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  1. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mparry/treasure/Solutions/treasure.htm


    I don't know if this has anything to do with what you are talking about now, but maybe.


    Found it after using (Captain Kidd and the Missing Crown) as a keyword search on Yahoo.


    If not let me know I would love to get in on this. I am in WV but if I can lend a brain cell or thought I would love to help


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  2. LOL, my wife has finally came to the conclusion she is never getting that insurance money. I am too stubborn to die or listen.


    I did get talked to icon_biggrin.gif for going out in the middle of no where, after dark, to go caching with someone I had never met before. LOL. Yeah well if you don't talk to strangers then how do you make friends. Too many people live their lives all worked up and scared. Me I know that I will not go until my time to go, and when it is time there is not a thing I can do to stop it no matter what I am doing. So by golly I will have my happy ars right out there in the woods looking for that next cache. I have been in some really uncomfortable places and through some uncomfortable times, but I love the woods and I enjoy geocaching. Actually I am more scared to go to the grocery store than the middle of no where after dark with a stranger. LOL I am a big boy now and I don't have but one boss.


    What.... yes dear. LOL.


    Really, I have talked to a bunch of cachers in my short time on these boards and all seem to be really nice people and the rules behind the cache sites are very clearly stated that they are to be child proof. I don't believe that anyone here would ever do anything to get another cacher hurt. There are sick people out there in the World, but all of them eat (grocery store) not all of the cache. LOL


    Stay happy and give the wifey a chill pill. icon_wink.gif


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  3. I am super new to this, and don't have a large stock pile of containers yet. I do have a few little note books that would serve as log books in most caches. I do carry a small role of duct tape with me just in case it needs that special little fix up. Patch a hole or crack or the such. After reading this I am more confused.


    A> It would be the neighborly thing to do to replace the log and the container if needed. And I will stock up on more containers, logs, and ziplocks.


    B> It is also a very valid point that if you fix the cache back, then you are not teaching the owner to take care of their own. icon_confused.gif


    Now my ? is. We don't have a massive amount of caches in WV (as compared to other states). Now do we in WV allow caches that are out there to be destroyed or do we take care of others cahces to make sure we keep what we do have?


    I say if a cache is well made to start, and those that would visit it would have respect for the cache, then most should last rather well with some minor attendance from the owner. Now comes what do you do about those that have been vandalized? Is the cache owner responsible for that? How often do you have to go check on your sites? It could be fine today and a mess in the morning.


    In conclusion I feel I would replace the log and leave the old one. People that return before the owner can get there can atleast log it. Send the owner an email with a REPLY request on it. If I do not hear from the owner in say a week maybe two. I would then either bring it to Geocaching.com's attention or replace/remove the cache and make all parties aware of it at that time (the day before in go).


    By the way WV lets keep our caches healthy and our woods clean. I support the clean the trail as you go theory. A small plastic bag (WAL Mart style) will hold much trash from our forest floors. icon_wink.gif




    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  4. Man in the Wild you say you would like a reason to go caching in OH. Is there any better reason than they are there. LOL. Works for me. Maybe we can hook up and take a day trip some weekend. Never know might find something.


    My GPS is my American Express card, I don't leave home without it anymore. Never know when some FINE UPSTANDING GEOCACHER may give you a call and say hey lets go. LOL.


    Take care, be safe, and keep caching


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  5. I find that WV and VA getting stuck in a Yankee Forum is about silly. Again the powers that be sees it this way. Now I agree with you that we should not be considered North anything. We are by far better than that.


    As for accents, the people on my TV and in movies sound a lot like us not you. So now who has the accent hmmmmm????


    I hope you guys all know how much fun I have stirring this big barrel of crap. North South East and West we are all AMERICANs first and foremost. And anyone who does not like that can kiss my Reb Blooded American icon_eek.gif .


    I really love the fact that we are FREE enough that we can do things like Geocaching. And I enjoy the friendly abuse from you Yanks, I hope you enjoy my jabs as welll.


    If we can't laugh and pick at each other then this would be a boring world.




    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  6. The only reason I said Charleston area is that I figured no one would want to drive very far. I don't mind how far you drive LOL. I would love to see all Geocachers in WV show up. More is better and less is fine. All counties are welcome and if you have friends that want to come from KY, VA, OH, PA, MD whatever I think that is way cool. I will say no one from NJ icon_wink.gif LOL. Just because they think they're special. LOL. Actually NJ I am bigger than that and you guys are more than welcome too. LOL. This is just to let EVERYONE know that I don't care where you come from, I just hope you are not disappointed with the drive. We may have to watch if our #s get too high and actually reserve somewhere. But hey that is cool too.


    I would like to run mid FEB to mid MAR by you as a time frame. What ya think?


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  7. )Ok yanks. NJ has just got to share now. WV is comin and you can't stop us icon_biggrin.gif. Now granted I don't understand why we here in WV can't have our own site, but the powers that be chose to stick us with you guys. Now PA I don't mind but NJ is just too much icon_confused.gif. The way I see it is you guys have taken over in our absence to keep this forum open for us. We are here now so you can get. LOL. What do you think about that? LOL


    The only thing I wish is that we were all closer together and could all get together from time to time. I have been to Trenton once. Came up for the reenactment of Washington crossing the Del. Rvr. Coldest %!@#$%!@#$ event I have even had the misfortune of doing. Had a blast though (no pun intended) Maybe that I will run up again for another crossing someday. Hope to get to hunt a few caches while I am there.


    icon_frown.gif to say you guys to have the most to hunt for, but I hope for that to be changing soon.


