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  1. My PN-40 is great in woods. Yea watch the batteries.
  2. In the mean time I tried this and it works... http://www.geocaching.com/map/
  3. HEY!!!! I 2nd that It was working a few hours ago
  4. What are they called puzzle cache or what? I used "Other" for the cache size.
  5. They are good hides. I have 1 out now. Had a 2nd one but it got to beat up and archived it.
  6. Ifound turning off the blue-tooth will help the battery life a little and may help with the GPS also.
  7. My Blackberry 8330 with Geocache Navigator is on the money as far as finding GZ as well as my PN-40. I would be a little concerned with a 5 year old running around with a Blackberry. Thats were a good GPSr would be the saving grace in your case. Welcome to Geocaching and happy hunting!!
  8. Man! Is that ever an impressive pack. Do they have smaller versions? Thanks. I think so. take a look around the site.
  9. Heres what I have. been using it for over 3 years and love it. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/PACK125-1.html Has many ways to attach a pole to it.
  10. Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies. but you have to find them!
  11. Working on the learning curve now on how to do a route.
  12. Seems like fun with a few other cachers along for the ride. A day out to spend with friends. Not something I would enjoy day after day of it. By the way, how out one set up a Pocket Query of just the ones on this power run?
  13. I have a home based business. I learned a lot from this book http://www.homebusinesstaxsavings.com Hope it help with what your looking for.
  14. Cool, I just made reservations on AA for in about a week from TPA to LAS. Yes, GPSr and a T/B will be in tow.
  15. I use the DeLorme Cache Register program with my PN-40 and go paperless. It also loads pocket queries from geocaching.com. The real nice part is it loads your Field Notes from the PN-40 right to geocaching.com Field Notes page. I vote for the DeLorme Cache Register!
  16. HEY! I was FTF on that cache. I use to dispatched the trains though that area! Love to go back and visit the area.
  17. Thats what I was thinking when I saw the photos. Thanks for posting the photos!
  18. Local towns around me that once a month in a park. But its open to all.
  19. I'll hide one for you. Let me know what you need from me.
  20. That's why its called "camo" to make it harder to find!! Do a search in ebay and try goggling it.
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