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  1. They both have free trials, I tried both and prefer maccaching. Being able to paperless cache using my ipod is awesome!
  2. 1 - Approx. Date Of Purchase: mid november 2007 2 - Purchase Location: REI 3 - Unit Software Version: 2.40 4 - GPS SW Version: 2.30 5 - Unit ID: 3367702081 6 - Have you updated the firmware yourself: yes 7 - Have you noticed the Trip Computer bug firsthand: yes 8 - Does your typical usage depend on the Trip Computer function: 1/2 yes - 1/2 no 9 - Have you contacted Garmin about the issue: no
  3. Hi, I just got a Vista HCx and I'm ready to add the City Navigator 2008 & Topo maps. Does it make any difference what type of card I get? Say Sandisk Ultra II SD vs Standard SD? There is quite a difference in price. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I just got my Vista HCx on Saturday and found 3 cache's on Sunday. Can anyone tell me how to find out which firmware version I have. Thanks
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