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    Originally posted by Renegade Knight:

    There was a thread here about that very thing. There is a maping program that will map them for you. Try a forum search for locationless and map and the thread should pop up in the search.

    It is this thread: Give location to your locationless caches.

    You can find the programs needed on my site. If you neeed support, please let me know.


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    Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:

    How hard is it to develop loc and gpx files?

    Both Loc- and Gpx-files are plain text files with a predefined syntax. Loc-files are quite easy, Gpx-files are quite complex.

    I generate the loc-files needed myself. For a syntax description, see the CacheMaps site (Syntax Area).

    With CacheMaps I also generate Gpx-files when needed. For this, I simply use the original Gpx-file as supplied to me by the Pocket Queries. From these I use only the parts of the caches that are selected in CacheMaps. In this way I am sure that the syntax is correct (it is actually from the give file) and don't have to dig into all details.

    If you want to generate your own Gpx-file, look here for the official syntax.


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  3. Once upon a time, we were able to 'hide' locationless caches. (Hopefully this possibility will be back soon, but that's another issue.)

    With a locationless cache you can log a find for a specific subject with the coordinates of that find. For example, you are asked to find Historical Covered Bridges. When you find one, you log it with the coords of the place.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have an overview of where on earth all these bridges are?


    With LocLess2Loc, you can create a loc-file with all coords of the logs of you locationless cache. This loc-file can be used with your favorite mapping program to generate a map af all these locations.


    As an example, I will place the map with all Historic Covered Bridges here. This map is generated using CacheMaps for the eastern part of the USA.

    The coming version of CacheMaps will have LocLess2Loc as a build in feature, but with the current version, you can already generate maps from loc-files.


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    Originally posted by Mark 42:

    Is there a better place for Topo maps (one that uses WGS84)?

    There are lots of places. I gathered them in CacheMaps to be able to click to a map for a cache waypoint right away.

    icon_frown.gif I must admit that TopoZone is not handled correctly with my links also.

    icon_smile.gifWill be updated this weekend


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    Originally posted by wildearth2001:

    Seams like Topozone will now be a good alternative to Mapquest. This will be the biggest help for the more remote caches that would usually show a blank brown screen with mapquest.

    Unfortunally Topozone only supports US maps. So yes, it's a great addition to the maps of MapQuest, but no it cannot replace it.

    There are a lot more mapservers freely available on the web. CacheMaps supports over 20 at the moment. With CacheMaps you don't have to type in your coords anymore. Just select your cache and click a button.


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  6. You can also look in de software section of this forum for more apps that support LOC and/or GPX. For PDA (PPC only) take a look at CacheDragon. GPXView is also showing GPX info. CacheMaps takes both GPX and LOC for showing your caches on a lot of different maps. For PDA us, GPX Spinner is very good for showing the cache info.


    I use GPX files, read these into CacheMaps and finds maps (using CacheMaps) for the caches to visit, generate GPXSpinner output (using CacheMaps) for these caches, load these to my PDA, directly download the waypoint info from CacheMaps into my GPS (using GPSBabel in the background) and off I go.


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    Originally posted by David Stein:

    The trial version of CacheDragon works perfectly, except for a few limitations on its file capabilities. I really couldn't think of a less intrusive way of making this a true "trial" version... if you can suggest one, let me know.

    How about what I do with CacheMaps: the unregistered version only loads 50 caches at a time, no maximum in number of times you are allowed to load after each other. Thus you can gain full functionality with some patience. And it only hampers the real users loading large GPX files.


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    Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy:

    What a great idea! Say, when will Watcher be able to do that arc filtering anyway? icon_wink.gif

    You're right, I did not pay attention to the arc filtering thing. I don't know what arc filtering is and just assumed it is a normal filtering method. I looked through the GPSBabel readme, and still not sure what arc filtering is. Is it what GPSBabel calls Radius filtering? I will have to compare GPSBabel, Watcher and CacheMaps on these possibilities to tell if you can get the same results from each.

    Thinking about it, I even more prefer CacheMaps now. The radius filtering can be done directly in CacheMaps by selecting the 'center' cache and request for an AreaMap with the wanted radius.

    Advantage of CacheMaps is that you see (on a map) what you do with your caches


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    Originally posted by Doc-Dean:

    ... It is not a tech-issue that is the reason for the delay...

    I believe I read that it IS a technical issue. Locationless caches always ask you to place one or more photo's as a log. That's part of the fun. But this takes a lot of disk space too. And that might be the problem, apart from adding new features to the LC's.


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    Originally posted by HitsMan and Chris:

    In my ideal world, I can run a pocket query, filter it (using ARC along a route) using GPSBabel, then ready it for my PDA using GPX Spinner.


    Any ideas on how to get only GPSBabel filtered waypoints on my PDA in a geocaching-friendly format with hints and everything?


    Skip GPSBabel for filtering. Use Watcher of (even better :-) CacheMaps for filtering. With these you can see what you are doing. And than start GPX Spinner to generate only files that you want to see on your PDA.


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