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  1. Duh, you can throw a frisbee by them! (sorry, couldn't resist)
  2. Different one than I found...I'll give it a try, thanks.
  3. Yeah, that's the thing...getting it local. You know which site?
  4. And, once again, factually incorrect. Not showing my hand and revealing part of my stance doesn't equate to trolling. I find it ironic that my integrity would be questioned by someone with an irresponsible attitude toward placing things on private property.
  5. Hm, ok...will have to look into that aspect. Thanks.
  6. Has anyone here purchased bulk quantities of ammo cans? I am looking for a supplier to possibly purchase them are re-sell to cachers in the area. The Army surplus store here seems to be selling them about $2/can higher than other areas if not more.
  7. So....schools are "non-necessary" too? Sometimes. Many rural communities are losing schools because the population base doesn't support the necessity for a local school anymore.
  8. Actually, that was the exact example used and the logic to justify it was the frisbee logic.
  9. I would check you local forums. I know Iowa has them. There is a sub-section of forums here someone there could probably point you to the AZ forums or maybe a Google search would find them. Locals are usually the best source. If I were to guess, I'd doubt there are any state level laws governing geocaching specifically...most laws in place govern it indirectly.
  10. I've talked to 3 of the area Wal-Mart store managers first hand (yes, the top dog in all instances). All of them expressed to me very emphatically that they would like permission to be obtained, but would probably allow caches on the property depending on the location. They expressed interest in being able to guide a cacher on which location may be best and suggest particular locations they definitely do not want them in. One of them started out saying no, but after talking about it a little longer warmed to the idea. He, in particular, stated if he were to discover one without permission he would of removed it and probably never have allowed it after the fact. He also said it would depend on if there was a corporate policy. He was not aware of one, but was going to look into it. Wal-Mart corporate has not responded to my e-mail. All of them said they would have no problem with people throwing frisbees.
  11. Very nice work as always SGP. Just a comment, one of my buddies did a cache with fake plants and he spray painted the plastic plant to get rid of the sheen and give it a more real appearance. Thought that was a clever idea.
  12. I know an entire wildlife refuge I'd offer up for closing...
  13. I'm haveing trouble parsing that 'sentence' because it doesn't make sense. That being said, it's interesting how dark you make the game that you play seem. You see, when I go find a parking lot cache, I neither lurk nor do I act suspiciously nor do I take a long period of time. No, but whether permission is required for these two benign activities is very analogous. That's purely your opinion. I would bet I could play frisbee without permission in more places than I could obtain permission to place a cache. That, of course, is purely subjective, but why bother with facts in the argument when subjectivity and opinion is the basis of your position.
  14. The frisbee comparison keeps getting brought up, but a game of frisbee doesn't parallel the placement of a semi-permanent object that people lurk suspiciously around parked cars with over a long period of time. And talk about logical fallacies....the frisbee example screams Red Herring. Playing frisbee has very little to do with permission of placing a cache on property.
  15. That wasn't a moonshine still, it was a biofuel processer. We're just trying to do what we can for the environment, officer. You actually get more BTU's out of moonshine.
  16. Just meth labs mostly. *edit* Just read the meth lab comment. You should bold it or put it at the top. I am a post skimmer on some of these. On topic, or the welcomed portion, I have stumbled across the gravestone of an old priest in a town that has been bootlegging rye whiskey for years. There is a whole story about it now that it's legal in Iowa on the companies website (assuming the story is still there). I was going to make a virtual of it, but then realized they were discontinued...this was when I was new to caching. Would of made a great cache location and story. http://www.templetonrye.com/history.shtml
  17. That's what I did...I see a bunch of recent smiley's and satisfied replies. One didn't have a log book, but he logged smiley and made mention it was gone. Not that you need to log bad things about caches when you find them, but I'd be curious what the individual is seeing that is frustrating when it appears from the logs they're pretty happy.
  18. I always go to: geocaching main page > click on my username at the top(assuming I am logged in) then scroll down on the right hand side of the page is a link to manage my PQ's. Or, My Account at left from the main page.
  19. Everybody in the local area already has a chance. They just might not be willing to make the effort. Why reward them and punish those who work for it? Willing, or maybe able. If someone is able to geocache they are able to get a FTF. They just need to be willing to leave the house at 3 am, or midnight or whatever instant the caches are published. It's not something that I'm willing to do, so my FTFs are rare. I wasn't contesting that they couldn't ever get a FTF. I am just emphasizing that it's not strictly a matter of will.
  20. By and large I agree with that regarding private land, but I know of situations where privately held land is open to the public and I would treat that similarly to public parks for recreation.
  21. Kind of funny...never thought about this since I never experienced it. Only time I've checked on my hides is per request. I am going to check one this spring with all the snow/ice we've had to see if I need to reconsider container and/or location though, but not due to separation anxiety.
  22. By and large I agree with you. For the most part I was trying to see how far these guys were trying to take it. My problem with their argument is that they'll pound their chest about the cache owner being the one that determines permission and new_cacher_01 will come on here and interpret that as "well, sweet, really TPTB just care that I check the box and I can pretty much put a cache anywhere I think is cool". If most of these people were willing to state it as you have...I'd have less problem. That being said...the bolded part is still interesting to me. Most people I know that aren't cachers would probably have an issue with a person hanging out in the parking lot of Wal-Mart near parked cars acting suspiciously. I still think you have to exercise a level of caution in these places...I agree it's gray, but some people place these types of caches from a caching perspective without considering what a muggle would perceive. It's just interesting to me to see how far people will take the liberty to decide their permission is enough.
  23. No, by checking the box you are doing no more than agreeing to the terms. That doesn't mean you aren't deliberately, or accidentally, violating them.You are kind of correct. If I assure you that I have done something, that certainly doesn't mean that I'm not lying, but I am giving you my assurance. I could give you my assurance the world is flat...that doesn't assure it is.
  24. Thanks, carleenp. It's definitely sporadic, but it's annoying when it is a problem. Thanks for the link. I guess it's not a big enough problem yet to worry about on the Groundspeak side. I can work around it.
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