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  1. My song changes depending on how long it took to find the cache.


    does the song sometimes inlcude muttering and grumbling?????


    Yes, the longer it took to find the cache, more of it there is. Sometimes #$@& are mixed in with it. :D

  2. I have the same phone. I'm using Geocache Navigator with it. Not only does it work great. But you can find caches where ever you go. Its link right into the GC.com data base for up to date caches info. I got a few FTFs just by being in the right area at the right time and happen to check to see what caches were near by. I check for near by caches where ever I go.


    P.S. I use it on the Sprint network.

  3. Looking for other's with 4x4 trucks to make a run for the the Lingham Lake, Bushwacker caches.


    The 4x4 club trail rides are not really for geocaching. (Very muggly indeed)

    Just finding a few off-roaders to cache with would be great. I did On a wing and a Prayer with just my truck :) (I wasn't alone...) but... I should obey the cardinal rule of off roading - Never go alone. :)


    I lived closer and my truck was a 4X4, I would be up for it :D



    Sorry, cheap bump :o

  4. During peak tick season I always have a roll of cellophane tape (e.g. Scotch). The tape works great for grabbing the ticks off my clothes, and I can count how many I nabbed at the end of the hike. :D
    I always carry a Tick Spoon. Once again, Google fails me in this thread. Google images returns pictures of The Tick shouting his war-cry...


    ...but I'm talking about one of these:


    It pops those embedded ticks off like nothing! Linky


    Oh, I'm sure others have noticed already, but even up here in NH, we've already got ticks out. Snow's not even gone yet... :)


    I just ordered 2. Thanks for the link.


    P.S. they are having a summer special, buy 1, get 1 free.

  5. Someone wrote to me how she used a bobby pin to roll nano logs quickly. I would imagine you would need to take off the ends so it doesn't grip the paper when tight but has anybody else used that?


    -HHH :D


    That is exactly what I am planning to use. The wife will donate one, I'll take it down to my woodworking shop and fashion a small handle on the end. If it turns out well I will make a big batch of them and leave them as swag.


    I've made the same basic item out of paper clips. Nice to have with you when you're having a all thumbs day :)

  6. cellsensor1.jpg


    CellSensor EMF Detection Meter - made to detect cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields but can be used to locate those tiny little magnetic nanos. Shhhhh don't tell


    Thats tooooo cool :sad: Just ordered one though Amazon.com. Thanks!! :D


    Just an update..... I just used my EMF Detection Meter to help me find a magnetic cache that I didn't find on my 1st trip out to it :lol:



  7. 1) Daily Finds: 0.556 per day (3.9 per week, 203 per year)


    2) FTF Amount: 27


    3) Mood right now: Geocaching, Good


    8) Enjoying this poll: So far, Came back to this, Yes!


    9) Wish to be cache reviewer: At times


    10) Had log book wet when hiding first cache: nope


    11) Asked many questions when new geocacher: yup


    12) Actually read the whole guidelines(don't lie): Yes


    13) Love to post no matter what: No


    14) Love to help people: Sure


    15) Get mad sometimes when your GPS jumps around: No


    16) Never give up on a find: Most of the time, even if it take a few trips back to it.


    17) Most creative geocache container you ever found: Many by a local cacher here in FL


    18) Most common geocache container you ever found: Mircos


    19) Asked friends and family to join Geocaching.com: All the time


    20) Took you many times to find your first geocache: No


    21) First geocache you hid did'nt work out too good: no, it was the 3rd.


    22) Finally am good at geocaching and don't have many problems: Like to think so




    Earth day poll:


    1) Actually care about your earth: YES


    2) Every geocache you pick up trash: Most of the time


    3) You became/want (to be) a volenteer for Earth Day: Not this year


    4) Think earth day is a every day thing: YES


    5) Made a pledge to do helping deeds: YES


    6) Powered down lights for 1 minute or more: All the time


    7) Huged a tree: While caching today!


    8) Made a cache involving Earth Day: Not this year


    9) Found a cache involving Earth Day: nope


    10) Did/Made an CITO event involving Earth Day: nope


    11) Planted a tree: Yea but not to day


    12) Has a garden that is well moderated and looks beautiful: Yea and uses little water


    13) Helps animals endangered: I try


    14) Picks up trash around beaches, ponds and lakes: yes, long before it was the green thing to do.

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