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  1. I've done a lot a of biking around here where I live. The handlebar mount for my garmin help with caching. After doing most of the caches within pedding range, bike gets a ride in the back of the truck. From there off I go for some more riding n caching.


    Have fun & ride safe!

  2. I wish. Its possible. The GPS makers just have to do it. Radio Shack hand held scanners have been able to do that for years (16+).

    Roger that. DeLorme has done it. My DeLorme PN-20 and -40 can run on any of these for options:

    1. A pair of Alkaline expendable AAs, or

    2. A pair of Lithium expendable AAs, or

    3. A pair of rechargeable NiMH AAs, or

    4. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, rechargeable while in the GPSr or from an external charger.


    My practice is to leave the rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack installed in the handheld and keep it charged in my Jeep with a 12VDC to USB adapter.


    WOW, I haven't seen #4 anywhere listed on the DeLorme web site. I've been looking at a new Garmins or DeLormes. This is a big mark for the Delorme pro side of the list. Thanks :ninja:

  3. I don't take or leave sag much. But for the fun of it I just picked up at a Good Will store two 1gal zip lock bags stuffed full with benny babies for $5! I'll be using them in my caches and to leave in others caches.

  4. My new Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSx came in today and she told me I can't have it until Christmas :mad: . I told her that she couldn't have any money until Christmas :D . Looks like I'll have to wait till Christmas and she is going shopping today :D . Thanks - CachinSpree


    Just go out and buy aother one! That'll teach her!!! :mad:


    And then return one of them. or send it to me!


    Side note: My heart goes out to you :D

  5. Not to bash one service against one other. I've been using my sprint Blackberry Curve for caching with great resaults. IE, I got the notification about this new topic, clicked on the link, it opened in the web browser, and I replyed to it. The Geocache Navigator works with the built in gps. www.geocaching.com works without any issues also in the browser.

  6. The only time I print out maps any more is when I'm after a cluster of caches in a area. Its a over view of the area that the caches are in to help me keep track of where I'm at in relation to the other caches. This helps to keep a shorter route between them.

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