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  1. I own one of these units too. At first I had trouble loading caches on it until I realized you have to install the Magellan installer software on your computer. You should be able to do it when you try to load a cache from the official geocaching map to your device. No download problems after that. Unfortunately my eXplorist GC has quit working after about a year of moderate use. Comes on but never gets past the start-up screen. Have Googled "Magellan problems" and it appears this particular model has been trouble prone. Some have had satisfaction with customer support others not so much. I must admit that after buying it I started hating the little screen and small buttons and toggle. I have been using my 5.5 inch display smartphone with a few free geocaching apps and have had just as good luck getting close to caches as with the Magellan. I use the phone GPS for travel directions too and it works great as long as there is a data connection. I've learned to save screen shots from google maps in case I lose data service.
  2. Recently I started a discussion concerning a cache that I have been looking for on a number of occasions but could never find. Some of the early posts reported finding it using the listed coordinates. The cache had a difficulty rating of 3. Many others posted DNF's as well. Last week I was in the park and decided to give it another go. When I checked the current posts it was being reported that the original coordinates were 150 feet off! New coordinates were posted to get to the new location. After all of my fruitless searching I wondered how the original coordinates could get so far off and even more surprising to me was how in the world did the first person find it without knowing those coordinates! I was informed that the original owner moved away and that numerous NM posts have gone unanswered. To my surprise I found out that there is something known as a "throw down". Evidently someone became frustrated at not being able to find the original cache so they took it upon themselves to "throw down" a new one 150 feet away then post the new coordinates on the original person's cache page listed on the official geocaching website map. I guess the idea is that you can still log a "found it" for the original cache even though you haven't really found it. I don't like the idea that someone/anyone can "throw down" some coordinates and "piggyback" on the original owners cache whether that owner is maintaining it or not. This circumvents the protocol for creating a new cache via the official website. I feel it does a disservice to all those early cachers who used the original coordinates and found a fairly hard to find cache. Don't know if you're aware of this practice but would like to know your feelings about it. I would rather just read posts that the cache is probably no longer there and my time would be better served looking for a different one. Just wondering.....
  3. Don't know if you're still looking for some hiking/caching spots but there's a nice bike trail here in Pinellas county. It runs from Tarpon Springs south all the way to the St. Petersburg downtown waterfront and is called the Pinellas Trail. There's a lot of caches right along the trail and also a number of nice parks including Walsingham and Taylor that have a number of caches in them.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Being relatively new to geocaching (1+ yrs) the reason I started this discussion is because of all the caches I had a hard time finding I don't think any had coordinates that were 150' off. It just made me wonder how this could happen and how someone could possibly find it thinking the original coordinates were correct. Don't know if I like the idea that someone who is frustrated and can't find a particular cache can just take it upon themselves to "throw down" a new cache in a different spot from the original then post the new coordinates on the original owners cache site if that owner doesn't respond to NM posts. I would rather have the original cache posted as "unreliable" or something to that effect and advise others to disregard it and move on to a different cache. Taking note of how many "finds" some of you have it's obvious that geocaching is your thing, you do it well and spend a lot of time doing it. For me, and I'm sure others, it's something I do usually while I'm doing something else like hiking or bicycle riding. Sometimes when I take a break or have some extra time it's fun to break out the smartphone, crank up the app and see what's nearby and possibly do a little caching. I would say I probably spend no more that a half hour searching for any particular cache and yet I've had pretty good luck. I guess the bottom line is that no matter how much time we devote to it it's something we all like to do and if nothing else it gets us outdoors in the fresh air which is a good thing. Happy trails and happy caching to all! Chazbo1948 over & out.
  5. The reason I'm "ranting" about this is only because I've spent plenty of time on numerous occasions looking for this cache at the original posted coordinates only to come up empty handed as have others. How this cache has now turned up 150 feet away in a completely different area is still a bit of a mystery to me. If someone new has taken over this cache and decided to move it I would expect them to change the coordinates accordingly and not have to read about it in other peoples posts. And oh, by the way, I did use the new coordinates to take me to the new location. When I get a chance to go back to the park I'll look in the new area. If I find it fine and dandy...if not oh well. Like REDSOX Mark says if there's a distinctive hint that points to an area quite a ways from where my GPS is telling me to be then I'll go take a look. Otherwise I doubt I'll expand my search area out 150 feet or more on many occasions. If that means I don't rack up 6,000 or 14,000 "finds" in the remainder of my lifetime I'm ok with that. Happy caching to all!
