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  1. Hi ClayJar,


    Thanks for the parserfunction!

    One question: why is Watcher trying to access the internet at startup? (to IP Port: 33xx, where xx is changing).

    Is this an intended- or a viral-function?




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  2. Hi ClayJar,


    Your Watcher looks great!

    Is it possible that you add a commandline pasing function in in Watcher?

    What I am looking for is a way to load a GPX file directly from another application using a commandline command (eg "Watcher.exe 4711.gpx").


    Thanks for all your effort!




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  3. Hi Huga,


    Are you aware of GPSBabel? This tool can convert from multi formats to multi formats, including Mapsource.

    It's commandline drive, but a GUI is also available.


    For the syntax check this page.


    I do not use Mapsource and did not compare your tool with GPSBabel. I just want to make sure you are aware of it if you are reinventing the wheel.


    Good luck with your developments!


    BigBird icon_smile.gif


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  4. I am working on an Excel application that takes the geocaching.com loc-file information and supplies direct links to online available (more or less detailed) maps for the cache location.

    It also links the waypoint info to EasyGPS, ExpertGPS, OziExplorer and more for more functionallity.

    I depend on availability of maps on the internet, that have a url-driven possibility of entering the coordinates.

    If there are any of these that cover your area, please let me know. With this information I can make CacheMaps functional for your caches too.

    You can check out CacheMaps on my homepage. The currently available version (2.0.x) will only cover Dutch coordinates and is still partly in Dutch, but you can get a feeling on what it looks like.


    So please post your links to on-line available maps for your area!


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  5. quote:
    Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):

    Re: Dutch RD grid - Send me to a location that has the function to do the conversion both ways and I'll add it.

    In CacheMaps I use an excel spreadsheet based on the formula's of Ejo Schrama. His software can be found at http://pocus.geo.tudelft.nl/~schrama/Public/gps/rd2wgs.

    I will make my converter spreadsheet available as a separate workbook, so you can analyze the coding.

    I will post it on my site tonight (dutch time).


    Thanks for all your good work!




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  6. quote:
    Is there a way to implement something like this for the places where no detailed map is available??

    I am working to make my CacheMaps internatially available. CacheMaps lists caches in Excel, showing them on a small map and giving the opportunity to open detail public maps from the internet for the specific location.

    At the moment only Dutch maps are implemented.

    I depend on public mapservers to show the detailed map, but also will create the possibility to use UI-View maps. These are maps created by packet radio users all over the world. In this way I think CacheMaps can be of use for any of us in the whole world.

    I will post a separate topic in this forum as soon as available.

    In the mean time you can download the Dutch version from my personal homepage


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