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  1. quote:Originally posted by Sea_Dog: Sounds like you ran into "suspicious" Racoon Hunters. Racoon season runs from Oct. 19-Feb. 22, 2003 in Pennsylvania. Racoon hunting is done at night with dogs. Never actually been Racoon Hunting but I've heard many interesting stories about it from my father when I was growing up. Here's a little description I found: http://www.peterboro.net/~wolfz/Sue.htm AhHah! Makes sense now, thanks for the information =). Doug
  2. Well, tonight in Pennsylvania (visiting), we ran into what looked to be very suspicious hunters at night at the Old Timer's Cache. I wrote a blurb about it in the log here... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=23467 Doug
  3. Great maps, I like them a lot. I'm guessing the map data isn't dynamically generated each time the map is viewed, but if it is, any chance we could get an open chest for the caches that we've already found? Doug
  4. Leaving on the Jetplane to PA in about an hour or so. I'll be hitting Centralia on my way from Philly to Wilkes Barre and then a couple of caches by Rich around Wilkes Barre. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  5. It happens and it stinks, but it's not a find unless you find the actual cache. At least in my opinion. Doug
  6. Just ordered from Stamp-connection.com, thanks for the link. Doug
  7. Okay. Doug Edit: This just stinks of something other than good humor. [This message was edited by dthigpen on November 17, 2002 at 01:26 AM.]
  8. quote:Originally posted by El Diablo:Maybe I'm catching Clayjars chat on bad nights. Everytime I've been there...if anyone is even talking, it's not even about Geocaching. There's plenty of geocaching discussion that goes on in there. Unfortunately you can only talk about geocaching so much and so often before it gets pretty redundant. Doug
  9. Well.. In all honesty, I was just worried about which cache to take off my todo list =P. I've spoken with people who have actually had run-ins with on-duty police in the area while geocaching and ended up taking them to the geocache site and showing them the cache and whatnot and police officers thinking it was a great idea, ammo can and all, and understood why we would use ammo cans. It's sad that the current state of affairs are causing paranoia and fear to drive social reforms that deprive us of the inherent rights on which this country was founded upon; but I suppose that's just the curse that we will have to live with for the time being. Guess we need to start camoflauging & hiding our caches better. Doug
  10. Being in the San Diego area, I'm wondering if he mentioned which park or cache this involved? If you have any further information it'd be appreciated. Doug
  11. quote:Originally posted by eroyd:I have to admitt, I had part in taking the whole thing (most of the cash anyways) in one of the smaller caches and I payed for it in guilt. Sorry. The money will be redirected into caching and some has already been donated to a childrens charity. As for the future, 'IF' I ever find another I'll take half/leave half. I am enjoying (and struggling) with the math involved. Sure wish I'd payed better attention to my high school Trig. teacher. I guess, like most young men I was pre-occupied by other things. ie. Tight Jeans and gaping blouses. Hey, congratulations. More power to you, by the cache description is was pretty obvious that the first finder was suppose to take all the loot in the seperate cases. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about it. Doug
  12. quote:Originally posted by Rothstafari:As some of you have guessed, the compass, license plate cover and soon-to-arrive vests were meant as holiday gift items. Yeah, They definately look like a good stocking stuffer, maybe a good accessory to stick on a desk in the home or office to display your dirty habbit. Good luck with them. Doug
  13. quote:Originally posted by Marky:You have a GPSr, what do you need a pedometer for? --Marky "Everyone spends time in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr" To measure how many times he shakes his hips, of course. Doug
  14. Dunno if I'd pay $20 for a compass in a metallic case that would get scratched up easily with use. Plus don't know the actual quality of it. Great durable lensatics can be had for less. Still, it looks nice at least. Would like to hear a quick blurb on it when someone actually gets one and uses it. Doug
  15. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:How do you figure? I think both Cracker7M & I misunderstood your profile when we read it - It was your evil Ex-Wife who enjoyed impersonating officers... Guilt by association maybe? Doug
  16. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:Officer? Sh*t no, I work for a living! Donuts like to jump from trees. Doug (Edited for Correctness) [This message was edited by dthigpen on November 14, 2002 at 12:48 AM.]
  17. That's great that Nomex Gloves are free to you and all Criminal, until you keep on tearing holes in them while geocaching and your supply guy decides to get anal about it and stops issuing you new pairs and you have to go to clothing sales and buy them for $20 or so a pop... Doug
  18. quote:Originally posted by ThatBoatGuy:Hello everyone. Oh My Gosh! Run! It's the attack of the 50 foot sigs! Welcome George! At first I thought your huge post was just going to be some sort of hyperextended diatribe about why boating was better than geocaching; I then proceeded to read a couple lines and realized that it wasn't. Anyways, More Caching, Less lounging on the boat! =P Doug
  19. quote:Originally posted by leatherman:_Here is your next, fun, avatar. Something from Hell Raiser._ Wow, Great One!. Doug
  20. That aside... Acceptable Risk, do you by chance live near umc? I hear he has a thing for bags o' doot. Doug
  21. quote:Originally posted by SherwoodForest: So that's what you're supposed to use your hiking stick for, I always wondered... Of course it is, what do you think scares the snakes away when you're hiking up overgrown dry creekbeds? =) Doug
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