cache trails and just see "caches as they used to be". And so on. Here Here!
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