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  1. How about this BigBird CacheMaps home CacheMaps homepage
  2. OK, getting tired (tyred, taired ? BigBird [/url] CacheMaps homepage
  3. and again BigBird [/img] CacheMaps homepage
  4. and another BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  5. Test BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  6. How about the Points Of Interest handler site? Not sure if it covers the UK though. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  7. Use CacheMaps and all these problems don't show up. It used GPX or Loc files as input. It allows you to show all details using Watcher (given that you used GPX as input). It allows you to send waypoints to EasyGPS without problems. It allows you to send waypoints to your GPSr directly. It allows you to retreive masp without converting or re-typing coords. It allows you a lot more! BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  8. Try http://www.maporama.com/ or http://www.whereonearth.com/demos/geocode/geocode.htm BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  9. Here are some more online UK maps: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ http://www.streetmap.co.uk/ http://www.sustrans.co.uk/ http://maps.yahoo.com/ If coord entry is possible in the URL, the maps are supported by CacheMaps http://getamap.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ http://www.whereonearth.com/demos/geocode/geocode.htm BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  10. Maporama does, and also WhereOnEarth does. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  11. This is not my part of the game, but you can try Terrain Tools. Or GPS TrackMaker. Or Digital Groove. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  12. You can use CacheMaps to do this for you. CacheMaps will show you any selection of your caches on a (clickable) map generated by MapBlast. Plus lots of online maps and more. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  13. I have an Excel based convertor on my site in the download area. I can easily change the mass convertor to work both ways. It now only shows from WGS84 to UTM. Let me know if you could use two-way. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  14. quote:I have D-loaded in .zip format Try to unzip first BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  15. quote:Originally posted by John Goggan:Is there anything out there that I can feed a LOC or GPX file into and get a quick map of all of the locations? This is exactly what I created CacheMaps for! Lists all your favorite caches, filters, sorts, shows online maps, spawn other applications etc. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  16. You can create your own maps with your own finds using CacheMaps. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  17. quote:Originally posted by Quoddy:Did you try closing the session and then re-opening again? Before doing this the images will be extremely pixelated. Not from my side. Maybe because it is already in my cache? (the computer one's cache I mean :-). The picture is downsized using Irfan. Nothing else is done with it. BigBird CacheMaps homepage
  18. Thanks. This would be impossible to find if you don't know what to search for. BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  19. If you want to show a large size, large file size picture, you can add a link to an external site with the photo stored. Like BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  20. You can do it with OziExplorer and surely with other programs like that. And I just ran into a small app that seems to be specially made for this calculation:FWDINV. BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  21. When you add geocaching.com to your Favorites (IE 6), is shows the geocaching logo in front of the description (in stead of the IE logo). How is this done? I cannot find the coding when viewing the source... BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  22. quote:Originally posted by David Stein:Hree's a link to the emulator: http://www.microsoft.com/mobile/developer/downloads/ppc2002emulator/default.asp David Stein, Esq. You also need the SDK too to setup this emulator. Are there other/easier emaulators out there? BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  23. Try if CacheMaps can be of use for you. You can select the caches you want to see on you customized map. BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  24. About having calibrated maps to use: Take a look at UI-View maps. These maps are used in the APRS world of ham or packet radio. The maps com with a small .inf file with calibration information. There are thousands of UI-view maps out on the internet. Just do a search for "UI-view maps". I use these maps in my CacheMaps program by incorporating a UI-View map generator called MapTool. This generator gets a MapBlast map from the internet for a specific coord and generates the calibration file for it. As soon as I have the PPC emulator running I will play and see if these maps may be usefull. BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: CacheMaps
  25. I would love to try if this is the reason to buy a PPC PDA. As I do not have one, is there a PPC emulator for windows that can show the CacheDragon functionality? I would like to try if the maps that CacheMaps can generate can also be used in CacheDragon. Does anyone know a good emulator? BigBird -- there is no spoon -- CacheMaps homepage: http://home.tiscali.nl/bigbird
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