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  1. I've done a lot a of biking around here where I live. The handlebar mount for my garmin help with caching. After doing most of the caches within pedding range, bike gets a ride in the back of the truck. From there off I go for some more riding n caching. Have fun & ride safe!
  2. Roger that. DeLorme has done it. My DeLorme PN-20 and -40 can run on any of these for options: 1. A pair of Alkaline expendable AAs, or 2. A pair of Lithium expendable AAs, or 3. A pair of rechargeable NiMH AAs, or 4. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, rechargeable while in the GPSr or from an external charger. My practice is to leave the rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack installed in the handheld and keep it charged in my Jeep with a 12VDC to USB adapter. WOW, I haven't seen #4 anywhere listed on the DeLorme web site. I've been looking at a new Garmins or DeLormes. This is a big mark for the Delorme pro side of the list. Thanks
  3. I wish. Its possible. The GPS makers just have to do it. Radio Shack hand held scanners have been able to do that for years (16+).
  4. Y2KOTA

    SWAG ?

    I don't take or leave sag much. But for the fun of it I just picked up at a Good Will store two 1gal zip lock bags stuffed full with benny babies for $5! I'll be using them in my caches and to leave in others caches.
  5. Did you make the pole and plant it at GZ, or hide the cache in the pole at the site? I made the pole, and planted it in a spot where it fits in, and where you can park the car. The geocaching.com logo is on the opposite side from where you par the car. Nice job!
  6. If it gets you to ground zero its good. if you need more bell and whistles, thats up to you. I have a Garmin V (old as yours. Yea, I want to get the latest and greatest. But the old GPS gets me where I want to go.
  7. Did you make the pole and plant it at GZ, or hide the cache in the pole at the site?
  8. I've been looking st the Garmin 60csx. This thread has shown me the PN-40 and has peaked my interest DeLorme line of GPSs. I know Garmin phone tech support is based in Kansas. Anyone know where Delrome is based?
  9. I'll post a DNF when I give up on a cache. Meaning I make come back a few times before I give up on a cache. Also I'll DNF if I'm positive the cache is misssing and I gave a dam good hunt.
  10. I'm following this thread, I'm in the same boat. 60 CSx or the Colorado.
  11. Pretty cool reading! Thanks for the insight and info about our GPSs. My only current wish I didn't see listed was to be able to recharge the batteries while in the unit. Radio Shack has this in the hand held scanners for years now. Just my 2 cents.
  12. WOW that cache was a day old! With only 3 finds. So sad to see a short lived cache.
  13. I read them and check them to see who really found the cache.
  14. For what its worth, my 4 cats never have even looked at any of the 4 Garmins in my house.
  15. Just go out and buy aother one! That'll teach her!!! And then return one of them. or send it to me! Side note: My heart goes out to you
  16. I've had one just the like that. New caches around here now have a spot for the FTF to log in with the time included for the FTF.
  17. Sounds like a good idea. Do you coat them before or after printing on them? Also before or after cutting them to log size?
  18. Not to bash one service against one other. I've been using my sprint Blackberry Curve for caching with great resaults. IE, I got the notification about this new topic, clicked on the link, it opened in the web browser, and I replyed to it. The Geocache Navigator works with the built in gps. www.geocaching.com works without any issues also in the browser.
  19. Too many numbers too early in the morning. I'll be back later.
  20. Hmmm I need to think about this!
  21. The only time I print out maps any more is when I'm after a cluster of caches in a area. Its a over view of the area that the caches are in to help me keep track of where I'm at in relation to the other caches. This helps to keep a shorter route between them.
  22. Try with a full moon. You be amazed on much light it gives once your eyes adjust. Happy hunting
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