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  1. I have one and use it my Garmin GPSIII. Use it top of the dash. Stays there in all but the sharpes of turns. Mine came with the GPS III when I got it used.
  2. I went through this thread page by page to see up I was up against and check back to it often Cool Cache Containers (CCC's), If you post them....They will look
  3. Coming form a fairly newbie here.... It takes time to learn the tricks. Don't get worked up over one cache to a point where its not fun any more!! There's a few I've gone back to more times I want to fess up to, Yet there's a few that I still can't find. Read the logs deeply, some people will leave very very very sutel hints. Sometimes not. Bottom line............ Have fun!!
  4. Yup. it's on my list Hope the weather is better this Sunday
  5. The few batteries I've found have been dead and or leaking. I don't think thats a great idea. Just my 2 cents Ink stamps that I've found in 2 caches were wet and ink ran over everything
  6. Got downtown at 7:30, Started to pour at 7:50. Went home Will do this again next Sunday 6/10/2007. Anyone want to join me
  7. Nice image. I'd like to use that if it's OK. I do think that especially the trackable trading thing is through lack of understanding. I know when I started out I had to delve deep to discover that trackables aren't trade items. There was a thread in the UK forums recently where it became apparent that some experienced cachers were not aware of the protocol. I would like to use it also, If or hoping for when we get the OK I would print that image right onto the log in my cache I'm working on. Might help to have it printed on, in or on the log of the cache
  8. I know its short notice June 3dr, Sunday morning at 7:30am I'm going to start do do a bunch of the down town caches. I figure I'll be at Barn's & Nobble Book store about 7:30am I saved a bunch in one of my bookmarks named "Down Town Fort Worth". Going work out a route and walk around to find what I can. My user name on the GoeCaching.com is same as here.. Y2KOTA. If any one wants to join me, You know where I'll be. I'll have my cell phone you can call me today. If I don't answer, Leave a message. Don Cell phone 817 871-9812
  9. Used the sane name from my Dodge Dakota forums. 2000 = Y2K + Dakota = Y2KOTA www.y2kota.us
  10. I've done a few with out a GPSr. Between the maps on geocaching.com and the clues, you can almost get away with out a good amount of the time. Psssst Please don't tell the Federal Geocaching Police
  11. I first joined Geocaching.com last summer. But just started to get involved 2 months ago. That's when I wish I got started in the winter when there wasn't all this over growth hiding the caches At least that's what I was mumbling under my breath with i walk up to a area that's covered in very leafy vines and other plant life Anyway that's half the fun
  12. Here's a almost hard lesson learned, Remove your bluetooth from your ear before a branch does!! Nearly lost mine this AM in some water!!!
  13. No thanks, There's enough info on line as it is. This site is plenty.
  14. I went to find a cache yesterday, Believed I found it. I could not open short of breaking it open. Its so small of a micro, 10 would likely fit in a 35mm can. I shot a photo of it and e-mailed it to the owner. I asked "If it is, may I log it as found?" You think this is faking it? There was no mention of a puzzle to open the cache container.
  15. Lots of good tips here!! Thanks Here's two that came to mind yesterday, I'm mark these down as Lesson learned. 1, DON'T go messing around with branches and bushes after a rain Unless you got rain gear on 2, map out your route, Had one yesterday turn into at least a1.5 mile hike that would have been a 100 yards if looked at a decent map
  16. Steel tip boots, with sneakers as back-up
  17. Get better soon! Theres caches waiting for you
  18. Report it lost to Garmin. They watch for lost and stolen units when sent in for repairs.
  19. Thanks for all the tips!! I'll add some that I've learned since I started this post... 1, take along a small bottle of hand sanitizer. 2, leave a change of shoes in the car. I now keep a pair old pair of sneakers and socks in the back just in case of finding a deep puddle or mud. 3, With your change of shoes, a old towel or 2. 4, Can of bug repellent. I'll add more as I learn. Please post your tip!
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