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  1. The only one I've found near a riding trail didn't have this icon originally. It was one of the first caches I found and I recommended it to the cache owner and he was like "you know, I knew that was a riding trail and it just plain never occurred to me to put that attribute on it". I try to get attributes right, but I bet a lot get out there with pretty bare bones attributes...I don't know though...not even sure what made me realize the one I did, I am not a horse person.
  2. Actually, even then you can't be sure. For a variety of reasons, caches move. You can only be certain it is no longer where you placed it, or found it previously. I have been amazed to see how different some hides had become while doing a revisit. Sometimes, with no indication on the cache page that anything has been changed. I have learned to say "I can't find it. It's not where I had found it previously." instead of "As a previous finder, I'm sure It's not there." And it's not always the cache owner responsible for the relocation. I e-mailed a cache owner on one thanking them for the hide and made some mention of the specifics as to where I found it and they replied that that was not where it was intended to be, so I ended up re-visiting and relocating it for them (since I drove by it every day).
  3. Well, if you read the descriptions in the rating system on the submission form here is how 2 and 3 level of difficulty reads: **Average. The average cache hunter would be able to find this in less than 30 minutes of hunting. *** Challenging. An experienced cache hunter will find this challenging, and it could take up a good portion of an afternoon. So, I could see where maybe 2.5 is maybe right on... Here is the form I am talking about: http://www.clayjar.com/gcrs/
  4. True...didn't think about...good catch!
  5. You missed the memo? We're supposed to curse at these and drive off once we hit the parking lot and discern it's another LPM...
  6. On the other hand, quality is in the eye of the beholder. One of the most memorable caches that I've found was a LPM in front of my favorite Target store. It took me three tries to make the find, even though I had found many, many LPMs previously. I agree. I've found one that was actually somewhat unique. I can see where these would be annoying after while, but they are fun experiences for new cachers the first time they find one. I don't know...I suppose to some people the standard ammo box in the pile of wood could become mundane. Quality is definitely unique to each person.
  7. Yeah, I actually link to that particular thread in the blog. That thread is in the Great Plains forum. Someone mentioned the thread to me at an event. Since it didn't seem like anyone had yet determined exactly what it was I was going to swing by after work some night, but since we were having 40+ degree weather I decided to take the kids this weekend and look into it. We're going to try to write Seamus a letter and see if he responds to us.
  8. Not reading through the the other replies because I've seen this debate for the 43rd time at least. Imo, people won't log DNF's largely due to a sense of failure. To each their own. Nothing wrong with logging a DNF...it's helpful to cache owner's. I get the feeling that this cacher isn't into this level of cache for their quest for smiley's, so be it, let is slide I guess. As far as logging DNF...If I get to ground zero of a coordinate and can't find it then I log it. Most of the time I cache with the kids and many times we get disrupted before we "really" begin our search because of whatever reason.
  9. I would leave the difficulty rating, but maybe raise the geo-masochism rating.
  10. This is the first I had heard or seen anything particularly like this. The article said one of the worker's noticed it back in July of 2007, but I could see where it's maybe been there unnoticed for some time prior to that even.
  11. You're welcome. Thanks for posting it there, it makes an excellent addition. No problem, gave me a great excuse to spend some time checking out Waymarking in general. Had been meaning to anyway.
  12. Well, that seems like what the deal is...it was approved on the Waymarking site for that group. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM2XK9 Thanks again for pointing that Waymarking category out.
  13. No problem. By and large I am not a big advocate of the mentality that "public" property is a free for all like so many people seem to believe. I am sure we don't agree 100%, but for the most part you are going to find me on your side of the issue of any "public property" discussions.
  14. I submitted this to that Waymarking group mentioned...we'll see if it qualifies, after looking through the category it would seem to fit. Thanks again.
  15. I wasn't contesting your "might have been out of line" comment. It was your subsequent incorrect elaborations that I contested.
  16. I never contested that. That's not the point. Ok, so if we have stipulated the only salient point, how do you conclude that the security guard was not out of line in "moving on" a person who was clearly not doing anything wrong and have every conceivable right to be there? I am not going to argue this endlessly with you. I've made my point, you've yet to demonstrate how this is actually always a violation of the cachers right. You're entitled to your opinion, but you haven't proven anything. And, it's a side point anyway, the fact remains that anytime anyone is placing a cache on "public" property and there is a known controlling entity like a university it's a good idea to get permission because not all "public" property is allowed for caching. Have a great day.
  17. Hm, now that you say that...I did smell cookies!
  18. Well, I am not as "old school" I am sure, but the last time I looked into them, which would've been almost a year ago when I learned about them, the site I found had these 3D triangle and square shaped types. Think it was a hunting supply site...
  19. Did you get the coordinates? If so, you could post it on Waymarking.com. There's a Wee Folk Fairy Doors category and this one fits in perfectly. Check out the page, you'll be surprised that your mystical find isn't the only one out there. Gray's Lake is very similar to Mr. Little Guy in Minneapolis - he actually writes back to children that leave questions. Yeah, I saw your reply in the other forum, if you look at the blog I posted a picture, but I also captured the point on my GPSr...I'll have to learn how to post it on Waymarking. Never posted on there yet...was going to do that this weekend. Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe that is exactly what this is...
  20. Exactly...I'd avoid them and hit Wal-Mart, or where ever...you're not the first I've heard complain about them. Never seen the Groundspeak kind firsthand.
  21. No, no, no...you have it all wrong, you're supposed to do what this person did...
  22. I just bought Lock n Lock's today at Wally World. They work extremely well, been testing some this winter in the snow and ice we've been having. 40's melting lots of snow this week and they are doing very, very well. No problems. 5.1 cups square and 6.8 cups rectangle for 2.97. Wouldn't be surprised if they are cheaper elsewhere...that's just where I happened to be.
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