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  1. I have been looking at GPS devices for a week now and have done a fair amount of research on them, but I am torn between GPSr (which, if I understand is a GPS receiver) and a GPS/PDA (maybe making up my own term there) device. I really like the Garmin M* iQue series. What I need though is input from people that have maybe had exposure to both to give me pro/con. I am not an overly avid backpacker that is going to be heading into the jungles of Africa or anything. I am a techhead that works in IT and will mostly Geocache casually with my kids and maybe use the device in the car on trips (more to play with than anything because men don't need directions, right? ). So, really what I am looking for is more of the technical differences (advantages / disadvantages) between the two as they relate to Geocaching. I understand all the battery life differences, but maybe some insight as to map and data availability on one versus the other. It looks to me like GPS/PDA maybe holds more map data without buying a card. It looks like in terms of accuracy and such that the two are rather equitable in performance. Maybe it would be good to know what I don't get with a GPD/PDA that I would typically get with GPSr (compass feature maybe?). I am really leaning toward a Garmin M4 at this point....maybe the M3 just for the price in case I don't like the GPS/PDA. Any personal experience, suggestions or input is much appreciated. Also, regarding maps...I have no experience with the actual map data you can put on either device. Is that even a big deciding factor for me as I'll be a very casual GPS user? Thanks.
  2. Ok, I am looking at a number of different GPS devices. Both GPSr's and the GPS/PDA devices. The main question I have is regarding maps and additional storage. It looks like the GPS/PDA devices offer an unlocked CD of maps of the US and sometimes more...but are those maps mainly for turn-by-turn directions? Are there different types of maps you can load into GPS devices? What ones are generally used for Geocaching? Any info regarding maps, devices and your personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I've spent much time looking at Garmin and Magellan sites. Thanks, that's the kind of tips / info. I am looking for...I can sort through much of the tech stuff and figure out the best device for my money based on needs, I just don't want to overlook a feature that practical application would show me is a need. Since I am an extreme novice...whatever we call outselves.
  4. Battery life is 5-7 hours...so, ya I think your model gets like up to 20 hours. Something to consider for sure. Although, I like the PDA ability...not too worried about durability...I've carried a normal PDA around before on hiking and camping trips. Hm...thanks for the input!
  5. First, even though there were only two replies, thanks for the advice. I am a patient buyer, perhaps too patient at times, but I always like getting the best deal. Any more input or advice would be much appreciated... Also, I leaning toward a GPS / PDA device...any specific recommendations in that area would be much appreciated. Looking at like the Garmin iQue M3. Thanks all!
  6. Hi, I am new to looking at GPS devices, looking for a quick couple opinions... What to avoid. What are the 'must haves'. What is the most accurate brand(s). Any other advice appreciated. New to GPS, new to Geocaching. Also, any advice on best places to buy for low prices. Thx!
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