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  1. Awesome; looking forward to distributing my lot once they come in
  2. My favorite cache is located on a mountain trail that leads to a "clothing optional" hot spring. The new girlfriend & I definately are not shy about shedding the clothing in the sometimes crowded hot springs there. I'd even travel a good distance just to visit a nudity-mandatory cache.... But that's just me...
  3. You can take the maps from TOPO and load them into a Sportrak? Are you sure? Unfortunately not; you can, however, download trails and waypoints directly from Topo! into pretty much any GPS (I generally plan all my backpacking routes in Topo and then just download them into my meridian platinum).
  4. Mine was sort of complicated. I had to take the first letter of my first name, which is 'd', and then prefix it to my last name, which is 'thigpen'; took me a good week to finally come up with it
  5. Sigh... Unfortunately, Lita is destined to never be a Geocaching Dog (Though she does love going for a swim in the waves at the beach), she's entirely too lazy and doesn't really dig more than 15 minutes or so of excercise at a time... At least she's cute My English Bulldog, Lita, the day that I brought her home.
  6. Just sent in Order Form and Payment (Via Paypal) for 15 coins.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, very cool! Glad I sprung for the unlimited GPRS access on my phone recently, should make the local GPS-free urban caching more fun.
  8. July 12th would be neato. I've been out of action for awhile now and am about to get back in the swing of geocaching... Doug
  9. If you're writing on it, RiteintheRain... If you're printing on it, NG Adventure Paper. Personally I use the 11x17 NG Adventure Paper to print out topo maps and love it. It is most definately waterproof (First time you submerge it the excess ink will come off the paper cleanly, but the excess only, the map is still there) and pretty darn tearproof. While it is a bit expensive, I recommend it highly. Doug
  10. quote:Originally posted by umc:So is it Great advertising that takes a hold of me, weak will, or what? Does anyone else have this problem? Last example, all of these fast-food ads pretty much have the same hook on me. Just looking at the commercial and next thing I know I'm eating a New Extreme Whopper. All signs point to weak will Doug
  11. mrofftopic.com? Gonna have to agree with Marky, actually, www.umcdootbucket.com is for you. Doug
  12. I'm wondering why you're using the geocaching.com logo along with "Groundspeak" on the bottom of it in the opening page of this Yahoo Group. I'm sure Groundspeak wouldn't want you to affiliate your private group with them, or did you already ask them and clear it? Doug
  13. I've always loved hiking and geocaching gives me an excuse to go out and do a lot more of it than I normally would. Though lately my interests have been swaying more towards the hunt, thinking of ways of making cache hunts harder so that I can get a little more out of it. I guess the biggest thing that both my wife & I like about Geocaching is the fact that it gets me out from behind my computer screen and outside to get some sun Doug
  14. From the few night caches that I have done, I can only say that they've enhanced the experience and turned otherwise 2/2's or 3/3's into real challenges. Though as common sense dictates, I recommend you always take a caching buddy with you and have a contigency plan should your batteries go bye-bye =) Doug
  15. quote:Originally posted by nincehelser:I've never really understood their purpose. Why do people use them? George After basically having one of my legs replaced with prosthetic assemblies (Well, the bones), I find that it just isn't what it use to be. My trekking pole helps me stabalize myself while while doing everything from hiking along trails or creekbeds or attempting minor mountaineering feats. Sure, I could use my cane, and I've even tried it a couple times, but it just doesn't have the stability that can be found when digging the metallic tip of my trekking pole into the earth at my feet and feeling a firm grip on it. It is the most valuable piece of gear that I carry with me (Next to my water), and I will *never* go hiking or geocaching without it. That's why I use one. Doug
  16. quote:Originally posted by Criminal: quote:Originally posted by dthigpen:While I can sympathize, having done the exact same thing on many occasions, I just have to say... I love REI. My wife, however, is a different story. Doug You don't love your wife? Okay, I definately worded that wrong. Let me rephrase, My wife HATES REI, I love my wife to death. *Waits til his wife reads the forums* Doug
  17. While I can sympathize, having done the exact same thing on many occasions, I just have to say... I love REI. My wife, however, is a different story. Doug
  18. Fortunately I too have a wife that loves to hike and geocache with me. Even when I do go alone, caching is one activity that she never complains about - It keeps me healthy and gets me out from in front of the computer, which she likes. Doug
  19. Expensive for something that I remember getting out of cracker-jack boxes as a kid - then again, isn't everything these days? I agree, those would make real neat cache prizes for kids. Doug
  20. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:Garmin I hate to ask this, but you actually call a GPS that isn't a Garmin a Garmin? On that note, you call your GPS a Garmin? I usually just call them all GPS'... Maybe I'm just odd... Doug
  21. Okay, so, I'm wondering what people's opinions on this matter are... Is it really a bad thing to neglect the extended family that you don't really like anyways and go geocaching on Thanksgiving morning? I figure as long as I make it home for dinner, why not squeeze in six caches before instead of sitting there the whole days bs'n with a bunch of people you purposely try to avoid phone calls from the other 364 days of the year... Or am I just completely off base with this one? Doug
  22. Mine is of me at a Military Ball, way back in the day. Don't ask about why I had Cammo on in a dress uniform, long story. Doug And here's my avatar-in-progress...
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