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  1. This guy has disabled all 2 (that's two of his caches. He has now officially ruined Geocaching for all of us. Well, wait. I went to find a micro today and it was a DNF, so did he manage to make this one go missing??? Better give him what he wants or the entire sport will be DESTROYED! Can't you hear the maniacal laughter????
  2. Nobody ever said whether this was at a cemetary.
  3. I don't think there needs to be nor should be any changes to facilitate this. If one cares enough to keep track, one could simply create a bookmark list of their FTFs.
  4. Out of 114 finds, I was FTF on 8. I keep my FTFs in a bookmark list. I like seeing who logs the cache after I get it. I am in Western OK and I have a friendly competition with a couple of Oklahoma City cachers for FTFs. Anytime one pops up between here and the city, the race is on. However, the distance is such that it is usually a day or two, or sometimes the weekend, before anyone makes the drive to go get it. Last week, one popped up that was a 50 mile drive for any of us. It popped up on Wednesday. Then on Friday, 2 more came open at the same lake. We loaded up the 5th wheel camper Fri after work, and went there. Set up camp and got the FTF on the one on our side of the lake. After breakfast Sat. we went to the other ones, and got FTF on those, too. The OKC boys ended up following us all day, the got there about an hour after we did. We all got a kick out of the logs for those finds. The first one Fri night Sat AM Another Sat AM I think the competition for FTFs here is a big part of what makes the game so fun for us. It also helps when you place a new cache and someone actually goes for it quickly, rather than it languishing for a couple of weeks unfound. Also, good reports on the cache from FTFs encourages others to make the drive to come find it, as well. Witness this one... Other cachers went because of pictures I posted
  5. Interesting. I've never heard this before. I wonder if this practice is common in other states. I may have trespassed and never realized it. In Montana: Posting Requirements -- Notice denying entry to private land must consist of written notice on a post, structure or natural object or by painting a post, structure or natural object with at least 50 square inches of fluorescent orange paint. In the case of a metal fencepost, the entire post must be painted. This notice must be placed at each outer gate and all normal points of access to the property, as well as on both sides of a stream where it crosses an outer property boundary line. Hunters are reminded that they must have landowner permission before hunting big game animals on private property, regardless of whether the land is posted or not. However, my favorite sign reads: NO TRESPASSING SURVIVORS MAY BE PROSECUTED Interesting. In OK, dayglow orange fenceposts only serve to mark where an underground gas pipeline crosses a fencerow or other property line. They do that so that arial surveys of the pipeline can easily identify where the pipeline is.
  6. I think a better question would be, "WHY did you move from FL to ME?" /sarcasm
  7. From my cache at Red Rocks Canyon State Park, near Hinton, OK...photo taken by Jamguys, the FTF. Red Rock Canyon - The California Trail Revisited 2
  8. If helping people is too much then maybe you shouldn't respond in the thread.
  9. The knot in the muscle that keeps spasming is about 3-4 inches above the ankle joint. It is jjust right of center on the back of my calf on my left leg. I allowed myself to sleep today until about 1:30pm (VERY rare for me), and I just tried it out. It is getting a little better. I can almost walk on it. I'm hoping tomorrow is a lot better.
  10. Yesterday I got off work a little early, grabbed my youngest from her mom's, and we went after a new cache with 3 star terrain... It recommended 4x4 so we took the truck my kids call "Truckzilla" and found this cache. Got our first GJTB and we were quite pleased. On the way home, saw an unfound 1/1 roadside micro listed and decided to snag it right quick. ALyssa and I looked for it, got it, and took it back to the truck to log it. When no one was coming, I ran back to the fencerow to replace it. Just as I got it put back, ALyssa yells, "Someone's coming" so I turned and ran back to the truck... EXCEPT... When I came to the bottom of the little rise I was on, something went wrong in my left calf (I caught my boot or something-IDK-happened too fast), and after another step or 2, I fell to the ground.... HMmmmm am I ok? Don't feel any pain, what's going on.??? I get up and I cannot put my left foot down flat. I can only walk on the toes on that foot. If I put that foot down flat, I get this horrible violent spasm in the rear calf muscle about halfway up my L calf. Forget putting any weight on it.... I don't have insurance, and can't go to the DR right now.... any ideas what I did? Hurts less today, but STILL can't put the foot down flat. Ain't that the way it goes? I go on 3 and 4 star terrain hides regurlarly, but hurt myself on a dadgum 1/1 micro.
  11. http://jeep.geocaching.com/contest/ Nothing there told me what the monthly TB goal is.
  12. I want to enter the monthly contest, but I can't find what the goal for this month is. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. OK, now it is 30.4 miles to the nearest unfound cache. Good thing fuelis coming down!
  14. http://www.flickr.com/photos/76937082@N00/...57594278597931/ I WANT ONE!!! Where can I get a fake squirrel???
  15. The cache JUST got listed like 10 mins ago... Here it is: Alyssa's Birthday Cache
  16. Thanks. I hope y'all have as much fun as we did. I am surprised that this didn't generate any more interest on the forums than it did.
  17. I'm sorry, I can't agree with that thinking. By that logic, Rosa Parks didn't give the bus driver the power to discriminate against her until she chose to get on that bus. How could the bus driver have ever tried to tell her to sit in the back if she hadn't gotten on the bus? Are you KIDDING me???? This analogy is like blaming the rape victim because she CHOSE to leave the house and happened to walk by where the rapist was hiding in wait. Give me a FREAKIN' BREAK.
  18. Here is the FTF log from the first or second full size cache I ever placed, in which I announced, "FTF gets the privilege of being held in high esteem by other Western OK cachers. Also, your looks will improve, and members of the other sex will find you irresistible. DISCLAIMER: Your mileage may vary. FTF has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat male pattern baldness nor ED." GCY8M3 September 24 by JamGuys (214 found) FTF! After seeing this cache attract seemingly little or no attention for a full two weeks, decided I'd take matter into my own hands and pay it a visit myself. Since many recent logs have mentioned how hot and miserable it can get during the day, thought I'd get out here fairly early. Left home before daybreak and made it to the outskirts of Hinton at 7:00 a.m. Drove into the park and was surprised to see quite a number of tents and RVs out there. Parked and enjoyed the smell of woodsmoke emanating from a few smoldering camp-fires as I made my way towards the trailhead. Got onto the trail and was glad I'd brought old "Useful" with me. It was nice and cool out on the trail this morning, somewhere in the mid-50's. Found the spot without much difficulty - great location! Popped open the can, scanned the log, and saw that I was indeed FTF - yahoo! Looked up to see the sun just beginning to peep over the far ridge - grabbed my camera and took a few shots - none of these ended up being worthy of uploading but it was a beautiful moment! Finished logging the cache then headed back onto the trail to grab a couple more. TN, L - Brawny's 2500 Celebration Coin, JamGuys' NAVSTAR Touring Oklahoma Geocoin #6, and signature FTF wooden coin, SL. TFTC! P.S. Had a quick look at myself in the mirror just now and I'll be darned - my looks HAVE improved! Unfortunately, my wife seems less than impressed .....
  19. All arguing about how each other argues aside for a minute, I'd like to summarize my position in this debate. ALR's are allowed and ok. Some are even cool. It's ALR's that discriminate against a class of geocachers that are not cool. Deleting someone's log when they actually laid hands on a cache and signed the log is not cool. There are a few exceptions-most would be spoilers or inapppropriate comments left in the log. That is my opinion.
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