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  1. That is amazing. That cache should be converted into a travel bug!
  2. The ads are horrible. I see the need to have them to help cover costs of running the site, and that is fine. However, can't they be placed somewhere else? It is incredibly annoying to have them in the middle of the cache listings.
  3. I just print out the cache sheets and carry them with me.
  4. I found an ammo box over the weekend that had no markings. It is hidden from public view, but there is a pretty good chance of someone stumbling across it. I definitely would mark all caches so accident discoveries of the cache don't lead to front page articles in the local newspapers.
  5. Kudos to ILReviewer!! Keep up the awesome job!
  6. That sounds like a long way to go for a tupperware container! Definitely don't leave any TBs there. It'll never be heard from again!
  7. That isn't cool at all.... Talk about a poor sport.....
  8. Just say that you are surveying for a new road that is going to go through there. Or, if a road is already present, then it is going to be widened.
  9. I'm sorry to hear of your tale of woe, but it is hilarious!!!
  10. I thought McDonalds was the cause of these 'emergencies' No, that is Taco Bell and White Castle!
  11. I am not a big fan of placing caches in cemetaries, just because I don't think it is the proper thing to do. However, getting clues from cemetaries for multi-stage caches is perfectly OK.
  12. We just started caching, and up til now we have only used one vehicle for caching. However, in the near future it will depend on the area for when HBHunter and I go caching. We have three vehicles in the fleet, all with different characteristics. When we want to to economical (Who doesn't with today's gas prices!), we will take the Civic hybrid. When we want to do a lot of caching quickly, then the 04 GTO comes out. Anything in rough terrain or come winter, then the 03 Silverado is the official "Geo-mobile"
  13. I would much rather try to find a cold cache then one that gets found constantly. There is more satisfaction to finding the more difficult/remote caches.
  14. Very interesting story. I was wondering what the first cache was. Thanks for posting the link!
  15. I have 8 finds. That hopefully puts me somewhere in the top 10 million!
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