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  1. Cache I launched last Saturday. The door you can see just protects the actual cache door. The stump is made from around 400 pounds on concrete. The actual cache is made of 1/4inch plate steel.




    And you got this to it's location how? :)


    The concrete ‘tube’ (300 pounds) was taken with a tractor and I was able to get it 25 feet from it’s final location. Tug, roll and flip to get it set in place. Then I poured 3 bags of sack-create (180 pounds) around the base. The bottom of the tube has rebar out the sides so the concrete I did on location keeps it from tipping over. Then I secured the metal cache (30 pounds) in the concrete with bolts formed in the concrete. The camo was done with 3 tubes of liquid nails, bark, expanding spray foam and paint on sight


    WOW lots of work in this cache!

  2. I have a few programs that i could use for finding geocaches, at first i had used google maps and blackberry maps, but apparently their only accurate to 100m... then i found a program called Nav4all, and i used it but i wasn't able to find a geocache in the area. but i am a newbie, so it may just be that. lastly in my toolbox is a program called BlackStar but i haven't used that one in the field just yet. what i was wondering is is the blackberry devices useable for geocaching? and do any of you use it? if so, what programs are you using?






    Trimble makes a product called Geocache Navigator. I use it on my Blackberry curve and have found several caches with it.


    Same here but change the several to many!

  3. Hallo friends,


    last week we started this game and went to 4 places with our new gps. But we didn`t even found 1 . So we went home very disapointed and we don`t know what have to do in a better way. We hope to get help here. Please give us a hint. :)


    Slow down and smell the flowers :santa: What difficulty level are you looking for? You need to look for something not in place.

  4. So I was searching through some of the store links from the GC adverts and saw a container that they called a big micro (or something like that). Looked like it was a painted soda bottle cap.

    As so often happens when I see stuff (like when I go to craft shows), my first thought was, "I could make that."


    So I headed down to the laboritory (I know...sp...but it's almost Halloween!) and let the mad scientist juices start to flow.


    This first one is pretty close to what the one on the site looked like except theirs is painted flat black. I cut the bottle off at the lip just below the cap, sanded the bottom flat and then glued on a piece of plastic I cut from the center of the bottle. I glued a little rare-earth magnet inside and then painted the plastic bit silver figuring I'll put it on the base of a guardrail or other silver sign post type thing, hopefully the base will blend in and it'll just look like a bottle cap laying there at first glance.






    This next one I cut the bottle off a little lower, made a metal bottom for it and glued a galvanized roofing nail to it.

    Same idea, I'm hoping it gets overlooked as litter, just a bottle cap on the ground.





    Having to cammo the bottoms was bothering me though. No matter how well it blends in with the surroundings, it's still not quite right. So I decided for my third try to see if I could remove the offending plastic completely.







    Not sure how I'm going to place this one. I think I finally got the idea right with it though so I'll probably make a few more like it. Magnet in the bottom to put on metal, just tossed down somewhere or placed in some kind of hidey hole, or what I think I am going to do with this one is glue it to a rock and then place the rock somewhere...I think that's the best way to avoid having it CiToed. I was going to just glue it to the rock without a bottom but I figured a layer of plastic between it and the rock was probably a good idea to keep moisture out.


    WOW great work! Oh, by the way..... the Devil will get you for those :rolleyes:

  5. bought used, I have a Garmin GPS V. Works for geocaching with all the bell and whistles. Its teamed up with my Blackberry 8330 Curve loaded with Geocache Navigator. The 2 work out OK. But I'm afraid to look at the new GPSs out now. Just cause then my old one would need to be upgrade.

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