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  1. Anyone know WHEN Repak is scheduled to appear in City Court?
  2. 6 inches? That's it? That's stopping you from caching?
  3. It could be characters and digits. Are there less than 37?
  4. Here are the library cache examples: http://coord.info/GCQTFC http://coord.info/GC10RY0 http://coord.info/GCHJFW http://coord.info/GCT5HZ
  5. I've done four different library geocaches that are located within 25 miles of my house. Each of them we're done by different people in different libraries, and each don't use coordinates to find the geocache within the library. Each of them are multi or mystery caches that require a person to locate preliminary caches (with coordinates) or get information to provide specific directions to locate the final cache in the library (dewey decimal number, or other location information). So if you're going to put it in a library, I'd do something similiar. Put something outside using coordinates that provides information to locate the geocache in the library and I'd most likely make it a mystery cache. As for the 6, I'd make it a multi-cache. There's no proximity requirements between multiple stages in a multi-cache
  6. Thanks for posting this. Very good article. It gives me some ideas on maybe breaking some more puzzles in my area.
  7. I usually put a snow icon if it's easily accessible in a foot of snow. But we don't have any location that restricts access in the winter, so consequently the "accessible" interpretation is the only one that makes sense here.
  8. Hello, I've seen the "Friends" feature and have used it, but other than bragging about how many friends you have(I have 42), and looking at the latest 5 friends' activity, I really don't know what the purpose is. So, I have a request in conjunction with the "Friends" feature. I would like a checkbox on each friend to monitor their caches. And when I say monitor, I'm not saying that I want to monitor each and every log. I just want to monitor the "Needs Archived" logs, so I can take care of my friends' caches, without setting up a bunch of email filters. Thanks.
  9. The best in my opinion is: GC175HV A geocaching amusement park is the best way to describe it.
  10. I have over 150, but there are a few that have more than me. But I think the most in our immediate area is about 225. As for why I go after them, I enjoy the challenge, and tend to meet a lot of people at some of these makeshift on-the-spot events(I go even when I know I'm not going to be FTF). One cache in Sterling, Virginia got 10 visits within the first 30 minutes, here's the picture to prove it: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...0f-6559d3f3b007
  11. This is true. Most any attempt by mankind to "preserve" nature, renders it more noticeable. But what OP is referring to is actually hiding, by the description given. Camouflage is to place something without hiding it, so that it blends in, thereby becoming less noticeable. Camouflage is the art of making something look like what it is not! Picky, I know..... but is an important difference that geocachers should be aware of. My original intent is what Starbrand responded to. I had just wondered if there were any type of preservative that people tend to use, or what tricks they use to preserve while keeping the natural appearance. I've seen some great uses in natural camo, but I don't know if there was ever any preservative used, or whether they just let it decay. Still I hope there are some ideas that work. Maybe there aren't, but I figured I'd post online to see if there were.
  12. Hi guys, Looking for some advice. Specifically on dealing with the preserving of natural camo. Let's say you're out on a geocaching hunt, or out for a walk, and you find a piece of wood that a film canister or some other container fits in perfectly. How do you go about preserving the natural piece of camo? Does anyone have any good hints on preserving the wood? And it doesn't stop at wood, how do you preserve leaves, mushrooms, or anything else that you might find in nature? Thanks for your input.
  13. I like mygeocachingprofile.com better. If they did counties, don't know if I'd visit INATN any longer. But I can't really complain, it's free, and both sites have people spending their personal time fixing and improving the websites.
  14. I wouldn't do it. A friend placed a cache on the bottom side of a USPS box that was painted to look like R2D2. It ended with the bomb squad, thankfully that was the worst of it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b1-9357ed6b0972
  15. I agree forthought would of been great when I started the "Civil War" geocaches, however I didn't ever think that it would get that large. I fully understand the 500 limit per bookmark (that being the PQ limit). However, I really don't think it would be that hard to create a utility that could receive a csv, xml, or sql insert list of bookmarks to rearrange the list(s). Maybe I could of made of the bookmark list by state, but then I'm pretty sure someday I'll have over 500 in Virginia, and want to break out by region. Again, breaking up and reorganizing is a very time consuming task. Maybe, just maybe, they'd allow me to email it to one of the lackeys, and then they can upload into the database to make sure there is data validity.
