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    Rate the caches

    I live in an area where I have exhausted the local caches but don't get much of a chance to go out of town. When I do go out of town I want to visit the most interesting, fun, memorable caches. But it is really hard to determine which they are without a lot of effort. I am really not interested in stopping at boring old stops along the highway or bush areas where you have to pick through all the undergrowth at the edge of the parking area to find a litlle cache. Don't you hate that when you drive for ages to get somewhere that you need to start searching but it's a typical place that a non cahcer would stop to go for a pee...so to speak. Anyway, if there was an easy way for people to rate caches then on the rare trip to an area I could say do a search and only download all the 4 and 5 star rated caches......has anyone else been thinking along the same lines or am I missing something? Does anyone who has done lots of caches and have some time already got a bookmarked list ? Love to hear from you. Carla
  2. I would recommend going to a map GPS if budget permits. I started with a legend and it is very accurate and I was very pleased with this, even though the black and white screen makes it a bit harder. I recently bought a colorado which removes those painful printouts and that is fantastic but for accuracy and response time my legend was slightly better. Have had reception problems with the basic extrex model so would try to stay away from this. Hope it helps, Carla
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