    Thanks for the words of welcome (I think icon_confused.gif).


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  8. icon_biggrin.gif Hey thanks Man in the Wild. I was begining to think no one gave a rat's rear. LOL. I am a newbie but I hope that someday my name and call sign will be well know to all in the sport. I love it so far.


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  9. I guess it is up to us to figure out a good time and place. I live in Charlestong and work days and evenings. I am off from both jobs on Sunday. Seems one of us has the more tight schedule thing with rotating. My suggestion is we work around that. I really like the Sunday idea.


    I also notice that NJ pretty much rules the NE but hey it is time for WV to take a stand LOL.


    I would really enjoy going caching with you guys sometime. I am learning my GPS much faster in the field than from that longwinded book. icon_biggrin.gif



    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  10. Hey guys and gals,


    I have been wondering if you in the Charleston and close areas would like to hook up sometime for a meeting. Just to get together and say hey to each other. I am about as new as one can be and would love to meet all of you sometime. I work 2 jobs now and time is a bit on the tight side but I will make time if you would want to hook up. Maybe grab a bite to eat, or even in a park visit. Heck a picnic would be cool by me. Just anything I could meet some of these legends Mikedx has told me about. I would love for other newbies to show up. If you are out there and browsing through Geocachings site. Join please, and the more the better. Well let me know what you think. I can be reached through email at swrayii@yahoo.com. Please use the subject of WV Area Cachers seeing that I have a nasty habit of deleting those I don't know. Phobic I guess, but I would hate to miss out on talking to you because of my fear of strange emails. icon_biggrin.gif


    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  11. You all want to know something. I am a very newbie. Only have 2 finds and no hides. Furthermore I am not even from Maryland, and don't want to be. Been there wasn't impressed. I just want to know one thing (maybe two). Why is it when more than one person gets involved with something why does one of the extras have to be a spoiled little SH*T and make trouble for the whole? I have been involved with many different groups and organizations and been ran out of most by others B*tching about petty crap. GROW UP. I am in WV and want to get serious into this and form groups that go out and have a good time finding and hiding caches. Work with the State (God forbid that ever has to be done) to make this a healthy and fun thing to be done in WV. We have many pretty places to hide caches. But you FINE folks in MD make me wonder about that. Maybe it would be better to stay a loner Rookie who still enjoys himself than to be in a group of P*ssy school yard punks. I truly hope you guys work this out and stop being so flippin hard on one another. This sport nor any other needs this kind of publicity and if you want to bash each other you must know the email addies and phone #s. Do it in private and let the rest of the community still enjoy themselves.


    Well I know I have just made a couple of friends but this petty crap has killed too many good hobbies and it makes me icon_mad.gif as hell to see it in others. Take a chill. Who cares who does what as long as the sport survives. Off the high horses and on the trail boys and girls. Now kiss and make up and hide some flippin caches and maintain them. Thank you for your support of the hobby whom ever is responsible. Stay icon_cool.gif and icon_biggrin.gif. Life is too short for BS.




    The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

  12. Finally after much slipping and sliding and not much common sense this Rookie lands his first find. It was Woodrum's Canyon (GC3E7D). I know this area very well but not with a GPSr. LOL. It is a very nice spot and the rocks around there kick major ***. I kinda like rocks if you can't tell. LOL Found about 3 really nice places to camp in the little trek too. I will be back and there will be more caches at Woodrums. Have to rethink my 2 comment on the posting. It truly is about a 4 maybe a 3-3.5. The way I went (ALL WRONG) was about a 10 LOL icon_biggrin.gif Ah well you live you learn. Guess I am off for 2-4 in the morning. Happy caching

  13. I notice in the posts that I have read, most of you are using Gamin. Is there a reason for this. I have a Magellan MAP330 and love it. I have used only one other GPS which was a Garmin but it belonged to someone else and I did get too used to it. Just wondering if there was some reason for everyone choosing Garmin units.

  14. This seems like a very nice offer you have made. Wish you were in WV. I can't get any of my lazy ars friends to go. icon_biggrin.gif. Again seems very nice of you and someday I hope I can make the same offer to newbies down here. Hope you have a safe and fun year in 2003.

  15. Hey I appreciate the feed back. Was hoping I didn't suck at this sport that bad. LOL. I tried this one first because it was within walking distance of my home. icon_confused.gif People really have little to do if they steal from their own sports huh???? Well thank you for the help. Maybe I will run into some of you on the cache chase. Would be way cool. I think I will be after the one at Woodrum's lake next. Maybe 01-01-03, good way to start a new year with a new hobby.

  16. Help a New Guy Please.....


    I joined geocaching.com a good while ago, but just went to find my first cache this morning. No luck. icon_frown.gif Now I can't find the cache listed at all on here. Does anyone know anything about Steps of Daniel Boone (N38 19.833 W081 35.000). If you don't mind I would really appreciate the help

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