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  1. I was a bit of a celebrity around here. I used to be the station manager of a local Spanish language radio station. Did the morning show for quite a while, and what made me such a novelty was that I am not Mexican. The listeners treated me like I was famous. I went to a lot of concerts and dances, and I did play by play in Spanish at the local football games, so I was very public. I still get recognized a lot.
  2. Where did I say I don't want curriculum? Quite the opposite.
  3. I never said I couldn't plan 16 hours of curriculum, hell, I could take them caching for more time than that! I just wanted the advice so that I could consider the thoughts of more experienced cachers. Having said that, thanks for the list of topics. BTW, we have a VERY large percentage of non-traditional students at this university. Hoping to get some of those, too.
  4. If they don't DO caches that involve playgrounds, they WHY put a DNF on your logs? That is crap! If they didn't look for it, they don't need to be using a DNF to make a statement on YOUR cache. If it was approved and falls into the guidelines, then he has no place logging this stuff on your cache. The OP is certainly entitiled not to look for your cache, or entitled to look for it, as they see fit. You are entitled to hide your cache or involve counting swings, or whatever you want, so long as it falls within guidelines and gets approved. Delete his log, and CACHE ON!
  5. I am thinking about offering a 1 hour credit class in Geocaching through the local university. It would involve a weekend. I'd like to ask for some ideas how to best get college students started in this sport. Required equipment would be a GPS receiver (not a yellow etrex). I plan to hide a series of micros on the campus, and maybe an ammo box somewhere in town, but we need more caches around here. We have a good one just out in the country. Point is, although I am completely addicted, I am not all that experienced at Geocaching. I have only 33 finds and am working on my first hides as we speak. If you had two days of eight hours to teach this, what would YOU teach?
  6. He never said the more expensive etrex models were more accurate, he said that the more expensive etrex models will make your geocaching more precise.... And with color street level maps vs basemaps vs no maps at all, I think the man has a point.
  7. how to clean my bladder.... My Urologist recommends lots of cranberry juice... but I'm not sure that is what you are talking about.
  8. Well, you can probably get more caches if you expand the distance from the route. Also, you may look at limits that you put on cache type, size, terrain, and difficulty. If you use GSAK, you can import the caches to your GPSr from their. Otherwise, try EasyGPS. Ok, considering that I hate complicated, which program would you recommend? I like the idea of downloading many caches at once before heading out for a day of caching.
  9. I found the public route while I was waiting for a response. Now what? I ran a pocket query and came up with only 91 caches. Figured there would be more. But anyway, how do I get this into my etrex legend? Everything I am reading seems incredibly complicated. Complicated and I don't get on so well. Edited to add: I know I need to download a program to handle this, but I don't know which one to use, or which file format I should be using with a garmin etrex legend. Please advise...
  10. We will be driving today from Clinton, OK to Memphis, TN. Would love to do some caching along the way, and have some TBs to drop. We are trying to figure out the route option, but cannot seem to figure it out. Anyone who can help me, or do it for me? I feel like an idiot. Bryan Edited to add....now I have a prem membership as well.... but still need help with this
  11. I got to a point in life (job, marriage, etc) where I just didn't give a s*** anymore. Disenchanted. I'm not in that place anymore, but the name stuck.
  12. 1999 F-350 4x4 Dually, Crewcab, Lariat, Powerstroke Diesel. 6" lift and 315/70/R16 tires. Goes anywhere it can fit and fords waist deep water with ease while carrying the entire family. Gets 14mpg doing it, too. It is my daily driver. Apologies for bragging, but I think this is what this thread is for. Here is one with me in the pic, so you can get perspective. I'm not all that short...5'9". Here it is with the home away from home, for those overnight caching trips.
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