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  1. http://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/ Had to search on 'geocaching' to find it on this page...
  2. I don't know...it surprises me how many people don't flush toilets and don't wash their hands after using the restroom, so it's not a stretch to think many people are too...whatever...to close a zip-lock bag when done signing a log book.
  3. FYI - The US Cellular doesn't work by default...so, either it's wrong or most likely you have to pay for the feature. I know I have to pay a small monthly fee to receive e-mail messages to my phone with them and that format is xxxxxxxxxx@email.uscc.net for that format.
  4. If I go to labels I'll probably go to some sort of thin plastic type that'll weather. Similar to what we use in IT for labeling backup tapes.
  5. Cool, I see you have made suggestion #45 Subtype D. See Standard Responce #37 Variation B. Exactly...seems like that at times, no?
  6. You know, you'd think by now they'd have a "canned threads" forum.
  7. I call it..."you try dragging a 5, 3 and 1 year old out by yourself see how many caches you find!
  8. My guess is that traffic created by geocaching wouldn't likely be a big hindrance to vandals. I had a buddy that used to take care of cemeteries for lawn care, snow removal and would also repair or clean stones that were vandalized and he said that from talking with police and funeral home directors that he felt most of it happened at night...the few times anyone was ever caught it was young teenage kids playing around after dark. I suppose it wouldn't help some, but I would be surprised if it was major factor in limiting these types of nocturnal activities. Although, one virtual I did once with a friend was in a cemetery at night...was actually kind of fun doing it like that.
  9. lol, yeah, you'd think I'd have more finds working in W DSM. I should start finding some over lunch on occasion.
  10. I doubt that that is all that unusual. However, it seems logical that when out and about for the purpose of borh placing and finding geocaches, that you'd load everything in the area. Just to have your bases covered, you know. Logical to you, but not to me. Didn't expect that it would be.
  11. If one of mine goes missing I'm out the 25 bucks and the hour, two or more that it takes to replace it. Yeah, it's part of life, but I don't see the humor. Similarly, I doubt a letterboxer who spent an hour or two carving a stamp see the humor in some Bozo geocacher taking it. Obviously you do see the humor in it. Goodie for you. Yes, I do...when my first cache went missing I smiled about it and made a better effort the next time. There are things worth getting bent out of shape over and things that aren't....a couple hours stamp carving or couple bucks out of pocket on a cache...nbd, imo.
  12. What is that ancient proverb....finders keepers, losers weepers? I might tend to follow that practice if I noticed someone had been taking that particular liberty.
  13. /shrug I don't get bent out of shape about...if a cache goes missing is there any real damage done? No, it's just a game, activity, hobby...whatever you want to call it. It's just part of life...
  14. I am averaging maybe slightly more than 1/month.
  15. And, if you really want torque off the boxing community get the cheapest stamp you can find. They'll rail you to no end. Of course, that's if you also post it on the boxing sites...otherwise, they likely will never find it unless someone that caches/boxes stumbles across it. It's the funniest thing in the world listening to them go off on their group forum about geocachers that stumble across a letterbox and think it's a geocache and swap out the stamp for some swag...
  16. Then what's the trick to writing on frozen logs? I was going to try felt tip pen, but that was clear back in the truck...I am guessing that would've worked somewhat.
  17. I like caches that blend in well to their location due to camouflaging and not just because they are a nano in a haystack.
  18. We just found a cache this week that demanded logging and stated the owner actively would compare logs. However, when we found the cache we had two problems: 1. The pens wouldn't write on the log. It was frozen and moisture had seeped into the cache and it was bad, 2. Someone needed a potty break. For us to have logged it we'd of had to taken a lot of time drying out the log and such and being on the road we didn't have the time. So, we took a picture of the container and near the location (nothing that would spoil it) and posted it in hopes that'd suffice. At the end of the day...the log owner will decide.
  19. I would venture to guess someone would let people log a "replacement" smiley on another cache if keeping your published count up to par was that important.
  20. I keep my contact info. and reward if found message. I am sure not all units are able to store this nicely and then it's contingent on being found. Fortunately, I've never lost it long term...the first day I had my I lost it going down the highway on my motorcycle. It flew out of my pock and I had about a 20 miles span to work with in finding it...fortunately I was able to trace back and find it on the shoulder of the road with very minor damage.
  21. Did the number of satellites change with the launching in December posted in this thread?
  22. Actually, you argued against a position and then admitted that you agreed with it and only took the position so others would argue against it. I'd say that fits the definition of trolling perfectly. That's not true...what I did was state to someone who came into the thread with a reasonable, sensible response and admitted that I agree with their stance. The problem wasn't me....the problem was your perception of what my stance was. All I did was let you think what you wanted to. Allowing you to believe your own hasty generalizations isn't trolling.
  23. Sounds like we need a "Needs Attitude Adjustment" option.
  24. No, I cache with my kids and they scare muggles away.
  25. Duh, you can throw a frisbee by them! (sorry, couldn't resist)
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