  16. Is this a good requirement? or am I just wasting my breath? If I don't have a good way to break up the bookmarks, I may just give up creating a good list of caches that have to do with the Civil War. Shell1fish may give up his Challenge based bookmark, especially if we have to break them up regularly.
  17. Geocaching.com has a limit of 500 caches per bookmark. Generally this isn't a problem, however I'm getting close to a limit with my list of "Civil War" geocaches. I know Shell1fish has had to break up his "Challenge" cache bookmark list into 2, and expects that he'll have to break it again when it grows. To break up bookmark lists is a big pain in the butt! It takes hours. Is there any way to make an interface to break up bookmarks, or better yet create a utility that allows the creation of bookmark lists with xml, csv, or even SQL insert statements? This shouldn't be too much of a problem given the fact that each person is only allowed 20 bookmarks. Can some bookmark maintenance be added? Thanks.
  18. Be the Gynecologist Sofa King Impossible Choking Chicken
  19. When I was adding a new waypoint in a log, the waypoint was reset to the cache page's coordinates, instead of the coordinates I entered, after I hit submit. This happened tonight after the upgrade.
  20. First off, you've been to 4 caches? So over half of the caches you've found are showing signs of over usage? Maybe if people didn't go visit them multiple times like you, there wouldn't be a problem? Just Kidding. I know Colorado doesn't have the great regrowth capability of the AT area, since it's semi-arid, but generally when people place a cache, they generally find a little used path that's already created, for a couple of reasons. One it allows them to hide it in a muggle free space, and second, most people (even geocachers) don't like to bushwhack all the time even when hiding a cache. How do I know this? I go hunting FTFs all the time, and the interesting thing I find, is that there's a "geotrail" already going right to or right past the cache. Why? Because the hider followed an already established path in. Later on in future logs, I read people say, "I followed the geotrail". Even then trails, aren't that big a deal (I've never seen a deer fall dead when they encounter an unauthorized trail. Actually they're one of the culprits for some trails), at least here on the east coast. In fact they just recently created a half mile section of trail of the Potomac Heritage Trail, unfortunately, it hasn't been used in months. You can't see the trail any longer, unless you look at the blazes on the trees, and that's a trail that's been created using rakes, chainsaws, and shovels to hold back to foliage. Just like StarBrand said, the longer the cache stays out there, the less possibility of damage there is. I just went and found a cache, where I almost had to crawl on my stomach, to get under the scrub trees. No one had been there for 4 months, it looks like no one has been there in years. But if you got an NPS official out there, they'd say my duck walk through the bushes destroyed the landscape for 50 years. Yes, it is true, I was ruthless against the thorny plants. If there is a problem with a particular cache, just like wigglesworth said, the cache owner should monitor it. The cache visitor should also post a note when they encounter a problem, whether it's a problem with the cache, or the area around the cache. Looking from your logs, it appears that everything is "OK" with the caches you found. I don't know, maybe you contacted the cache owner directly though about the problem. Just because you see a trail, doesn't mean it was a geocacher-made trail. As for the AT caches, I would be surprised if any of them got more than 12 visitors a year. The particular archival that annoyed me, that wasn't on AT land (but axed by NPS), only had 3 visitors in the previous 12 months. The geocaching community hasn't just done nothing. I've known many many cachers that have contacted NPS and other organizations, volunteered to set up guidelines, and even written the guidelines for park authorities. There are just some individuals within NPS that have an unhealthy vendetta against geocaching.
  21. The referenced link doesn't state anything about their policy regarding geocaching, only that it exists. The entire page is devoted to GPS info, so I don't think that page can be construed as them permitting geocaching on their lands. I agree, think there's other pages that I can't find. However, from actively advertising geocaching to banning it to having NPS act on your behalf (probably without their knowledge) to pressure geocaching.com; I can see which agency is responsible, and what their ultimate agenda is.
  22. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries used to have a link about geocaching, including a link to geocaching.com itself. Can't find it now. I wonder what changed. It's not as if, there are a whole bunch of geocaches on those lands. I only have to believe that it's the influence of the NPS pushing their uninformed position on geocaching.;cd=1&gl=us Found it in the google cache, guess they've had a change of heart since April. No geocaching incidents since then. Hmmm, I wonder who's made them change their mind.
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