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  1. Oh - thanks a lot! I didn't find the right faq-tread before you gave me this tip - but now the unused tb is adopted over to my new acount, everything worked out great! And I thought I just had to toss it and use a new one, you saved my TB, so if you ever visit northern-Norway, I'll buy you a beer (or tea or coffee if you prefer it) - Team SeGa
  2. I got the same advise in the norwegian forum for geocachers as people here has given - just created a new account, and copied the loggs adding a line about the name-change. Worked fine, and havent got any negative feedback yet for the new loggs. (Deleted the old loggs after logging under the new username). One thing I havent figured out yet; I bought two TB's before I changed my username. Of course I activated one of them, to see how it was done.... Know I wonder - are there any way I can adopt it over to the new name? I've got the activation-code and everything, the TB has not travelled at all, just activated it. Would be a shame to just throw it away right after purchase... Any tips?
  3. Well - don't complain - where I live, in Norway, the gas-price is now aprox. $2,05 per litre (US $). But I can't say that gas-prices affect our hunt - time and work does, but not prices. mvh Team SeGa
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