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  1. No need to PM me...just post the link here in case anyone else has questions. I don't follow radios that closely, I just live near a guy that does HAM and was formerly employed by FCC (or worked with them in some facet maybe in the business arena) and he implied to me that ultimately, at some level, the FCC has regulations for all bands...maybe I misunderstood. At any rate, on the FRS radio which is what originated this...it appears that there are FCC rules of operating for FRS radios: http://www.provide.net/~prsg/frs-faq.htm#Q5 My main point being that the last time I was looking at building a radio on the net it appeared to me that I stumbled across a fair number of guides that looked suspect in terms of compliance and knowing the propensity of regular AM operators to do a lot suspect mods I assumed that there is some of that, even if at a small level, in the other radio areas....although, admittedly this guy I know said HAM guys are generally upstanding, good guys that use HAM to help in all kinds of efforts as well as having integrity in radio operation. Maybe you know where he can get a guide to build one of these? I have thought about actually building one for FRS too at one point, but it seemed easier to just modify one to have better range and reception....feel free to post any links or sites that would have good info.
  2. I didn't say it wasn't legal...I said that it's likely not within FCC guidelines. The average Joe who hasn't done this isn't going to know how to make sure their device is operating within the guidelines. And last time I looked, most of the internet sites I found seemed to be illegal mods or questionable sources in terms of integrity regarding FCC guidelines. Do you not have to operate within guidelines with HAM? Last I checked I am pretty sure all radio transmissions had to operate with FCC guidelines if you were within their governing territory.
  3. Radio Shack, probably. I would bet some Googling would net you the answer. The problem you're going to run into is that something you build will be in violation of FCC rules. And why is that true? Because the FCC, by nature, has to approve any device that is manufatured and sold in US for it to be legal (clarification: any device operated has to operate within these guidelines regardless of maker). I am sure you could pay money to get it tested and approved though...but I don't think you'd want to see that bill arrive. Not that you couldn't get away with it...people use illegally modified equipment all over...I am just saying, technically, by default, it would not be legal.
  4. Well, looking at the actual logs, and assuming you didn't change the original log message and just appended to it, I can see your frustration. It'd be nice to write something in a log book about your find rather than finding a crowded, used log book...but then, I would kinda fall back on what Klatch said...why do a micro for that one? Personally, I probably wouldn't have wasted time with the secondary edit because then it can come off like you're in the same boat now to subsequent cachers. I think the majority of the people who would read the log comments from a couple of old farts with a username like that in reply to your original, unedited post would just kinda just let that whine and cheese comment speak for itself. Because I don't think your previous, unedited comment was anything to get all worked up over. Especially considering it's RIGHT in front of there house and there were multiple previous comments in find logs regarding the logbook becoming full.
  5. Radio Shack, probably. I would bet some Googling would net you the answer. The problem you're going to run into is that something you build will be in violation of FCC rules.
  6. For second there I seriously thought I was having deja vu because I looked above and saw my last reply above that repeat, lol.
  7. Yeah, I just ran into one recently that had maintenance requests from last July and people decided to log finds on it because it was active and there were cache remains scattered about. I finally got in contact with the owner and they finally disabled it. They have no caches found to their name and one cache that they host. I think it's more to indirectly advertise their "group" than to be involved in geocaching, but they've carefully skirted outright solicitation.
  8. I think the better issue to focus on isn't the number aspect in relation to maintenance, but rather the number aspect in relation to density and the potential cache-hogging factor. Is it fair for a cacher to be allowed to dominate a region? That might be the best arguement, but even then...I am not sure a hard cap is the answer. I'd like to think the reviewers would have an unwritten rule to avoid this.
  9. This keeps being brought up and it's a non-issue. You wouldn't need archived data to accomodate it.
  10. On a thread long ago, similarly to this proposal, someone once mentioned not a hard cap limit total, but a hard cap limit in say some sort of radius...like you could only have 10 within a 10 miles radius. I see the point behind it, but like in my vicinity there aren't many cachers. I could place 20 caches in a ten mile radius and not be stepping on anyones shoes. It's be difficult achieving that balance. I would like to think, our of courtesy, a cacher wouldn't monopolize an area...especially a limited one.
  11. Alright, thanks, I knew that method...wasn't sure if there was some slick method attached to Google that'd do it via their mapping. I am assuming those two counties have cache locations now...have to look that up.
  12. My buddy at work thought maybe it was a 76csx, but he wasn't watching that closely. I don't watch enough TV to even know when that show is on...
  13. On that issue...being that I introduced the geo-litter aspect, first off...I agree. I don't see the self-cleaning aspect personally and the individuals I know at our local wildlife refuge REALLY harbor that same concern and remain steadfastly against caches for this reason. On the land manager issue in general...on our local Iowa boards we had a thread regarding Iowa DNR specfically and their policy. I know a number of DNR managers and solicited e-mails off to about 2/3's of the larger area land managers in the state to get a real feel for their perception. One of the questions I asked was about monitoring caches and of everyone queried only one manager monitored caches at any level and even then didn't take action on them. Most of them couldn't tell me what the policy was and none of them really worried about geocaching. So, it's probably relatively safe to assume that many managers nationwide aren't really even overly concious about it. That doesn't mean, however, that we shouldn't be proactive in protecting the integrity of caching by trying to help minimize geo-litter.
  14. OK, I'll bite. Since this discussion is now on three pages, and since your responses are on various pages, and since your suggested improvements are on multiple posts, and since your suggestion evidently has nothing to do with the system automatically archiving caches (or even madatory archving for that matter)... What is your current suggestion again? My issue is more with avoiding geo-litter and implementing a process to help verify that archived caches are retrieved in the instance an owner is unable to confirm its retrieval...regardless of the method of archiving, which it appears elmuy has responded to you regarding.
  15. My personal opinion is...I don't care so much about the content of a cache as long as it's within guidelines and clean. I realize others have differing opinions on swag value, but if it's clearly in violation or plain gross I take it and deposit in the nearest garbage.
  16. 1.how many geocaches have you found? 24 2.how many geocaches have you hidden? 2 3.how many people do you know go geocaching with you? 3 (my girls) 4.how many times have you gone on a long trip just for a geocache? 0 5.how many geocaches have you found in just one day? Probably 3 or 4. 6.how many items have you traded? Probably about 15. 7.how many times have you gone geocaching with out a gps and found the geocache that you were looking for? 1, first geocache I ever found. Purchased a GPS that week.
  17. I would start by trying to obtain permission...personally, I'd be surprised if they allowed it unless they are pretty low budget public courses maybe.
  18. There are laws regulating gambling in many locations, including promotion of gambling on the internet. Rather than keep track of numerous laws or else risk penalties -- regardless of whether such laws would actually be enforced for a $100 gambling contest -- it is easier to just say "no" to all gambling caches. "Poker run" caches, where prizes are donated by the organizer or sponsors? Fine. Poker game where each player antes up $20 into a "pot?" Can't be listed here. Thanks, Key!
  19. Just out of curiosity, due to what reasoning? It's just nice to know the "why" behind the "not allowed".
  20. I heard one of those shows used it and the had to dig for the cache. Bet that sucker got archived soon after...
  21. Certainly animal threats would rank up there. I've killed a rabid coon while out and about. Not while caching, but a likely possibility nonetheless. Also, there have been a couple times I've put a deer under that was hit by a vehicle.
  22. Wow, I climbed French Peak with some buddies back in high school. This is an all day event for the best of outdoorsmen. You will not be disappointed.
  23. I live in Iowa...not a lot of opportunity for 5 terrain caches. Maybe if someone placed one on top of the leg of a grain elevator.
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