  6. Not sure about that but the old coordinates are still listed. The cache is titled "Wood or Would Not"
  7. So there is this cache I've been looking for, from time to time, for over a year now. It's in Boca Ciega Millennium Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. I've never been able to find it and, according to past posts, same for others. There also have been posts from those who have found it using the posted coordinates. Some said it was an easy find which made it even more frustrating. Now today I go back to the park for some hiking and decide to give it one more try. To my amazement there are new posts which claim the original coordinates are way off. The new coordinates place the cache over 150 feet away in a completely different spot! I went to the new area but didn't have time to look. I'm wondering how the coordinates could be that far off when people were finding it over a year ago using the original coordinates. How would one know to look over 150 feet away in a completely different place? Would you expand your search area out that far looking for something in the woods if you thought the coordinates were correct? Not sure if this happens a lot but I've never expanded my searches out that far. Even on a bad day I wouldn't think today's modern GPS units would be that much off. Oh well...guess I'll go back soon and see if the 20th time is a charm.
  8. Any suggestions about which apps are the most accurate? I've got a Magellan eXplorist GC as well but prefer to use the phone. I've never placed a cache yet but would like to.
  9. Howdy again... First,let me be correct by saying happy "almost" 2015! So I'm wondering what your thoughts are regarding the use of stand alone GPS units versus paid or free smartphone geocaching apps? I can't afford the expensive (over $200) units but I did get a lower end Magellan GPS. I have not tried the $10 official geocaching app but have downloaded the Cgeo free app from the play store. I get similar results from both. Do you think the paid app works much better than the free one? I understand that you rarely land right on ground zero and there's the cache right in front of your nose. I figure if I get within 10 - 20 feet I'm doing pretty good but that sometimes leaves a lot of wilderness to explore. The other day my app was telling me I was within 2 feet. After looking and looking and expanding my search area and posting a "did not find" I was informed by the CO that I was way off. Soooooo...is this common or is it most likely my equipment? How close do you expect to get and what are your search methods? I'm wondering that if over the months/years since the time a cache is originally placed those who find it don't put it back exactly where they found it? Coordinates can be correct but the cache has wandered. So far I've never placed a cache but I suppose it's up to the CO to check on it from time to time. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this subject.
  10. Howdy and Happy 2015 to all. I'm fairly new to the geocaching sport. Haven't found too many but do enjoy it when I do. I hear many complaining about lousy/cheap swag in the caches they find. I realize that the kids are the ones that really dig finding cool stuff but as an adult I really don't care. I just like the hunt and finding the cache. I really like it when there is a nice size log book and writing instrument inside. I always try to carry a pen but do forget sometimes. Nothing worse than hunting long and hard only to find a soggy log book with no more spaces left to sign! I just like to leave my little mark to show that I've actually been there. I leave the swag for the kids. Happy Trails to you in 2015!!!
  11. Thanks for all the info. I figured out how to load manually and was able to get to the first clues. There are others to find but was unable to find them. Using some of this new info y'all have provided I'm going to check the GC to see if additional coordinates are listed. Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all geocache freaks out there!!!
  12. I have a Magellan Explorist GC GPS. I'm trying to find a geocache that has multiple coordinates listed in order to find the cache. How do I load these into my unit? I have downloaded the cache to my unit but it only takes me to the starting point. From there I need to enter more info.
  13. Howdy Everybody... I've only been geocaching for a few weeks now. I've found some but not all. I purchased a Magellan eXplorist GC. I am getting frustrated when I'm on a track. While I'm walking at a steady pace the unit tracks pretty well. It's when I get to within 20ft. or so and slow down that the tracking arrow and compass only work intermittently. At this point I'm not sure which way to go. After moving back and forth I've gotten to within 3ft. only to eventually find the cache maybe 10-15ft. away from that spot. Is this common with handheld GPS units? Is 10-20ft. about average then you're on your own to find the cache? If you know of units that do a better job let me know. I'd like to keep the price under $150 if possible.
  14. After starting my 30 day trial premium subscription I attempted to create a route that I will be driving this summer in Montana. I succeeded in getting it downloaded to my computer. When I tried to open it my Windows 7 OS gave me an error message that it was unable to open .gpx files. So called free software eventually wants to make you buy the software to fix the problem. Anyone know how I can get this type of file to open in Win 7?
  15. While out caching today in St. Petersburg, Florida I was able to make a couple more finds. While I was searching around one spot another person came along looking for the same cache. She introduced herself and we both stumbled around trying to find the cache. Neither one of us found it (I think) and we went our separate ways. If I had found it is it ok to tell her or should I keep it to myself and come back later? We were pretty close to each other most of the time.
  16. Thanks for all the info. I've gone back and changed my log to just say that I "found it".
  17. OK thanks for the advice. How does one edit comments in a post?
  18. Hi folks... I'm brand new to Geocaching and need a little advice. I made my first 3 finds yesterday. When I posted a "found it" notice to one of the caches I mentioned that it took me quite awhile to find it and that it turned out to be "a little shiny thing about the size of a 9mm bullet". Is it OK to say things like that or would that be considered too much of a clue? I'm planning a trip out west to Wyoming and Colorado in Sept. and don't want to be posting stuff I shouldn't.
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