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  1. One of the primary reasons I geocache are those long, unneccesary hikes through the woods. Doug
  2. 90% of the time there isn't cell phone reception when I hike. Doug
  3. dthigpen


    Is to find the scarriest picture of yourself and go from there. Doug
  4. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:Can I use that note for the 10x10 storage shed that I'm planning to build in the deschutes national forest? Yes, But you'll need to pay him $.50 per shed for royalties. Doug
  5. Ahh Mr. Snazz, So that explains the latest cache I found inside of Disneyland...
  6. If that's considered preliminary artwork, I'd hate to see what the final product is, the whole thing plastered with 'GPS Junky' in various sizes and rotations? Maybe in the 'final' they can replace the GPS Junky advertisements with "Geocache" and an explanation of what it is in large print. Looking over the site further, I found no actual useful content on there other than a couple links to other sites explaining geocaching, and, of course, the Bucket Sales Mechanism. I see this post as nothing but a blatant commercial advertisement for an overpriced flimsy bucket that would break down fairly easily (at least in the climate around here) with a large advertisement for a commercial (It seems that the primary function of the web site is to sell something at a profit, that makes it commercial) web site on the side that would make a poor geocaching container. I don't mean to be too harsh, it's just that this is NOT the place for such things, at least take it into the GPS garage sale section, or better yet, Ebay. Doug
  7. So maybe you can offer us a little kickback for using your buckets? Seeing as how they are coated with a huge advertisement for you website and all... Yeah? Doug [This message was edited by dthigpen on October 24, 2002 at 03:45 PM.]
  8. REI has a version of the Rim Runner that differs from CamelBak's site description, but is still the same $85. It has 1728CU of Cargo space WITH a full 100oz bladder in, and most importantly, instead of the 70oz bladder that is advertised on CamelBak's site, is has a 100oz Omega Bladder in it. You can see this version of the Rim Runner on REI's site (www.rei.com). I love mine, not too large for a small daypack and definately not too small. Doug
  9. Yeah, It's a southern california thing. I, personally, do not object to it whatsoever, especially when there are well maintained (Relatively) bathrooms and water faucets at a good deal of the trailheads. Plus, the $30 a year is just if you're going to park in the nice parking lots at a lot of the trailheads, you can park on the street and walk into the trailhead for absolutely nothing. Doug
  10. $30 for a Annual Pass ($5 per additional car) with the knowledge that you're providing money that helps maintain the trails and facilities in the national forests, or a $100 ticket when you get caught without one.... Doug
  11. I wish Ski3pin would show his/her/their face here and give an explanation as to what directly gives them the right to remove these caches outright. I could see them notifying a Park Ranger or something to that extent if they saw it as a problem, or perhaps even contacting the cache maintainers notifying them of the problem. Their direct removal of these caches without any sort of consideration from outside sources disgusts me. Doug
  12. Dunno about the Mag315, But my Magellan Meridian Platinum gets reception through my backpack even. (I find this out by the nice track I have in it every time I leave it on by accident when I throw it in the pack). Doug
  13. Great Job! Thanks for the work you put into this, I'll definately make use of it. Doug
  14. Yeah, They're just like PDA Screen protectors, they're non-abrasive clear films that stick onto the screen. Doug.
  15. Active Duty Army, heh... Well, Technically active duty at least, I'm more in the phase of "Waiting to be Retired or something along those lines..."
  16. Yes, I have problems with it being 180 degrees wrong at times (odd, eh?), but that seems to be when I'm around some of these rocks in Southern California. When I'm not around rocks, it works perfectly (Tested alongside my lensatic), odd, eh? Doug.
  17. Though I'm pretty darn new to Caching, The first thing (not from my first cache) that I actually took was a Creekbed.com trading card. I think it's one of the coolest ideas yet, I've since collected 2 other different ones and hope to get them all eventually. Doug.
  18. I sort of like Clayjar's... Doug. [This message was edited by dthigpen on October 15, 2002 at 05:21 PM.]
  19. NO, it's not running on a TRS-80, heh. First off, you wouldn't port Apache down to 25k =P, you'd just write a new streamlined web server. Second, the operating system that the TRS-80 runs has no packet driver. Third, Look at the source, it's a clear joke =). Though I'm *sure* that everyone here never would believe such a thing in the first place after viewing their WebServer page and seeing what they claim it is made of, heh. Doug.
  20. Sounds good, set up a date. Doug
  21. 1. No No No No No. Especially if they are finished, always leave disposable cams that were left by the cache creator for people to take pictures of themselves with the cache for the cache creator. 2. Go to your "My Cache Page", then click "Change account information", then upload your picture via the appropriate form linked to that page. 3. Yes, People who hide the caches almost always reveal themselves as the maintainer for said cache. 4. If it *is* a multi-cache, you should register it as such (My opinion at least). Doug.
  22. Though I won't be biking in, The wife and I might go up there and try hiking in to this cache on Sunday, so maybe we'll run into you if you're there (I'll have my FRS on channel 2). Good luck on #100! [This message was edited by DrDoug on September 19, 2002 at 02:54 PM.]
  23. The Coordinates to the Cedar Point Camper Village in Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH), are... (WGS84) N41 29.322 W82 41.433 Altitude 571ft Hope that helps. Douglas Thigpen
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