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  1. Perhaps I am completely misunderstanding your question, but... Are you seriously asking us how to tie your shoes??
  2. Wal-mart won't have it. You will find it at an actual computer store-with actual geeks working there-or no one will have any idea what you are talking about. I had to get one, as well. It's called a USB Serial Port Adaptor. It costs about $25-$35 and will need to come with a CD for the drivers. Weird, that a cable needs drivers. But anyway, I got mine, and after changing a couple of minor settings on GSAK, it works like a champ.
  3. I don't have a palm. I load all the waypoints from the PQ into GSAK, then export them to the GPSr. Then I take my laptop with me in the truck, and when I am at the cache site, I can see the cache description, hint, and the last 4 logs. Then the GPS already has the coords. That's how I do it. Edited: Spellun
  4. This is an incredible leap of logic. What on EARTH does one have to do with the other??? As much as I hate to chase an irrelevent tangent, this is analogous to saying that because my F350 is designed to carry 11 or 12K down the road, that if I happen to use it to go off-roading in the river, or to simply drive it to work empty, that I am messing with the "core functionality" or Ford Motor Company? Yeah, umm...right. Whatever. Everyone sell your Ford stock first thing Monday AM. Oh, BTW, WTH does "core functionality" mean as related to the GPS system, anyway?
  5. Actually, no. The owner of an unfenced swimming pool would be liable, regardless of a cache. Sorry, but this analogy is completely useless.
  6. Are you buying a pallet from them? or a few at a time As few or as many as I want at a time. And the price is now $3.95 plus tax.
  7. I'd go after that cache, but only with an H2S detector. H2S is a colorless gas that is the byproduct of decomposing organic material. We see it a lot coming from natural gas and oil wells. In concentrations over 10ppm you can smell it, but only for a second, as it temporarily kills the olifactory nerve. At 100ppm it can kill you in short order. It is rarely found in caves, sometimes found in mines. Bad Stuff. H2S is also known as sewer gas, stink damp, sour gas.
  8. What is a good price on ammo cans? I have found a pallet of them I can buy for about $5 each. As few or as many as I want, but I don't think they'll be available long. Eric, (or any other Western OK cachers) if you want any, let me know and I'll tell you where they are.
  9. Yes, they do accept paypal. That's how I pay for my membership.
  10. Which state, like the 50 United States.... Your information does not show your location....
  11. Yeah, we use the coordinates for where the cache actually is.
  12. HAd one like that in my favorite state park. I submitted a replacement and put in the reviewer note a request to archive the abamdoned one. It was done and we are taking the camper this weekend and will go do maintainence on it.
  13. It means, "how many people, so many opinions" Or "there are as many opinions as there are people".
  14. This cache page reminds me of an eBay auction with all the repetetive hype. Please consider editing it. It was a chore to got all the way through it.
  15. donde, "don't" & esta, "eat" I took Spanish in............... come to think of it, I didn't even get to see Sesame Street Spanish, since I'm too old.... Ummm, no. I speak Spanish fluently, and Donde esta definitely does not mean "Don't eat"
  16. Donde Esta Mi Chevy=Where is my Chevy.... Kinda like, Dude, Where's my car? I don't understand where the "Don't Eat MY Chevy" comes from?
  17. My girlfriend and I often go at night to try for FTF when I log in after work and find a new cache has been published. Our last one was in an old rural cemetary. Completely overcast, no moon, nothing but a shared flashlight. It was WAY cool, and we read EVERY headstone on the way in and out.
  18. Anti-Jeep? It's a Scout thing...you wouldn't understand.
  19. I hid my first cache, with the help of my girlfriend, Pooter2001. It was a great historical station on Route 66 with a colorful history of Lucille Hammon, the "mother of the mother road", who only died in 2000. We hid the cache and came home and submittted it. Here is what I got from the reviewer: So I went by there today and picked up my cache, archived it here, and back to the drawing board. On the other hand, I DID get FTF on the other cache that beat me to the punch!
  20. There is too much to respond to here, so just let me say that you have made a LOT of assumptions, not only about me, but also my motivations...most of which are incorrect. I'm sure there is some good advice or information in there somewhere, so I will try to go through all that again and see if I can glean it out.
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